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  1. Angel

    The SRK2 Saloon Thread

    I'm sure you did, but next time don't. The end.
  2. Angel

    The SRK2 Saloon Thread

    This isn't a discussion, if you want to post tired ass politcal memes somewhere I am sure you have plenty of other places to do that. Anymore and you can take a timeout.
  3. Angel

    The SRK2 Saloon Thread

    Read the rules. This isn't facebook, knock it off or get banned.
  4. Angel

    Immortality on one condition....

    Well if you could do stuff like change your body into energy and then become composed of x-rays you could "easily" escaped a black hole.
  5. Angel

    Immortality on one condition....

    For sure, at some point science will give us this effect anyways but it will be both cellular and mental immortality. A never ageing body that can heal at an accelerated rate as well as a way to preserve our minds regardless of our bodies state. Shit isn't even a super power as much as it is an inevitability.
  6. @MillionX just letting you know that it is out meign!!! https://twitter.com/contingent99/status/996427957433384961
  7. They both have the best soundtracks.
  8. Today is the birfdae of Srk2's second best waifu (after me of course). Let the festivities begin!!!
  9. Angel

    Knight Club - A Game I Made

    So what are all the weapons that will be available? Would like to see a crossbow user for sure and greatsword and mace/flail/hammer type
  10. What is everyone looking forward to from these next few upcoming seasons? Megalo Box looks pretty hype.
  11. Isekai is possibly the worst genre besides harem bs and then it can be even worse since most brain dead cookie cutter isekai being crapped out are in fact also harems......shit is horrid. We need more actual fantasy stuff the likes of Goblin Slayer and The Promised Neverland. Emma is one of the best female protagonist that we have gotten in a while and Beardcutter is just a badass
  12. Yeah I am not sure if I have any faith in a company who's only games are Remember Me and Life is Strange @MillionX
  13. From what I am seeing is that they play completely differently. Not even sure how much the stories are connected.
  14. @MillionX or anyone else, have ya'll played the new Ni No Kuni yet? Jrpg with non-turnbased combat and supposedly good story. Probably about to cop it now since I forgot to preorder it.
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