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  2. ................and that's how my Monday started.
  3. sheeeit, it's been one hell of a time getting back into Monster Hunter today...finally feel like I'm making some bit of progress in that. One cool moment earlier... hunting Rathalos...then the blue electric monster "Tobi" appeared and they started fighting...THEN Anjanath jumped in there as well! The ensuing chaos was delicious. "....let them fight..." I'll have to review the clip again (ohhhh yeah I absolutely had to clip that) but at one point one of them hit another one for 855 damage. It was beautiful.
  4. *The site:* "man, sometimes my Sundays just aren't weird enough." *Me:* ".....And that's my cue."
  5. Yesterday
  6. well, looks like HxH is ending for now and will be replaced with my hot bot on bot action, better known as Gundam. Why the hell are they putting it on at 2 am though? It's a new f'ing show!!
  7. sheeeeit, I never imagined I would be checking out Black Clover on a regular basis like this...the show had such a terrible first-impression. hmm....brown-skinned girl with the short dark hair is a cute one...I'd ravage. Back on My Hero for a sec... it just randomly hit me that it would be incredibly awesome to have the "XCOPY" power in that world. I remember there was a character from several episodes ago that had the copy ability... I don't recall what kind of limitations he had on that, but that shit is always top tier in a world of so many powers to be copied. AMAZO from Justice League Unlimited was a shining example of this concept. The character was so ridiculously op, haha it was great. They never even defeated him, actually...he just got bored with earth and eventually left. Man, I'd take a copy superpower all day, especially if I could keep the stolen powers indefinitely, or even just for a reasonably long period of time. hmm....Boruto---it's a damn shame they made Anko so fat in this series She was previously one of the underrated anime sexpots.
  8. LMFAO!! Man, SAO has REALLY dialed it up huh? The pontifex is all kinda messed up. I'm a little surprised they actually left it in with all the censorship going on.
  9. I might be a monster for this, but I HAVE to do it. This one's for the mom!............... This here show man. All the suspense that I love......................plus that ending swerve.
  10. damn I wish this thing would quit putting in my previous post every time I want to reply to something. Not sure why that's happening, but everytime I hit the reply to this topic button.................. Anyways, here's some more stuff to laugh at. Truly, there is no limits to the evil that is possible online.
  11. Man, I cannot STAND that damn Cart Titan. I hate its face, I hate its voice, I hate its design, I hate the shadow it makes, I hate the paper it was drawn on, I hate the pencils they used to draw it............................... Truth be told, I ain't got no love for the damn thing. I'm just sayin. Man, that sneak move by Erin and Armin. Now that is how you pull a sacrifice move. Bertoldt, you big dummy.
  12. *Goku:* "I'll finish it with the next attack." *Kefla:* "What? I'LL KILL YOU!!!!" *Goku:* "Oh this bitch don't know. HIT THE MUSIC!"
  13. hell yeah----this was it---THE greatest Kamehameha that has ever happened in the series....goddamn I can't get enough of that scene....I've described it for a lazy ass friend who never got caught up but kept telling him this is something you have to see for yourself...words don't even do it justice. First time I saw that I had to sit down for a moment and reflect on the awesomeness I had just witnessed.
  14. DB Super: Kinda got in late tonight because I was playing Bloodstained. I have to admit, this game is bringing the 2D back. Yep. Goku's got the silvermane back and kefla.........kefla's got abs.................and SSJ2. Remember when they said the ring was made of some sort of indestructible material? as the old saying goes,"That post didn't age well." heh. Well, here's hoping the fight gets on and go nuclear fast. Gotta save some for bug face.
  15. Last week
  16. ha, the "reparations" issue is just so silly to me; I'm fascinated that it even keeps getting brought up....but entertained all at the same time In a hilariously absurd Twilight Zone situation where that actually happens, and this country is dumb enough to actually start paying...what of some "0.2% black" lookin' muthafucka like Megan Markle? Say a "regular" black person would actually get 30 grand....she would get what... 3 bucks?
  17. I love so many of the weapons in Monster Hunter World; it's always been tough to decide on what's my main thang.... but damnnn look at this DELICIOUS damage/combos on Charge Blade now...
  18. ha, it's either Brie or they go the more "woke" casting route with race-bending + points for body issues and cast Gabby Siddebe as Samus....hahah or if she was younger... Queen Latifah would be considered. Maybe Brie would be ok for that if she somehow gained some actual curves.. Ooh, more "woke!" casting ideas... of course ya have Jaden Smith as Dante for a DMC film.. and Mindy Kaling as Trish. Zendaya is Virgil.... I like the name "Gen X" for my generation... it also reminds me of "Degeneration X" from the good ol' days of the WWE "Attitude" era (back when wrestling was actually entertaining, imo)....sheeeeit, I STILL have one of the old DX shirts...I should get another one since it's finally worn out and has a hole/tear in it. I was also checking out what generation were young people back in the "roarin' 20s"..the era of young women often referred to as "flappers"... one of the names thrown around for those people was "Interbellum" generation. That particular period of time in American history has always been interesting to me.
  19. Gen X I can let slide. The "X" part at least denotes mystery. Yeah, "Y" and "Z" is just as well as saying,"I couldn't think of anything else and I ran out of time, sooo......." On things that had BETTER not happen during MY lifetime...................... So, they want to put the WORST possible choice in the role of the BEST female videogame character? NO. ALL NO.
  20. y'know, it's some really lazy thinkers out there in the media who came up with the name for some generations... after Gen X, they simply called the next one "Generation Y"....fortunately someone with an actual thought process came along later to start calling the shit "Millenials"...at least that's something. ...then the lazy fucks (probably the same chumps) started calling the next one "Generation Z". (why not "Meme Gen" or something like that? Social Media Gen? or generally--> The Internet Gen? For those young'ns, the internet has always been a thing ever since they were born.) Cmon, bruh that's just pitiful.... "generation z" get that lazy shit outta here. It sounds like the type of chump that writes a horror story about a haunted house and comes up with the title "Haunted House".... The ones before the Baby Boomers were called the "Silent Generation" apparently https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Generation#List_of_generations
  21. The Uncanny SEX-MEN: Greatest Hits! No Need for Child Support? In Soviet Savage Land, pussy fucks you! Uncanny X-men no. 114 (Classic X-men 21 is the main brunt of the story while Uncanny 114 just has a single panel) After battles against Mesmero, Magneto, the X-men "T-rex and chill" in the Savage Land. However, when a Savage land woman falls, Piotr is asked to participate in an unusual ceremony to honor the deceased. I never read the Classic x-men story. The Uncanny issue doesn't mention or show anything at all so its weird that an important event takes place off panel. Anyhoo, when Colossus shows up later in Savage Land , Nereel has a son named Peter , and Colossus is too dumb to know who the father is despite the kid and he sharing the same name)
  22. hahaha, marriage One lesson learned---once it's divorce time (something that's basically inevitable like Thanos, imo)...make sure it's finalized as fast as possible if you're playing lotto: https://www.newsweek.com/lottery-divorce-80-million-ex-wife-1445175 Interesting... in other news... apparently Grimace was originally a villain: https://mcdonalds.fandom.com/wiki/Grimace
  23. It is a shame when fans do a better job than the professionals. Ivan Ortega's edit of The Last Jedi. https://www.bitchute.com/video/Io9hILdeiT0S/
  24. What do you mean? If you're linking to a page, a link is all you can do. If it's a tweet/image/youtube video you can do an embed.
  25. Hey how do you post articles here instead of just showing links?
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