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  1. I haven't heard the best things about Black Desert but, yeah, the combat does have me interested in giving it a whirl regardless.
  2. I'm enjoying Devil May Cry 5 so far but Nero's haircut and Dante's old man look have not grown on me.
  3. I noticed it sounded different when I got to the Zaphias sewers but I wasn't positive.
  4. Does that mean I was right in thinking some of Yuri's lines in the Definitive Editiin are new and not Troy Baker? 'Cause I've had that feeling a couple times so far.
  5. They need a dose of the good ol' NGE+Akira=Instant Depression recipe to toughen them up. With Ninja Scroll for desert.
  6. I'm sentimental about Captain N for childhood nostalgia reasons but, damn, poor Simon, Mega Man, and Kid Icarus
  7. Nice work on that custom Mika, DR. I am in love with Soul Calibur VI. Between this and Smash Ultimate coming out soon, I think my time with SFV is coming to an end. I'm ready to move on anyway.
  8. 1) Cheesecake (Plain) 2) Pecan Pie 3) Banana Pudding w/ Nilla Wafers 4) Reese's Cups 5) Pecan Pralines
  9. Picked up Nier Automata yesterday for Xbox. I am in love with this game.
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