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  1. @DangerousJ I thought you might get a laugh out of this. This reminds me of something. When I was in high school I volunteered at a local hospital for a year to pad my college resume and every time I got dropped off, I saw a plume of smoke at the back with a bunch of doctors huddled up smoking. It always confused me at how many doctors smoke. When do they have time to pick up such a bad habit? During residency? It's hilarious how many times doctors have said "I hope you're not smoking" and prattle on about the dangers, talk about hypocrisy. Lol.
  2. I really hope this fight gets the Katakuri vs Snake Man Luffy treatment by Toei. Rengoku Onigiri!
  3. I mean people deserve to be angry about the situation, even if lowkey everyone knew what's going on, when you see actual names and face it gets real. These rich and successful parents already gave their kids huge leg up in life by proxy and now they use those advantages to twist the inequality knife even further in our collective guts. We claim America s a meritocracy when a C average party boy with drug and alcohol abuse problems managed not only to get into Yale but reach the highest seat of office in the land. It's a all a joke, and we're on the butt end of it.
  4. I'm more of a Isla Fisher kinda guy tbh, but she's cute. A voluptuous cutie I stumbled upon. Rita Kanaeva And (surprisingly) this is her boyfriend: The smile says it all...
  5. @MillionX That season finale for The Passage was some crazy ish. It's like they jumped 5 seasons in 2 episodes. The last 10 minutes had me like...
  6. I think the speed and craziness of SRK discord was what brought a lot of people back to OG SRK, at least it was for me. Too much scrolling up and randomly switching convos for my taste.
  7. You should really check out the anime series if you haven't already, it's zany and super shonen. In other news lol...
  8. I like all the F&F films actually. Once you realize that you just have to turn your brain off and “enjoy the ride”, the films become a lot more enjoyable.
  9. Yeah I read about this a while back. Ironically it's pretty popular with girls in Scandinavian countries aka Hitler's wet dream.
  10. At least they didn't go the brownface route like they did in Prince of Persia. Then again in this political climate I don't think they had much of a choice...
  11. To say the daughter from My Wife & Kids blossomed is an understatement. Swiggity Swoogity.
  12. Super-belated Happy Birthday Brosephus. X-mas Birthday at that.
  13. Yup. In the realm of attractive women you have the standard seductive Olivia Wilde types, the voluptuous Sofia Vergara types, and the classic girl-next-door cutesie types. Milana somehow manages to take a bit from all three categories like some kind of quantum paradox. Honestly, although throughout the years I've drolled on about various hot chicks, I think she'd pretty much be it for me IRL preference~wise.
  14. Milana Vayntrub is like the perfect combination of sexy and cute, which is my ultimate weakness.
  15. I think a good example of a show that had both excellent voice actors on both sides was Death Note, the American and Japanese VAs were pretty much perfect for every character, especially Kira and L.
  16. Back in high school I always hated when weabs got all annoyed when I said I preferred the English dubbed Goku over the shrill, 45 yo Japanese VA Goku whose balls never dropped (no offense to the JP VA, she fit kid Goku just fine but c'mon) or Steve Blum's Spike Spiegel. It's like they forget that the entire design of Cowboy Bebop is based almost entirely on American pop culture and spaghetti westerns; why the hell would an American voice actor not be perfect for the role?
  17. @DangerousJ What do you feel about this? https://www.google.rs/amp/s/www.dailystar.co.uk/showbiz-tv/hot-tv/660272/simpsons-apu-ban-racist-stereotype-india-shopkeeper/amp The shopkeeper is branded an Indian stereotype in a documentary about the cartoon character. Campaigners are upset about his cliched “immigrant” job, “thank you, come again” catchphrase and nearly unpronounceable surname of Nahasapeemapetilon. ___________________________ Its funny because unlike many other "white" Simpsons characters, he's largely had positive connotations surrounding his character. A ladies man, hardworking, and loyal to his friends. But apparently an immigrant who owns his own business and speaks in an accent is so unheard of and discriminatory...
  18. Yup, Janina Gavankar so good. There's hot, and there's " got in a fender bender 'cause you were studying her every frame of motion" hot. She's obviously the latter. Oh and in other news, although it had it moments Venom was a friggin' mess of a film...
  19. I know the character designs for one piece are an acquired taste, especially early on in the series, but some designs are actually cool. Mihawk Zoro Katakuri And some Nami/ Robin fanservice As for horrible designs... Infinite Man Immortus Karnak Ball cap era Cyclops
  20. Capcom is really banking on nostalgia to get back into our good graces, but I gotta admit, it's working:
  21. I don't mind form fitting costumes but when the design becomes asynchronous with the actual character model I think it becomes an issue when deciphering spacing. I don't think it matters as much in Tekken due to the perspective and aspect ratio.
  22. I know most of you are already apathetic towards SFV but man, some of these costumes are completely distracting competitively. How the hell is Airman Rashid, Plush Blanka and semi-invisible Mummy Dhalsim tournament legal? The hitboxes are so ambiguous with these costumes I'd be infuriated having to deal with that BS on a tournament level.
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