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  1. Borderlands is free on ps4 and maybe xbox as well. This new dlc is also free https://borderlands.com/en-US/shop/borderlands-2-commander-lilith-and-the-fight-for-sanctuary/#rg="united-states"
  2. It's all good, we got Fire Force, Vinland Saga, and To the Abandoned Sacred Beast to look forward to.
  3. Also @misterBee I just realized there are no less than FOUR legit Isekia's coming out next season XD Not even including the new season of danmachi and all the other "fantasy" world type animes lol They are seriously getting carried away.
  4. Lol I mean genres are a thing for a reason. I am pretty sure konosuba doesn't belong anywhere near those others since it is literally a comedy making fun of isekia. I will agree that isekia is super oversaturared and has been for the past decade. But an isekia is a lot different than just having Tolkien fantasy elements. That being said you should at least check out Shield hero. Also fuck Reiner
  5. Damb I can see malty and griffith, but not recognizing Dio???
  6. You have one bullet and you are in a room with all of them.....who eating that shit?
  7. Yeah they been getting on my ass but it's because people manually snitching on me. Lame af honestly. Got like 50 of my vids deleted the time before...but I didn't dispute those like I did this time so I didn't get suspended lol. I was like fuck em this week and kept appealing it and writing hilarious shit in my appeal statements to facebook. Luck they didn't just delete my whole account. Anyways look up "TAKE IT LIKE A MAN!!" on facebook or youtube, wont let me post the link for some reason lol
  8. So I got put in facebook jail for posting movies lol....fuck em. I posted like these ovas before they clapped me, suck my whole dick facebook. Also can we not?
  9. If it was I hope they didn't pee on him afterwards since he would like that.
  10. Learned about neurodiversity today.......so this is like the other side of anti-vaxxing or something? This world really needs to kiss a meteor. Just not before I get to play Granblue fantasy relink/versus edit: with that being said I am kinda concerned since platinum is no longer working on relink.
  11. Admins/Mods everywhere vs Endgame spoilers....
  12. Oh yeah I forgot you do play lol. Naw Grimgar is cool for a slow as it was but GS just had so many funny little details and references to actual dnd, like the whole eye of the beholder thing or the way they made scrolls work like they actually do in dnd and their entire convo about it, down to the whole food comparison and campfire cookout. Also Goblin Slayer isn't an Isekai so I don't get why you would compare it to one. Also you say done to death? Like what other shows are you talking about? Record of lodoss war XD
  13. Only people that I see making this jax thing a controversy are mostly racist turds. Same ones that are mad at the characters not being Caucasian so now they call them ugly lol. Oh well. Lets leave all that shit out of this site plz.
  14. Slime is a more comfy take on the standard isekia formula i think. That being said both Slime and Goblin Slayer aint shit compared to Shield Hero aka being a black man in america the anime XD Kinda crazy how none our posters seem to be watching this considering the story XD
  15. Lol @getting use to new voice actors......sounds like a dubscrub problem. Been enjoying all kinds of new talent. Can't wait for this new episode of Carole and Tuesday....also I see now why it got taken down so quickly when I posted on facebook XD.
  16. I mean goblin slayer gave you just what is said it would.....the slaying of goblins lol. But like I said for actual dnd players it has a lot of cool details and interactions that only we would appreciate I guess. Anyways apparently this facebook anime group I am in has some actual pull and got an interview with singing voice of Carole from Carole and Tuesday. @MillionX
  17. I like how they already got a quite place ripoff on netflix. Also looks like vic mignola is suing funimation XD
  18. lol You must have thought Goblins slayer was gonna be all rampages and rape XD, and the whole teaching switch in Slime kinda lost me It's a cool show for Dnd folks like myself. Have you started Shield Hero aka being a black man in america the anime?
  19. @MillionX the girl that does the singing for Carole in Carole and Tuesday is fine as hell. Episode 2 got me already knowing this is gonna be anime of the year........
  20. @MillionX https://www.cinemablend.com/news/2470402/apparently-the-new-charlies-angels-movie-is-actually-a-sequel
  21. Oh snap....I can embed my vids here....good for you guys
  22. Bro someone at JC Staff needs to commit sempukku
  23. That dog would still make a better hero than either Spiderman or Batman
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