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  1. Wait this dude be drawing? Lets see some art @Deadly_Raver See if it's good enough for million to commission some dooky focused superheroes Anyways click on pic to see whole thing lol
  2. Yeah that Astral Chain game looks like it definitely targets my core values.
  3. Being doing some serious trolling on facepage telling everyone that this my favorite character
  4. I mean wasn't the first super movie subtitle while this was being dub at the same time AND released in english? But whatever....
  5. Surprised at a packed theater for the premiere of a Dragon Ball movie? This dude sleeping. These Sasuke memes however should not be slept upon.
  6. I liked leather jacket superboy XD Okay @misterBee I will check it out when it comes out on bluray
  7. The Promised Neverland....watch it before you get spoiled seriously.
  8. Spider gwen is still shit doe
  9. Damn this is kinda disconcerting with Troy Baker doing some lines for Yuri and whoever the other guy doing the added dialog.....
  10. I grabbed Tales of Vesperia on the switch. Had to put it on english so I can hear my girl Rita signature "Blah Blah Blah" XD Like the new animation that Ufotable added.
  11. January starting off strong with the aoty already
  12. They keep hyping this spiderverse movie but I can't get myself motivated to see due to my hatred for spider gwen and the rest of the lame spider newcomers that aren't Miles or Anya If it's anything like this crap it can stay unseen
  13. Oh yeah I would for sure have smashed Cortez back in the day. Them titties are wonderful. Also Chrome is freezing because it has a memory leak. I stopped using it and swapped back to firefox.
  14. Zombieland Saga Volume 1 sold four times more than My Hero Academia Season 3.....kek The world has good taste
  15. Nothing else even comes close imo. A Place Further than the Universe is strong runner up. Zombie Land saga was a dumb but fun show that I really enjoyed at the end of the year as well as Goblin Slayer. Golden Kamuy was just a good ride all around imo even with the bad cgi. Megalobox was also cool even if it was too short imo. edit: That revue starlight anime was weird but had some incredible animation, also Hinamatsuri
  16. Okay so 2018 is officially over so we can go ahead and discuss Aoty. I know one thing, Devilman crybaby was the best at being the worst and most overhyped piece of shit to ever grace my presence. Masaaki Yuasareally fell off since he made Kemonozume.
  17. kek I started a petition https://www.change.org/p/yukito-kishiro-battle-angel-alita-animated-series
  18. Liking werewolf women is dangerous territory guys. Next thing you know you will be talking about how you open mouth kiss your dog before you go to work. Which of course has no place on this site.
  19. Yeah split is good stuff. So was unbreakable. This is the girl in split I would split that if you know what I mean....hint hint, wink wink, say no more.
  20. My girl loves her some super girl. Shit is too corny for me. @MillionX did you ever watch the movie Split? Man that mixed chick in that movie....
  21. Sundered is probably not for everyone lol Game is hard, like oppressively hard. They had to keep adding stuff to it to make it easier XD I love it though, one of my favs along with Risk of Rain and Wizard of Legend
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