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  3. So what's the title? Robot of Rhapsody?
  4. www.MushaShugyo.com Musha shugyŨ (Warriors Pilgrammage) www.fgc.com Fighting Gamer Commune www.rdb.com Run Dat Back www.thelab.com The Lab www.tnl.com Tech & Lore
  5. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/james-bond-25-cast-revealed-rami-malek-confirmed-1204624 Bond 25 will be released on April 8, 2020 in USA and feature Rami Malek as the main villain.
  6. Doesn't matter. Anything that's not SRK2. Let your imagination run wild.
  7. Hadouken.com www.fighterspride.com finalround.com MisterBee's funhouse
  8. What type of theme are you going for?
  9. I agree. I finished the entire story. Don't get girl power vibes at all.
  10. It is time to rebrand my friends. Head over to the SRK2 REBRANDING THREAD and post some ideas.
  11. It is time to rebrand. I've been putting it off for months. Please post your sick/stupid/funny names for the site here. In a week or two I'll make a new logo and buy a new domain name. BEGIN!
  12. 4/24/19: Forum software update It's time to REBRAND! Submit name ideas here.
  13. Naw man. I used to DM, so I get the references -- I just don't think it's that great. The DnD-style adventurer/guild thing in anime has been done to death already at this point, and I think it's just been done better elsewhere. This show is still the standard for serious DnD isekai!
  14. I didn't think MK's story was pushing some kind of 'girl power' thing. I watched MK9 and MK10 story modes before I played MK11 and this is honestly just the natural continuation. I liked story mode quite a lot actually.
  15. hell yeah... it begins.. non-stop hype train until Q1 of 2020 for me.... https://www.gamespot.com/articles/vampire-the-masquerade-sequel-bloodlines-2-reveals/1100-6466439/
  16. Only people that I see making this jax thing a controversy are mostly racist turds. Same ones that are mad at the characters not being Caucasian so now they call them ugly lol. Oh well. Lets leave all that shit out of this site plz.
  17. Slime is a more comfy take on the standard isekia formula i think. That being said both Slime and Goblin Slayer aint shit compared to Shield Hero aka being a black man in america the anime XD Kinda crazy how none our posters seem to be watching this considering the story XD
  18. I like the recent MK games gameplay wise and as a product. Heck even more than SF4/5 lol But truthfully, starting with Injustice 2, Ive learned to wait for the GOTY edition since Im not a high level/tourney player and I play it mostly as a single player experience. Am I weird? I have not played the game so I cant really comment on the Jax controversy. It is funny that a series that began with using gore/violence to compete with SF 27 years ago is now trying to be socially conscious. The female characters being more modestly dressed and political jabs are odd. If anything, I thought MK would be the last series to change their mindset in making these games. Hell, I thought wed see a BJ fatalitiy from Mileena by now since Americans see so much violence in other media that MK stuff would be considered stale. Guess not. I have a feeling these things and the more grinding nature of the gameplay are being hoisted on them by their bosses at WB games.
  19. Yesterday
  20. Funny enough I just saw this. For real. If you haven't already seen it, I won't spoil Jax's ending. This and many other reasons are why I won't buy the game. The main reason being that I'm just cheap as hell and really don't even play as often as I used to. These companies are going to have to go back to making games, not agendas. Otherwise I'll be finding someone to repair the PS1 so that I can get down with the authentic experience once again.
  21. Lol @getting use to new voice actors......sounds like a dubscrub problem. Been enjoying all kinds of new talent. Can't wait for this new episode of Carole and Tuesday....also I see now why it got taken down so quickly when I posted on facebook XD.
  22. I mean goblin slayer gave you just what is said it would.....the slaying of goblins lol. But like I said for actual dnd players it has a lot of cool details and interactions that only we would appreciate I guess. Anyways apparently this facebook anime group I am in has some actual pull and got an interview with singing voice of Carole from Carole and Tuesday. @MillionX
  23. MK11's story is already starting off as thinly veiled continuation of the "Girl Power" in entertainment these days....it's amusing to me, actually. The most obvious ones are over in the CW shows though...they're about as subtle as a nuclear bomb over there with that shit.
  24. I completed Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise PS4 campaign yesterday. It was roughly 18.5 hours with a handful of substories. I am a relatively newbie to FOTNS and Yakuza, but since I liked Yakuza 0/Kiwami1/2 , I was excited to try it. I have seen the 152 episode 1984 FOTNS anime series,but no other media/games. Pros: The graphics and character designs are faithful to the anime/manga designs from what I could tell. The original characters like Xsana/Jagre/Lyra/Targa/KyoOh fit in well. The music is decent especially the Receive You song. There is a lot of fun side content and mini games like Yakuza. I liked the baseball games, dr rhythm, and Bartending games. The substories are 50/50. (I think Yakuza does them better) The final battle and the big twist in the last chapter The Jagi/Devil rebirth/ boss battles The Yakuza Jpn voice actors being used for certain characters was very fitting. especially the following: Kiryuuuu-chan as Kenshiro Majima as Jagi Ryuji Goda as Raoh I only listened briefly to English actors during one or two gameplay youtube vids, but the Kenshiro actor was decent. Cons: About 1/3 of the story stuff feels unnecessary padding to get it to a Yakuza length campaign. I know there is the usual "get dog food, then give to this person" stuff.But some of it was a bit much. Ex: Rei and Ken are investigating Jagi Rei: Lets talk to the bartender. (After) Go take a nap and then talk to Jagre. Ok Take another nap and then talk to Xsana. Is Rei hypothyroid? Fist of the North Slumber lol The progression seems to be artificially held back compared to Yakuza. Usually in Yakuza, every few chapters, I can upgrade a few "areas" and I understand that not everything can be maxed out in 1 playthrough of the campaign especially with minimal progress in substories/minigames. However, FOTNS seems to be stingy with unlocking and requirements. While this is an original story, I feel some characters have very little impact especially Shin, Toki, and Rei. Shin being the intro/tutorial boss seems a bit minimal considering he was the guy who gave Kenshiro the seven scars. Why not Daboog err Heart? My biggest problem is the fighting . Its not bad, but the heat actions seem to get boring after seeing only 8-9 being done. The burst mode in this doesnt seem as "helpful" as Kiryu climax Heat or aura based heat moves. Like Kiwami 1, you seem to get knocked down frequently and it takes a while to get back up. The variety in heat movies is arguably my favorite part of Yakuza games. Doing them barehanded, doing them with weapons, doing them against various settings (against a car, a wall, with the help of a citizen etc) Kenshiro being all powerful means he doesnt really need a potted plant or bicycle to own guys, but it makes Yakuza funny and fun. I also wish there were more crowd control moves available. Overall: It's just ok. 7/10.
  25. Last week
  26. Manx catches us up on all the previous MCU films.
  27. @Zero X-2 has great gameplay. Everything else about it is trash. I mean Yuna literally dos a Pop Concert performance at the beginning. Side note: For those wondering the graphics/frame rate comparison between Switch/PS4 MK11. Here you go.
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