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  1. Going to buy it eventually as I liked the demo. It just didn't strike me as being worth $60
  2. Still not paying full price for octopath traveler you got me fucked lol. @Infernoman it's kinda ass so far.
  3. Downloading the Cod beta now.....fuck evo
  4. Enjoying High Score girl myself even if it is all wack cgi. That being said, really enjoying the action in Sirius the Jaeger.
  5. So you liking it so far? I remember having a lot of fun with the demo. Might have to scoop that up since it is out.
  6. Not sure how much longer Black Ops 3 is going to be free...
  7. Angel

    The SRK2 Saloon Thread

    I'm sure you did, but next time don't. The end.
  8. Angel

    The SRK2 Saloon Thread

    This isn't a discussion, if you want to post tired ass politcal memes somewhere I am sure you have plenty of other places to do that. Anymore and you can take a timeout.
  9. Angel

    The SRK2 Saloon Thread

    Read the rules. This isn't facebook, knock it off or get banned.
  10. Angel

    Immortality on one condition....

    Well if you could do stuff like change your body into energy and then become composed of x-rays you could "easily" escaped a black hole.
  11. Angel

    Immortality on one condition....

    For sure, at some point science will give us this effect anyways but it will be both cellular and mental immortality. A never ageing body that can heal at an accelerated rate as well as a way to preserve our minds regardless of our bodies state. Shit isn't even a super power as much as it is an inevitability.
  12. @MillionX just letting you know that it is out meign!!! https://twitter.com/contingent99/status/996427957433384961
  13. They both have the best soundtracks.
  14. Today is the birfdae of Srk2's second best waifu (after me of course). Let the festivities begin!!!
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