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  1. This reminds me of this pasty, pencil-neck, Xtian white kid I met at church meeting who went to Venezuela on a mission trip and "converted" and married a girl there that happened to look like a freakin' Miss World contestant. I was floored when she sat next to him. Like this level of hotness: He was extolling the virtues of his expedition to save souls and thanking God for his "blessings" with a shit-eating grin on his face. The mofo looked like a character from The Wild Thornberrys and knew he got her pretty ass locked down with religious guilt x green card combo.
  2. Well I've watched some hilarious videos with incels and they apparently put each other in subcategories. You have "mentalcels" who are mostly average and sometimes above-average dudes who can't get laid because of mental issues or anxiety disorders, this is probably the largest group. Manletcels are those who are below 5'6" who can't get laid because even short chicks want a tall guy so they don't have midget kids. Uglycels are those with real deformations or injuries that turn women off. Fatcels is self-explanatory. Apart from uglycels and manletcels most of their issues they can change, but I think a part of them get off on the collective depression.
  3. I've seen some awkward moments in my life, but it didn't take a body language expert to tell me how painful this was. The interviewer felt more like a mediator. To think this basket case is going to be the main representative of the new MCU. I guess the latest film wasn't called Endgame for no reason... To make matters worse a friend of mine shared a horrifying image of her feet. Click at your own peril: x_x
  4. Fine YouTube after showing this on my feed 4 times I finally clicked, ya happy now?! I don't even look up chicks on YouTube but it's like the algorithm wants to make you into a perv...
  5. Some people are just so blind to their immense hypocrisy...
  6. @DangerousJ I thought you might get a laugh out of this. This reminds me of something. When I was in high school I volunteered at a local hospital for a year to pad my college resume and every time I got dropped off, I saw a plume of smoke at the back with a bunch of doctors huddled up smoking. It always confused me at how many doctors smoke. When do they have time to pick up such a bad habit? During residency? It's hilarious how many times doctors have said "I hope you're not smoking" and prattle on about the dangers, talk about hypocrisy. Lol.
  7. I really hope this fight gets the Katakuri vs Snake Man Luffy treatment by Toei. Rengoku Onigiri!
  8. I mean people deserve to be angry about the situation, even if lowkey everyone knew what's going on, when you see actual names and face it gets real. These rich and successful parents already gave their kids huge leg up in life by proxy and now they use those advantages to twist the inequality knife even further in our collective guts. We claim America s a meritocracy when a C average party boy with drug and alcohol abuse problems managed not only to get into Yale but reach the highest seat of office in the land. It's a all a joke, and we're on the butt end of it.
  9. I'm more of a Isla Fisher kinda guy tbh, but she's cute. A voluptuous cutie I stumbled upon. Rita Kanaeva And (surprisingly) this is her boyfriend: The smile says it all...
  10. @MillionX That season finale for The Passage was some crazy ish. It's like they jumped 5 seasons in 2 episodes. The last 10 minutes had me like...
  11. I think the speed and craziness of SRK discord was what brought a lot of people back to OG SRK, at least it was for me. Too much scrolling up and randomly switching convos for my taste.
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