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  1. Nah I didn't miss the Dreamcast. I have one and used it a lot. But Dreamcast's only form of copyright protection was that the discs were a custom format (GD-ROM) which wasn't readable by computers. That worked up until someone figured out how to hook a Dreamcast up to a computer and use the Dreamcast itself as a drive. Because there was no software copy protection, that meant that once the games were ripped, they could be burned to normal CD-Rs and then played in consoles with 0 modifications required. Anyone with a CD burner basically had free games. I had binders filled with Dreamcast games, all burned on CD-R. Agetec stick isn't that big. Just has a large gap in between buttons and stick. Size-wise it's actually smaller than most sticks today. Always wanted one... @Angel Soul Eater avatars? In 2019?
  2. Yeah that's server stuff. Hopefully it clears up soon, if it hasn't already. Your tinfoil hat game is mad strong. I'm excited to play Gears 5 but I still haven't played 4. It's in my queue still...
  3. I have never owned a real Dreamcast game. Gonna put a GDEMU in mine eventually so at this point I possibly never will. ._.
  4. Xbox Live was having issues this weekend I think. Doubt it has anything to do with the game.
  5. I was thinking about getting it but the more I read the less hype I get about it.
  6. Ghost in the Shell. Cowboy Bebop is ok too I guess.
  7. Pretty sure it's 'firsthand' or 'first-hand' actually. Editor messed up.
  8. @Deadly_Raver One of my main points is that you CAN'T just slap what happened in America with #MeToo and broadly apply it to another country/hemisphere that is different both ethnically and culturally. Regardless of what you think about #MeToo, you can't just assume that what happens in one place will happen the same in another place that has completely different circumstances. Even if it is the worst case scenario and a lot of things somehow go wrong, this, like #MeToo, is a step that needs to be taken anyway. Japan is one of the most male-oriented places around. You can make a stand against the hypothetical wave of false accusations that will rock the country from rubber stamps, but something still has to be done. You've got all-women cars, anti-groping signs, a public that knows this type of thing happens...and it still happens. If stamps is the next thing they gotta try, then maybe they should. For all the problems that may or may not have occurred because of #MeToo, it still exposed a massive issue with sexual abuse and harassment that would not have been uncovered and addressed otherwise. A few people have found a way to abuse it, but it still did what it was supposed to, and I think society has become a little better off because of it. Not wanting to try things because of all the things that could wrong is like trying to avoid rocking the boat, but even if the boat is already sinking on its own. Nothing is ever going to go smoothly, and it's not like Japanese people are super law-abiding angels. But just sitting around doing nothing is gonna do even less. I see where you're coming from, but you're aiming at the dark future when the present hasn't even happened yet. There are videos online of schoolgirls chasing after businessmen who have groped them on the train. If stamps can kill this kind of thing in the short-term then I think they should still go for it. If what you say is true and this just makes men want to have a separate car from women...well ok. We've got separate bathrooms for men and women too. Not exactly a huge problem. In fact segregation of train cars would probably solve all these groping problems completely if it was feasible. Not really a negative at all. I truly understand your fear of misuse, but it's not like other things haven't been tried already, and just leaving things as they are isn't going to help either. Anyway thanks for taking the time to read my stuff and put your own thoughts out there clearly.
  9. It goes both ways. For the same reason why something like a hand stamp is a deterrent, it is at the same time trusted that people will use them properly. Yes, there are always going to be cases of people framing others. People aren't perfect. But in places where societal responsibility is a thing and everyone isn't only looking out for themselves, you can actually for the most part expect people to be responsible. This isn't about shaming men. Japan has a huge groping problem and it sure as hell isn't the women who are starting it. They've got all-female train cars and women are desperately trying to get into those whenever they can. If they had enough all-female cars for these women to escape to they wouldn't need stamps at all. Everything has the chance to be abused, but some societies and cultures tend to be a little bit better about things than others. I've lived in places where trash on the ground and jaywalking don't exist. You tell someone to wait at a crosswalk or not litter in NYC and you'll get laughed at. Some places care more about following the rules and doing things for the greater good than others. American culture has thrived on and adores individualism, but the side effects are that everyone is really only looking out for themselves. Sure we'll make sacrifices for society as a whole, but nothing like people in other cultures will. Things that we assume would be instantly abused here might not be abused at all, or significantly less, in other places.
  10. You've never lived in east Asia before. Now this obviously isn't true for everyone, but in eastern (and sometimes southeastern) Asian countries people are generally more concerned with how society sees them. In Singapore when you don't pay your debts moneylenders will hire gangsters to paint graffiti on the door of your home and take out billboards with your ID card letting it be known that you're a scumbag that doesn't pay your debts. This method wouldn't work in the west but there it totally works. In this case, the very idea that you could be identified as a sexual harasser is already a big deterrent, and one that will put off some offenders. Sure it won't stop them all, but more than you think. Cultures that emphasize peoples' roles in society rather than individualism will have different approaches to things. There have been Japanese actors who were caught taking drugs and then simply DELETED from existence. All their albums were no longer on sale, all media with them in it stopped being distributed, and people no longer mentioned them. This happened to two different actors who made appearances in Yakuza games -- new versions of the games were made with these people EDITED OUT. Extra time, money, and effort were spent on already released products simply to remove likenesses of shameful people. Reputation is a big deal and nobody is fucking around. You do something bad and nobody is going to even want to mention your name. TLDR: People in Asia more likely to have shame. People in the US walking around with their asses out in Walmart.
  11. I'm playing it now too. I liked Nier: Automata better but it's still fun! Way more detective stuff than I thought, which is fine because I liked those parts of Batman/LA Noire. So far the mysteries are relatively simple though -- I hope later in the game they become more complex.
  12. I'm just teasing but Kancolle was the hot shit a few years back and I was just never that into it. For a while you couldn't escape them no matter where you looked. Girls named after historical battleships wearing bits of guns on their bodies. Came from a mobile game and turned into a massive multimedia franchise.
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