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  1. I would've preferred a Saturn controller. The shoulder buttons let you use it with a wider range of systems.
  2. misterBee

    The Marvel Movie/TV Thread

    I haven't even seen Black Panther yet.
  3. misterBee

    The Street Fighter V Thread

    Hey you know what our evil criminal organization needs? Areas where people speak different languages for no reason! That way different parts of the organization won't understand each other, and everyone will be unable to work together! HAHA!
  4. misterBee

    The Street Fighter V Thread

    Shortcut buttons are the devil. I only build six button sticks. Eight button sticks are monstrosities and deserve no love.
  5. misterBee

    The Street Fighter V Thread

    Trying to sway me to the dark side???
  6. misterBee

    The SRK2 Saloon Thread

    The 'lawd' emote is a Twitch subscriber emote. I can't use it. =( On the other hand we have the full Twitter set now, so that's good.
  7. misterBee

    srk2 Dev Log

    4/25/18: Forum upgraded to newer version once again. You should now have access to the FULL emoji set used by Twitter/Whatsapp/etc! Custom ones to follow soon.
  8. misterBee

    The UNIEL Thread(st)

    Heh sorry I haven't been as active in this thread lately. PM me if you wanna play this weekend!
  9. misterBee

    Yakuza Series - Ryu Ga Gotoku Discussion thread

  10. Trapped in God of War vortex. I have responsibilities but I can't stop. Please send help.
  11. misterBee

    The SRK2 Saloon Thread

    I use Facebook because it's the best way to keep in touch with friends and family. Especially since I lived in Hong Kong for 6 years and it was the main way to communicate to anyone in the US for me. I use Twitter because that's the most current/best network to use to reach people. I use Instagram to post photos and art. All my instagram stuff is mirrored on Twitter and FB. If you want to have exposure/show works to other people besides your immediate friends and family, social network presence isn't optional - it's a must.
  12. misterBee

    The Street Fighter V Thread

    I noticed in her story mode cutscene she has no pants. That is all. n_n
  13. misterBee

    The Marvel Movie/TV Thread

    I don't think it matters. I wouldn't want them to try to explain how Spider-man went to an alien planet and picked up the symbiote. It's a gooey black thing and I don't really care where it comes from. The idea that they were aliens in the first place was always a bit corny to me anyway.
  14. misterBee

    The SRK2 Saloon Thread

    New Venom looks pretty good!
  15. misterBee

    Knight Club - A Game I Made

    Awesome! =D
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