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  1. The bias is real. Taller men earn more, are perceived to be more intelligent and have easier access to positions of power regardless of their competency. Oh and women prefer tall men without even filtering their disgust when approached by an unsuccessful short man. 19 out of 44 of the US Presidents were 6ft or taller and even those who shorter were still slightly under 6 feet and much taller than the average man for their time. Back in the day if you were 5'8" or over you were considered tall, which really puts things in perspective when we visualize how the world looked back then. For example when 6'2" George Washington was President the average height for a man in the 1700s was 5'5". So imagine how imposing he looked during that era. To put things in even more historical perspective the average height for a man in ancient Greece was 5'3". So basically all those epic battles we fantasized about with Spartans vs Persians etc. were fought by what would be today's middle schoolers. Imagine if we gave The Rock or Shaq a time machine?!
  2. Hey you guys were talking about heightism? This pretty video much covers it:
  3. I'm just going to leave these here:
  4. Look how much effort Dela Hoya is making trying to not stare: Her name is Adriana Jimenez BTW: https://twitter.com/Adriana_Sports/status/993028645928058880 The twitter link isn't embedding but it's worth a click.
  5. Hey how do you post articles here instead of just showing links?
  6. Keanu out here dodging bullets: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-7125331/Fans-notice-Keanu-Reeves-rarely-touches-women-takes-photos-with.html?ico=amp-comments-viewall#article-7125331 "Fuckouttahere hos!"
  7. Oh gawd what did Famke do to her face?! Sometimes aging gracefully is the better decision. It's better to look middle aged than a 35 year old lizard person.
  8. Back in the 90s I always thought Ving Rhames would've been a great Panthro if they decided to make a live action Thundercat movie.
  9. This reminds me of this pasty, pencil-neck, Xtian white kid I met at church meeting who went to Venezuela on a mission trip and "converted" and married a girl there that happened to look like a freakin' Miss World contestant. I was floored when she sat next to him. Like this level of hotness: He was extolling the virtues of his expedition to save souls and thanking God for his "blessings" with a shit-eating grin on his face. The mofo looked like a character from The Wild Thornberrys and knew he got her pretty ass locked down with religious guilt x green card combo.
  10. Well I've watched some hilarious videos with incels and they apparently put each other in subcategories. You have "mentalcels" who are mostly average and sometimes above-average dudes who can't get laid because of mental issues or anxiety disorders, this is probably the largest group. Manletcels are those who are below 5'6" who can't get laid because even short chicks want a tall guy so they don't have midget kids. Uglycels are those with real deformations or injuries that turn women off. Fatcels is self-explanatory. Apart from uglycels and manletcels most of their issues they can change, but I think a part of them get off on the collective depression.
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