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  2. It's time once again for us to sit back and laugh at the ongoing disaster that is Anthem... (bonus hotness points here---Alanah!!! I'd eat.)
  3. Yesterday
  4. Okay folks. Latest stop on the crazy train has hit a snag. I personally am glad that this bill became law, and I'm personally sad that it was needed.
  5. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 X-Men and Magneto trailer! Sniff. I'm so jealous of Switch owners.
  6. I'm having a hard enough time staying mediocre at the two games I play. I'll just cheer you on from the sidelines while you take on all of Mexico.
  7. it's surprising anyone is giving it a chance, imo... the movie has looked like a shitty idea from day 1, at least to me....with the only saving grace being the inclusion of the wonderful Naomi Scott. hmm...more Mii character ideas come to mind...I might try to make a "Leonard, Part 6" mii...though it's really tough to make a proper Cosby or any old person character at all...there's only 1 option for making a face look older and it sucks.......it would be so great if Nintendo would expand those damn mii creation options...they're so limited it's just sad for those like myself that like making the bizarre and occasionally disgusting/"bad taste" characters.
  8. Aladdin 2019 Reviews seem to be split between mediocre or good. Chris Stuckmann - C- Andre Black Nerd - 5/6 Carebears or 8.3/10
  9. well...............um.......................... Didn't see that one coming.
  10. Last week
  11. and now it's that time, folks... the "elites"... Clan Ventrue: the followup vid:
  12. later today will be another Bloodlines 2 clan reveal...but for now I'm here to spread the word about this greatness I just saw at "that other forum".. ^SO bought.
  13. A positive video? FROM GEEKS AND GAMERS!?!?!?!?!? NANI!?!?!?!
  14. For those who aren't already aware, Path Of Exile is f2p on PS4. I decided to give it a shot and I'm liking it pretty well so far. It has a lot of the same vibe as a PS3 game whose name escapes my recollection at this time. I went and picked the witch character because I figured out what I thought I would need from watching the trailer. The gameplay isn't that hard IMO, so give it a shot if you're so inclined to walk the path of an exile. EDIT: The name of the other game was Dungeon Hunter. It looks and plays a lot like that.
  15. goddamn look at that.... the salad would get SO damn tossed. She could really do whatever to me and it would most likely be fine.
  16. @MillionX Here is a picture of Lesley Ann Brandt from her Spartacus days.
  17. Please try to keep the booty in the hot girl thread. Don't want all these threads to start blending together. Thx.
  18. I am now playing KOF2002 hardcore. Training every day. SOMEBODY COME FIGHT ME.
  19. cheh, I just got Capcom Beatemup Bundle on Switch, since it was on sale for 12 bucks.. [sale ends 5/23 if I recall]...ohhhh it's absolutely worth it if you like the arcade beatemup genre and haven't played some of these before. I've never even heard of Battle Circuit until this bundle was released and it's fun so far. Some I've heard of but just never played before, like Knights of the Round.
  20. @DangerousJ I think we'll have to strip search that one. She looks suspicious.
  21. I saw John Wick 3 yesterday. Pros: Action scenes (Horses, Dogs, and motorcycles oh my.) Some character development and world building Halle Berry. For once shes not playing some meek character. Cons Humor. I also didnt like the fanboy aspect of some of the henchmen There are some Looney Tunes esque actions. 1 is kinda ok, but the other is a pretty WTF moment Overall: 8.5/10 JW 1 - 8.5/10 JW 2 - 8/10
  22. for Sunday: I haven't found the right music for this one. maybe You will find the song that goes with her shaking it?
  23. ohooooo you know I had to dive into this when I saw it in "recommended" vids [youtube knows us all too well] The list is a bit lazy though, it seems... one would expect a bit more details in terms of who earned which spot in the rankings....like mentioning the main man Niklaus Mikaelson but neglecting to mention his hybrid status (along with being part of the "original family") as being a reason he's a top tier in that world. ..also---with characters like Dracula, there is immediately the question of which version of him we're talking about, since he's appeared in dozens of things; the original book, comics, animated shows and movies, video games, etc. whoah...no mention of any True Blood characters though? Bruh...
  24. it's solidified that she is the next inductee to my Magnificent 5 elite ranks... now comes the grueling process of figuring out placement since some shuffling around must be done, obviously...
  25. This reminds me of this pasty, pencil-neck, Xtian white kid I met at church meeting who went to Venezuela on a mission trip and "converted" and married a girl there that happened to look like a freakin' Miss World contestant. I was floored when she sat next to him. Like this level of hotness: He was extolling the virtues of his expedition to save souls and thanking God for his "blessings" with a shit-eating grin on his face. The mofo looked like a character from The Wild Thornberrys and knew he got her pretty ass locked down with religious guilt x green card combo.
  26. @MillionX You are WAAAAYYYY late fam. Do yourself a favor and check out Spartacus, it's on Netflix. You can see her in her full glory in Season 1.
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