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  1. Main consensus I see from movie peeps I trust is Solo is a good space western film, just not a good Star Wars film. It feels unnecessary and forced in so diehard fans can go "So THAT'S how that happened" which kind of breaks up the smoothness of the rest of the film. I'd like to see it, just not in a packed theater. Also Maxi looks dope in SCVI.
  2. DSP's new live in girlfriend looks like she was legit kidnapped. I have been trying to avoid his nonsense this year. Picked up a Switch finally, I very much enjoy this system. I was weary and waited due to being a early adopter of the Wii U and getting fucking nothing for long periods of time, but both first and third party support has been quite consistent for the Switch and it made the dive in easier. Little thing is just fun to mess with. Also Bee I have a Motorcycle and some dirt bikes, they are fun, cheap on insurance, and super cheap on gas. But there is a great risk involved riding around, people simply do not pay attention to you or what you are allowed to do on a highway/freeway. So you really need to be apparent of everyone else on the road and keep an eye out. If you want some tips on what to get, craigslist and such you can score some remarkably cheap bikes with very little fix up. Most people simply do not know how to maintain a bike, and sell them for cheap to get rid of them, I've had at least three where the issue was simply draining out bad oil that was sitting and replacing it. Something small power wise to get used to riding helps as well, a 250 is a nice bit of power without going gung ho and what I currently have for cruising around.
  3. Put KoF XI on Steam and I'd hella buy it. Only one I really did tournaments for, I dabbled in '98 UM a bit though. Reminds me to get the new one but there is hardly ever a good Steam sale for it.
  4. Cody is all about the high class, dude was Aladdining the streets then saw the Mayor's daughter. "I'mma get me that" He always went for the top.
  5. Yeah, I'm doing alright now just didn't dawn on me until kind of late in the cycle lol.
  6. Been trying Falke a bit, for some reason I am intrigued by her despite nothing in her toolkit being all that special. Lack of a 3F Normal, no comeback VT, and such immediately hurts her but I don't know. Falke is so simple and unorthodox I just like to use her weirdness. Probably not a main but I don't mind tinkering with her.
  7. Nothing much, picked up Bronchitis for a bit, decided to support this place out after AP and I talked. Also missed forum posting in some capacity. So the usual with more dying.
  8. I'm here, this is the post to show that I'm alive. Carry on.
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