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  1. I've been pondering over pre-ordering Fans Toys Quietus. On one hand, I hate the repaint practice but, on the other, I passed on him and Sovereign the first time and kind of regret it. My guess is they'll probably do a repaint of Sovereign next, who is extremely hard to come across now.
  2. Wait, this isn't Vanilla anymore? What is it? Edit: Read the dev log. Haha, I legit thought you just customized/modded the shit out of Vanilla until it was no longer recognizable as such.
  3. I never understood why this forum didn't become "The new SRK". It is superior in every way to that discourse garbage. I'll be the first to admit that I hated Vanilla forums when it was on shoryuken.com, but misterbee certainly found a way to make it very appealing here. But hey, what's in a name.
  4. X is not my favorite FF, but I do think the story is one of the best in the series. I've actually still never played X-2. No sure if I will this time or not.
  5. I've been playing a couple of old games on Switch. Darksiders: Warmastered Edition - I can't believe I've ignored this series for as long as I have. I've looked at it before and thought I would enjoy it as it's basically a mix of Zelda and Prince of Persia (also reminds me of Legacy of Kain fairy often) but I never knew I would get into it as much as I am right now. I seriously like this game and the Switch port seems pretty solid. Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD - I played this game 3 or 4 times back on the PS2. I picked up the PS3 HD release but sadly never got around to touching it. The Switch version caught my attention, however. Being able to play this hybrid was too tempting. There's also the fact that I love the Pro Controller. Going from the PS2 version to this is a shocking difference. From what I've seen, it looks pretty much identical to the PS4 version. It's a shame they didn't make use of the HD rumble or add anything other than touchscreen healing between battles, but it's fine.
  6. I might actually buy that Soundwave if I can scrap off the battle damage.
  7. @Darc_Requiem I pretty much feel the same way about MMO's nowadays, but every now and then one intrigues me. I still haven't tried Black Desert yet, though. Cuphead on Switch id godlike. I already own it on but I'll be glad to get a physical copy. Good on Microsoft! Picked up Sekiro. Game wastes no time getting hard as balls. I like that.
  8. I haven't heard the best things about Black Desert but, yeah, the combat does have me interested in giving it a whirl regardless.
  9. I'm enjoying Devil May Cry 5 so far but Nero's haircut and Dante's old man look have not grown on me.
  10. I noticed it sounded different when I got to the Zaphias sewers but I wasn't positive.
  11. Does that mean I was right in thinking some of Yuri's lines in the Definitive Editiin are new and not Troy Baker? 'Cause I've had that feeling a couple times so far.
  12. They need a dose of the good ol' NGE+Akira=Instant Depression recipe to toughen them up. With Ninja Scroll for desert.
  13. I'm sentimental about Captain N for childhood nostalgia reasons but, damn, poor Simon, Mega Man, and Kid Icarus
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