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  1. That was a fun tournament. I don't think I can ever get tired of watching ProblemX use Dictator; That guy is on a level not too many others can reach. Plus, everything he does with Dictator is just so... Clean, I guess you could say. Precise. No wasted movements, no wrong moves... I honestly would use footage of his high-level matches as a template for how Dictator should fight in any animated or live-action projects tbh. Meanwhile, I'll still be grinding away with Ed. Just got back into Super-Bronze and I'll need some practice time ahead of a little local tournament going down this weekend...
  2. After tons and tons of real-life cap to shovel, I finally have some time to come back to this site and check out all the weird nooks and crannies I never paid much attention to... Like this thread, for example. Howdy y'all. What's shaking?
  3. Nice stuff. I've thought about using SCVI's character creator to rough out a few extra Street Fighter characters I have rolling around the ole' noggin, but all of them wear pretty modern styles of clothing and one with particular character, I'd have to use a cheat engine to hack actual shoes to go over a piece of equipment that otherwise forbids it.
  4. I think I tapped into the cosmic universe when writing up the one character Bio I posted in the character concept thread, because I'm digging Kage a lot and he feels a lot like that character, albeit simplified. He's still not as rewarding to play as G or Ed, but at least wins in ranked aren't as hard to come by for me now...
  5. I have been having too much fun with this game right now. I'm still not completely comfortable going online yet (Not that I honestly can, but that's another story), but just messing around in the single-player modes just makes me kind of feel a warm, fuzzy feeling inside I had been missing playing other fighting games. Also, I'm addicted to the character creator.
  6. I based my comments on the fact that when the final results of the roster poll for DOAX3 was released, the characters with predominantly western traits (Tina, Christie, Mila, Lisa & Rachel) were all at or near the bottom of the totals. Considering that this poll was only available to Asian regions, then combined with the fact that certain characters like Mila, Lisa & Rachel have far fewer costumes compared to other females in DOA5:LR, further backed up by the leak that Tina, Lisa and Christie are most likely DLC while Mila & Rachel out completely... Yeah. I stand by what I said. Besides, I'm not even that interested in DOA any more. Especially with SCVI, the new SamSho game out next year and a bunch of other games on my radar.
  7. Another day, another pretty girl... Here's Michie Peachie, the closest thing real-life has to the One Punch Man character "Captain Mizuki" IMO.
  8. Tira is included if you pre-order the Season Pass, but not she's exclusive to it; You can purchase her on Day 1 as DLC. As far as the other playable characters go... I think one of them will be either Cassandra or Setsuka, while the only male character that I can think of that's DLC-worthy would be Lizardman's Soul Calibur V design and moveset. (Twin axes, wings, fire-breathing etc. etc.) I also feel like a full-on bare-handed fighter, like Heihachi in the PS2 port of Soul Calibur II and the Devil Jin moveset that was exclusive to Created Characters in Soul Calibur V could be up for consideration as well. Lastly, I think a Samurai Shodown character will be a guest in SCVI and vice-versa. I want to say Genjuro and Yoshimitsu on that, respectively? But then again SamSho could get a Fighting Layer: EX character like Hayate or Garuda... It's exciting to think about the future of these games, huh?
  9. I guess I'll post one of the many women that use Instagram with gusto and I find absolutely enchanting. Stefania Ferrario
  10. That wasn't half-bad. I remember in OG Yakuza 2 you could unlock a start of the fight heat move where you beat somebody's ass with a live lobster, but it's been a while since I played that game. From another video I watched, it seems to have been replaced with Kiryu beating people up with a pair of Leeks... Which is cool, but not quite the same
  11. Ah yes... And of course, while DOA6 nerfs most of the cast's looks to make them more "Realistic", Marie and Honkers look exactly the same from Last Round because Koei-Tecmo know they can't infuriate their biggest market... IMO it's pretty scummy how NyoTengu is a pre-order exclusive character, and only from the $150+ "Collectors Edition" at that. If the leak I read is true, Tina, Lisa, Mila and basically all of the "Western Market Bait" characters either are going to be cut entirely or made DLC through some weird kind of Gacha system that makes Loot boxes look fair... It makes me glad we've got Soul Caliber VI and the new Samurai Shodown game to look forward to
  12. He looks a whole lot better than the Create-A-Souls-esque leaked photos. Now I just need to wait to see how much Raphael gets polished up before I place my order for SCVI.
  13. I'll probably hit you up for a Battle Lounge like that sometime next week. I'm going out to a friend's house tomorrow for a party and he has very good Internet Connection speed, but IMO it's bad form to bring a laptop to something social like that. Besides, I'm going to have to re-learn everything because in addition to learning the long, difficult road of Bob Sagat and The President of The World, I've started to learn Ed with his V-Trigger II and it's basically a whole new character again. I can see some potential with him in that version, but Sagat & G are so much better overall it's harder and harder to stick with him. I mainly have been fighting the SFV blues with extended runs at Enter the Gungeon and Yakuza 0, while I know Soul Calibur VI and the Hokuto No Ken-ized Yakuza spin-off coming will keep me occupied next month and into the 'Murrican holiday season.
  14. I think I have hit my new low for SFV today. In exactly two hours of gametime, I have lost over 100 matches in a row between casual & ranked play and now have exactly 0 LP. To add insult to injury, the one person that I actually got a win on disconnected from the server like the pussy-punk Blanka-Chan playing bitch that he is. Why? Why am I so free at this game? Why does everything I ever try get perfectly countered and turned into losing 60% of my life bar with a single combo? Why do I get thrown right on the start-up of EX moves over and over again? Why are Ibuki players pure cancer? Why do my results stay the same no matter who I play or whatever tactics I employ? It honestly depresses the hell out of me. That for all of the hours I put into this game, I gradually end up playing worse and worse while those around me get better... It's not just fighting games anymore either; Anything skill-based I seem to enjoy has become a strain on my mind and more of a chore than any kind of enjoyment. So, y'all better PM me for matches so you can get free points and stuff, because I'm in a funk that nothing is going to get me out of today.
  15. I would kill to have a place like that where I live. The group that puts on the tournaments our microscopic scene compete in have been trying to get a permanent space and create something similar, but apparently they haven't been able to get a deal on a building yet. Otherwise, the closest thing to an Arcade my podunk little town has is this weird little used game store tucked away and partially hidden by hedges and trees that has four cabinets with sub-par emulators in them and a little lounge area for gaming on modern stuff you can rent by the hour.
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