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  2. damn youtube has been too hot tonight---I had to check my usual Collider episode live this afternoon after work..then all of a sudden Mr. Metokur was back with a live-stream (hilarious and insane as usual)...then my honey Anna (That Star Wars Girl) was live...she's one of the hottest youtube girls I've EVER seen so of course I couldn't miss that.......NOW Angryman is live...it's too much! (and his live-stream just hit the 3 hour mark) sheeeiiiiiiiittttttt, I can't even get sleep trying to keep up with all this shit. Metokur had a stream about this other dude going by the name of "Blade" (ha, not my favorite badass vampire hero) that was dumb enough to be in a situation where it at least appeared that he *might* have sexually assaulted this girl....LIVE on stream. I can't even process the stupidity there...why even be in a situation where it LOOKS like that's what is going on? ...and on a live stream..?! (quick summary--in an RV.. his friend came from the back room with no shirt on, after fucking the girl. The dude "Blade" at some point asks him "hey, you mind if I go fuck ___?"; everyone involved seems pretty drunk... he goes back there...the girl is passed out back there, btw... he closes the curtain or door thing. The other dude has to keep checking on him because he and this guy working the camera don't exactly trust him.... especially because he asked earlier if he could go fuck that girl real quick... and since he later would say "Got to go **pee**." with air-quotes, kinda sarcastically like it was an obvious lie for what he really wanted to do.)
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  4. Oh snap. Man, despite the orgasms it would give me, I hope this ISN'T true. Still, if it IS true............... Watching the Rat get clapped like this. I only feel bad for those innocents getting hurt. If you think their vid is going in on Disney, Go check out Jeremy. He's having fun with this.
  5. And it's gonna be on ps4 as well huh? Damn that is this thursday right when I get paid....aw shit
  6. hmm... apparently 8/22... that one kinda sneaked up on me... yeah I'm also wanting that game. The lineup of greatness at the moment is on fire...especially this month and next, at least.
  7. Oninaki is coming out when @MillionX Also how we get DAEMON X MACHINA before we got another ARMORED CORE XD
  8. yessssss here we GO HORDE fan for life, here...sheeeeiiiiitttt, it's one of the main reasons I keep buying Gears. I also didn't know until recently that you can play it early if you pre-order the "Ultimate" edition, which is what I already intended to do. strange thing---there's a certain friend that's planning to get it asap as well...but the guy never finished the story in part 4. I just don't get that; why jump right into story mode (he is NOT one of those that only buys it for multiplayer stuff) when you did not stick around for the conclusion of the previous game? There's a MAJOR reveal at the very last moment of part 4 too that was a jaw-dropper...
  9. whoah, I like the art and animation in this one... I am instantly intrigued:
  10. If they fuck it up, I'll be making that face for real.
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  12. I'll keep hoping... He-Man has huge potential as a new series [in the modern era with looser constraints on content], imo...it's sad that it was never realized. The 2002 series never really had a chance because of the usual CN screwjob they always like to do for whatever reason (shifting the show around---He-man was difficult to catch since they kept putting on at different times and days, I remember....so yeah fuck that network forever, man. It always happens with shows I happen to like....if I was shopping my own show around, that network is actually the *last* place I'd want to put it on...one might stand a better chance putting shit on goddamn PBS.)
  13. we couldn't even make it 24 hours without a twist could we? Okay Mattel. You can fuck this up if you want to. Know that the money has NOT come out my pocket yet and if you don't do it right, the money will NOT come out.
  14. meh. Deactivated PSVue and therefore all TV, but I did watch DBS via Kissanime and now using Crunchyroll. Still got a few weeks to go before bug face gets his, but rabbit boy finally bites the dust. I'm a bit disappointed though. Gohan never even went SSJ through the whole fight and it's the battle for the universe? Failure Gohan. Failure.
  15. lol. So they screwed up She Ra so badly that Mattel was like," Aw HELL NAW. You won't be doing that with He Man. WE'LL take care of this." Hopefully it'll be good. If i hear enough praise, I'll even pick up Netflix long enough to binge watch it...................if it comes out that is.
  16. This actually could be good. Unlike that She-Ra abomination.
  17. Last week
  18. We need a little Oldschool here for our Sunday. This one should do the job for everybody.
  19. As luck would have it, I found another one taken in that view I love. Enjoy. Did I say one? I meant two. Enjoy the view. Again. For those who are going to ask, her name is Alexis Ren.
  20. I think the pooch is correct. This sounds like a bad idea.
  21. IMO You should at the very least watch Daredevil season 1-3 and Punisher 1-2. DD actually has the best action overall and most of the storylines wrapped up once it ends and Punisher too. Luke Cage is second tier imo. Half of S1 is great with Mahershala Ali as Cottonmouth and then is merely ok with diamondback. Bushmaster is a highlight of S2, but if ends on an intriguing cliffhanger. Jessica S1 was good, S2 was mediocre. I havent watched S3 since my TV died. Defenders has nice chemistry between the characters but Sigourney Weavers boss is wasted imo. Iron Fist S1 was bad imo and is a hair better with S2. It is the worst of all the shows. Worst action.
  22. Sheeeiiiit, watching Stranger Things again---if this Russian assassin dude (I think "Vasilev" was the name?) was a little bit younger, I could see him as another possible T-800 if/when we had to *finally* replace Arnold. Basically, he looks like the "U.S.S.R. Edition T-800" in this show already. ....Terminator is such a major franchise; we all know a remake will happen at some point in the future...it's most likely still several years out though; maybe 5 to 10 years later and it will simply be called "The Terminator" again. ...such a short season here---only 8 episodes. Even though these netflix shows are typically short, I still rarely get through them. I still haven't seen all episodes of the other Marvel shows; Jessica Jones season 1 was the only one I finished watching.
  23. He only used the teleportation power like 3 times too!
  24. heh, sheeeitttttt, the memories... Skywarp was actually my favorite of the jet crew in the Decepticons, because he had the best color scheme, imo....so it was a bit disappointing that he was kind of a minor character in the show if I recall.
  25. You've come a long way, Skywarp.... From left... 2019- SIEGE 1984 -G1 2006 - Classics 2013- Fall of Cybertron (I have him.)
  26. https://www.cnet.com/news/pumpkin-spice-spam-is-coming-and-its-not-a-joke/ Mister Bee, will you try this when it comes out? I like Pumpkin Spice but even I'm hesitant lol
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