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  1. I've always thought Star Wars and Star Wars lore sucked. I like all the new Disney stuff. They can do whatever they want I wouldn't mind.
  2. In the UK they don't reveal shooters' names so that others aren't inspired to use shootings as some kind of platform. These people are cowards who want to spread their shitty irrelevant messages and then off themselves so they can escape punishment.
  3. Tekken got balance changes + new moves for every character, and UNIST is getting a new version of the game. SF really just seemed like the odd one out.
  4. I just found them underwhelming in general. Almost every game announced a new season with new chars AND mechanics. SF pulled out 3 characters after being silent for months. They said they were going to do something different this year, but it's the same stuff as last year but this time delayed. Just seems a bit underwhelming.
  5. SFV reveals were trash compared to the reveals for every other game.
  6. They finally got around to putting this one on TV huh? You're in for a wild ride. I bet CN censors it though...
  7. I don't know what this is about, didn't watch the video, and don't follow Rooster Teeth stuff... But a quick jump to their channel shows they have over 9 million subscribers. I don't think 20,000 matters at all.
  8. I like Lucia's old look a lot better. This new getup makes her look too much like Sonya Blade.
  9. 7/30/19: Forum software update
  10. Just finished watching The Boys. Shit was tight. Takes place in a world where superheroes are corporate-owned and definitely NOT working in the public interest. Costumes could be better but everything else about it is top notch. You guys should check it out!
  11. Hope it's good. I may get the improved battery-life Switch next month. If I do I'll be keeping it docked the whole time though...
  12. Idk man. It's 2019 and there are some things people probably shouldn't say. Sometimes people go overboard, but sometimes it's justified too. I get what this guy is trying to do but it also comes across as pretty whiny to me. What is considered acceptable by society changes over time - it's just how things are.
  13. The arsonist said he did it because they 'stole his novel'. Shit is wild and messed up.
  14. Late to the game but finally got around to watching Inuyashiki. Shit was tight. Also Shield Hero was trash. What a disappointment. It's even worse than Slime was.
  15. Third party toys are where all the cool stuff is at.
  16. Pubg is still the most popular game BY FAR in many countries. Fortnite and other replacements are really only an American thing.
  17. Pffft no thx. Never going back to the old days. I'm happy to drown in good games.
  18. Nice. Planning to sink some time into that game as well - but right now I'm playing FFXIV... I expect it'll keep me busy for some time.
  19. DON'T MESS WITH ME That said I wouldn't be surprised if English is STILL the main language for the Witcher game. If I'm wrong I'll play it in Polish.
  20. Games are clearly designed with certain languages in mind. Metal Gear games are Japanese-made but the English dubbing is actually done first and is the priority. Mocap and character animation are all based around the English voiceover. Similarly, European-made games are made with a global audience in mind and English is the main language focus, with translation to other languages done after. As an example, Ghost Recon: Breakpoint is clearly made with English as the main audio language - French dub is going to be done afterwards. Mocap and main performance are going to be done in English first. Where a game is made doesn't necessarily determine the language that is the main focus of the developer. Hey if you want to listen to stuff in a language of your choice that's cool. I just like sticking with the 'intended' or 'main' language.
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