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  1. But wouldn't truly ascending past your flaws mean that you are no longer human? Accepting your flaws and coping with them is one thing for the simple fact that the flaws are still there. Wouldn't losing all those things that make you imperfect put you on a higher level than humanity (thus, becoming something that isn't human)?
  2. God, this could go on and on like a cereal topic... Family Feud is solid, but there are some other real winners. Minute to Win It was good. There was one that I remember called 'I Survived A Japanese Game Show" that was more of a reality show, but it had a game show in it, so I count it. It was a bunch of white folks that got shipped off to Japan by ABC and got put on a game show. It was fine.
  3. I'm not super new, I was active as hell on the old SRK for 3 years, then I kinda fell off.
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