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  1. That boi kyo still a pimp.
  2. Angel

    The SRK2 Saloon Thread

    Hippo once again proving itself to be natures bro.
  3. Angel

    The SRK2 Saloon Thread

    They already fucked up by even having Grewishka in the first place. He is just a worthless mook with a cool trick weapon and a very pale comparison to the character that we were supposed to get that being the one and only Makaku who was a legit bad ass. Grewshiska is tied to the wack ass ova and doesn't exist in the manga. Same as dumb ass Chiren who was a pretty lousy character overall. The main thing is with those ova additions it kinda implies that the actual main villain from the first part of Battle Angel won't even be in the movie at all. Hell they might even go full retard like the ova and make no mention of Panzer kunst or kill off Vector like they did too lol. The more I type the more I careless for the movie and the more I just want a show that is 99% faithful to the manga with the exception of the og ending that was retconned due to the second series. Also I just love how crazy Eric is in the new series.
  4. Angel

    The SRK2 Saloon Thread

    Even with the new trailer making Alita look less creepy I still don't have high hopes for the Battle Angel move. The cast is great but they are just trying to do too much with having alita going all the way to the motor ball arc. That is way too much story to condense into a single film. I like how people that don't know shit about Gunnm aka Battle angel alita think its going to be some kind of lame ass girl power movie like TFA. They don't know about all the awesome people that have actually managed to kick Alita's ass XD
  5. I remember thinking about THAT scene in ninja scroll XD. No way that would slide today... Anyways I had to share this gem with ya'll
  6. Angel

    The SRK2 Saloon Thread

    Yeah with games like pathfinder and dnd you can make some op characters but you generally have to do it by being smart and knowing the material. It isn't the type of game the normally allows you to pull stuff out of your ass.....until you play a high level caster and have access to wish/miracle/reality revision spells/powers. I always laugh at the people that think the fighter or some other wack class is op because they can hit shit with a pointy stick. Then the same people get mad at other classes being better than said fighter at that but have zero problem with a wizard basically breaking their game.
  7. Angel

    The SRK2 Saloon Thread

    @MillionX really needs to start playing pen and paper rpgs so he can make all these uberpowerful dudes like I be making. Some person is running a game that uses a class that basically lets you take other abilities from different classes. On top of that however they let us add an alternate version of it to the mix that lets you take monster abilities as well. And we can even use what they call templates you change our characters even more. Like the template I am using turned my character into a psychic vampire type of bad ass that can just jump into peoples bodies at will. He can even jump into a corpse and run around as zombie or skeleton if he wants. The enemy would think he was some weak low level monster and get their ass hit with all kinds of electromagnetic space karate type shit XD. I got that boy some Dio eye beams and he can mess around with the time stream a bit too so he can read a book and have people punch only to hit air with that big ass exclamation mark above their heads. Like this dude is only level 11 but I am more than sure he can destroy all the end boss type creatures that exist in this game. Like even if they manage to hit and damage me I can like just say naw, and reduce that shit by half or just teleport somewhere else. I like the move that you can get that lets you trade places so they hit themselves. I gotta for sure use that on these wannabe Jojo dudes. Show them that fucking around with a real vampire gangsta is mudamudamudamuda!!!
  8. Angel

    The SRK2 Saloon Thread

    I liked the action and extemely pointless gore in Castlvania but everything else was hot delta dookie stains. I usually like Warren Ellis but this show was all over the place. We had a good thing going with Dracula but the didn't really build on it like they should. Like nigga they give us flashback time with him and instead of showing us with Alucard and Lisa we get pointless seen with more killing. Still not as pointless as old girl Carmilla beating the snot out of hector. Damb they made hector a whole bitch XD
  9. @MillionX not sure if you are aware but they finally released Lost Ark in Korea.....hopefully an english patch will be available soon. https://www.reddit.com/r/lostarkgame/
  10. I thought this was for real rpg's like Pathfinder and Dungeons and Dragons
  11. For sure getting Tales of Vesperia for the switch. Ordered that Lets go Pikachu game with the little ball thing for my nephew's christmas present. Game looks super wack like all thing pukeman related but he is a kid so you know he gonna love that shit.
  12. Bamco killing it this year with the guest characters. Speaking of Bamco why didn't anyone tell me they finally came to their senses and are releasing a Tales of Vesperia with all the japanese content we never got all voiced in english?
  13. The amount of people getting triggered by Goblin Slayer is pretty hilarious. I love how they had zero issues with Berserk.
  14. Angel

    The SRK2 Saloon Thread

    Yeah the Houston Million Air isn't too far from my house.
  15. Angel

    The SRK2 Toonami thread: It's the weekend!!

    Oh and that Deku vs Bakugo fight this week was pretty fucking baller. Bakugo only won because deku is still holding back though. I can see why people like him and his slow burn character development.
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