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  2. haha, it also reminds me of the Voltron situation... yes I found out later on that the "car version" was apparently first, but I still don't care...when I was a kid, one day we had the Lions version, then suddenly it was vehicles....and I was sitting there like...".is this the right show? Why are they calling this "Voltron"? This shit isn't the real Voltron, man..."
  3. LOL. I think me and the boys on the ship got the most fun out of beast wars, or to be more precise, Megatron's voice actor. OMFG. How do you go from a voice that sounded like rusted, robotic evil to that of a Englishman.................T Rex? And yes, we did that shit ALL the time, including me.
  4. Damn. HxH had to have a go at muh feelz didn't it? Why they keep hittin' me in muh feelz? ...................I'm NOT crying! Somebody threw tears in my face!!
  5. I'm still trying to soldier through the SAO show. It's...........................done something tonight. At least this latest twist feels better. Of course, I still don't know why he isn't feeding those two nosy chicks to the nearest tentacle monster, but of course there will be reasons that they will completely go around and in the end will screw up the whole project. Bet on it.
  6. Nah. They never wrote it in at least as far as I know. At least they did animate the whole thing with Sasuke's baby as I call it. feels better animated IMO.
  7. hell yeah that redhead finally showed up... I don't recall if they wrote it that Sasuke ever hit that but he should've. That pussy was served and ready at any time for him.
  8. Baruto: *Sasuke:*"Don't underestimate her. My wife's not weak." Man, I wonder how many times the voice actor had to say that before he could do it without breaking into fits of laughter.
  9. DBZ: LMAO. White knighting for the big bitch? LOL. Their story is going to have a most unhappy ending. One that they are NOT going to love.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Shazam early review from IGN 8.8/10
  12. You've come a long way, Starscream...
  13. I never got into Beast Wars. I just never liked the concept.
  14. Fighting EX Layer is getting TERRY BOGARD! and Sharon on March 26th Terry Bogard Sharon
  15. I didn't watch BW when it came out. I generally don't like CG animation much (I have seen only 6 cg films since Toy Story 1) However it was in Netflix a few years ago and I watched it and liked it for the character and story. G1 was one if the first things I ever watched as a toddler along with Sesame Street GIJOE, Knight Rider,and A team. So it will always be close to me.
  16. I couldn't get into Beast Wars (yeah I'd agree that even back then when the show was new...it was soooo ugly ) ; the original G1 designs were and will always be the "true" Transformers. I saw this new vid just now in my usual youtube surfing...
  17. Wha? Thought you knew. Of course, I had been slacking off for years, but I thought I had at least posted a few back in old SRK. The one on the other page is what I've been able to scrape together with the new program. Here's an oldie but goodie. Now I'm wondering. Should I get an updated version of Photoshop? I did this one in Photopaint, but I no longer have that and I'm sure by now that photoshop is actually the better one.
  18. Last week
  19. oh my....god!!! hell fuckin YEAH, man!!! ...damn I need to sit down for a while after that... muthafuckin Bloodlines PART 2, man....this is finally happening!!! I do wish it had 3rd person view though... Bethesda and Elder Scrolls can go kick rocks forever then (we all know that TES VI will likely be a broken mess just like the rest of their games)... I finally have some *real* options for vampire games lately.... Code Vein coming up, Vampyr last year and now this...sheeeeit.
  20. This may be the first MK game I ever buy. Time will tell if I hate it though. I've hated damn near every one.
  21. @DangerousJ I thought you might get a laugh out of this. This reminds me of something. When I was in high school I volunteered at a local hospital for a year to pad my college resume and every time I got dropped off, I saw a plume of smoke at the back with a bunch of doctors huddled up smoking. It always confused me at how many doctors smoke. When do they have time to pick up such a bad habit? During residency? It's hilarious how many times doctors have said "I hope you're not smoking" and prattle on about the dangers, talk about hypocrisy. Lol.
  22. I really hope this fight gets the Katakuri vs Snake Man Luffy treatment by Toei. Rengoku Onigiri!
  23. Wait this dude be drawing? Lets see some art @Deadly_Raver See if it's good enough for million to commission some dooky focused superheroes Anyways click on pic to see whole thing lol
  24. Shang Tsung has been announced and he is modeled after Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa!
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