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  1. I just found out that, for me at least, the refractory period is a myth. I really wish I was with a woman when I made this discovery and not just "in the lab".
  2. Nope. I was legit wondering. People out there who like fucking dogs enough to write articles and film videos about it aren't just picking a dog up and fucking it discreetly. It's a lifestyle; this bitch had all her chips in the Red Rocket game. I bet she was going to the puppy place at the mall in a semi-short skirt so she could blame that puddle she made on the dog. She probably wore lingerie for the dog in bed too. She seems like the type to do that for some reason. Scooby-Doo posters on the wall and shit. But outside of my dumbass ramblings, just man. Even though she brought in on herself, this dog-fucking stuff will NOT be easy to bounce back from. She already knows, but I doubt she knows just how blacklisted she is from any position of power. From here on out, her life is going to be so RUFF.
  3. Someone this far gone might as well have another force in her head controlling her. Like Dexter (though half that show is still garbage). His Dark Passenger is his urge to kill, but feels like an actual force to him. I think she has this force too. Her... Bark Passenger. ... ... OK, that awful pun's out of the way. But I'm seriously wondering how deep this goes. Does she groom the dogs when they're puppies like a pedophile? Give them her used panties and tell them to find the scent? Stuff like that? So many questions.
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