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  3. it's so beautiful... yeahhhh this is SO bought when it hits the eShop
  4. Well, get this before they fix it with a patch... ha, I have a team of 4x Spiderman right now
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  6. Jesus man, the more I learn the more I feel bad for this dude. So he hates gay and trans people according to detractors.....
  7. I just saw Lion King 2019. Pros: The special fx for the characters and settings looks photorealistic. Excellent work. The voice work for most of the characters with my favs being JEJ as Mufasa, Seth Rogen as Pumbaa, Eichner as Timon, John Oliver as Zazu, Alfre Woodard(Mariah) as Sarabi Cons: Whereas Aladdin was 85-90 percent accurate to the original, this is 99%. Very little is new. The biggest addition is 1-2 scenes with Scar and Sarabi. They took out some scenes between Simba and Rafiki which lessens the emotional impact. 1-2 funny gags in the climax were changed. Though the CG is great, the emotions during certain pivotal moments are not there. This is where hand drawn animation trumps CG imo. Beyonce as Nala just sounds like Beyonce and is a bit flat. Chiwetel Ejiofor as Scar is trying his darndest but cant match the sinister malevolence of Jeremy Irons. (He is much better than the Marwan Kenzari as live action Jafar though.) Overall: It feels like they tried to take the original and overlay CG over it like SF2 HD remix took comic art and pasted it over CPS2 sprites. It feels hollow. 5/10
  8. Heh. Captain Optimus was cool, but I want the Modok mug. That just screams collector's item.
  9. Sorry to go off topic, but since this is Marvel related, I thought Id put it here. X-men Marvel Legends figures boxsets.. Release: December 2019 90's Jim Lee Cyclops,Jean, and Wolverine - $60 (Jean is a new figure. The others are slight modifications of toys released 2-3 years ago.The previous Cyclops ddnt have the jacket. That figure is rare and goes for 80-100 s its cool that they are doing a new release) 90's X-Factor Havok and Polaris - $40
  10. SDCC part 2... SIEGE Bluestreak will be a Walmart exclusive- part of the 35th Anniversary line. SIEGE Soundblaster (black Soundwave with enlarged chest door to hold 2 cassettes) is also part of the Walmart exclusives along with repaints of SIEGE Optimus and Megatron with no battle damage
  11. SDCC news There was not much new stuff since there was a reveal a month ago. 1) SIEGE Ratchet is coming later this year as a Walgreens exclusive in America. 2) SIEGE Rainmakers boxset is a Target exclusive and features those 3 Decepticon Jets who made Acid Rain in the G1 Season 1 Episode "Divide and Conquer" $80 3) "Galactc Man" Repaint of SIEGE Shockwave (aka Black Shockwave) He will be available on online specialty toy sites. 4) SIEGE Ratbat and Frenzy/Rumble cassettes
  12. In a rare contribution to the booty........err, beauty of this thread, I offer you this finding.
  13. I still love how people are trying to say the Moon landing is false. Like we just launch the world's biggest fireworks for fun and profit. It goes up, up, and...................??? No. It goes into low orbit after it escapes the pull of Earth's Gravity. Depending on what the mission is after that they do whatever is needed up there. Of course, there are people still trying to argue that Earth is flat. Yeah, we're the ONLY flat planet out of all of them, on top of anything else considered a celestial sized object. GTFOH. Speaking of moons, I've made a rare contribution to the Hot girls thread. It isn't easy to find picture of my favorite point of view, but every so often there's a cutie assuming the position, in this case the "Whale Tail" view. Enjoy.
  14. Moon Landing: The Lost Tapes on History channel is some interesting shit, man.... I didn't even think of it until now and yeah it makes sense---the astronauts were quarantined for a while once they got back, because at the time we didn't know for absolute sure if they may have come back infected with an alien virus from being there on the moon.
  15. straight up forgot how to link thots from ig onto here lol my av describin how im feeling rn
  16. brace yourself....https://www.instagram.com/p/B0J9-38Dsjo/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet
  17. Woot! This is great casting. Totally unexpected news! I hope it is R -rated.
  18. quick alert---TIFFANY SMITH is on the DC channel live right now well that stream was over fast.... a near-upskirt shot happened around 10:55 though
  19. Marvel UA 3 is about as fun as I was expecting...you're stuck with the Guardians in the beginning of the game for a little while though; I'm not really a fan of those characters so I was relieved when others started showing up as playable. Hulk and Thor were the first new ones I added into my team....I got Luke Cage in the mix a few minutes ago as well...currently I have Hulk, Thor, Luke and Venom ("Heavy Hitter" bonus for this) a review
  20. this show NOS4ATU keeps getting more interesting; I'm loving it. The girl that's playing the main character is doing one hell of a job in her performance, imo...(she's a cute one too; I definitely wouldn't turn that down) and of course Zachary Quinto always makes for a good villain from what I've seen. People should check this out if they haven't been watching https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5194792/
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