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  1. Please try to keep the booty in the hot girl thread. Don't want all these threads to start blending together. Thx.
  2. I am now playing KOF2002 hardcore. Training every day. SOMEBODY COME FIGHT ME.
  3. Seems ok to me. It's not like the character this is based on was top tier to begin with. Could be good -- keep an open mind!
  4. I thought it was ok. Should wait and see before passing judgement.
  5. I feel like most people don't. Million is a walking streamer encyclopedia. No harm has ever been done by having something safely inside a spoiler tag. Just do that all the time.
  6. Million should just start a tabloid.
  7. Been busy with some projects, but I'll test you again later this week.
  8. 5/6/19: Forum theme fixes (why didn't anyone mention that thread page links were weird on mobile?!) Site re-branding happening this weekend or next week. Emoji shortcuts are back.
  9. Does Reiner belong on the list? He's a bad guy...but he's not a BAD guy. They don't have to be an isekai but I'm sick of seeing anime where they do the guild/adventurer/quest thing. It's a lazy way to make characters go on adventures/interact with each other without having to put any effort into it. Adventurer guilds are the fantasy version of high-schools. They're lazy constructs that were interesting once but used as a crutch now. Grimgar Goblin Slayer Danmachi Konosuba Isekai Maou Those are just off the top of my head and from the past 2 years. Once you replace 'adventurer guild' with 'I played a western RPG once/saw LOTR' generic fantasy the number of entries on the list multiplies exponentially. You can't do high-school dramas as well with isekai so the new hotness is bland western-style stuff/vaguely MMO-ish things. Not all the shows are bad (some of them are great) but a lot of them are just rehashing the same thing. Why come up with a new concept or setting when you can just do the same generic fantasy thing and put new girls in?
  10. I think the 'slow' half is what makes the movie really great. Lots of people just say they want the end part but without the first half you don't really appreciate or understand the stakes. Some of the most important character building moments and resolution of characters' arcs happen in the first half. Never underestimate the importance of a good build-up!
  11. I don't get the hard-ons ppl have for 'cartridge' consoles. Modern cartridges are just SD cards. They don't have any of the advantages that old school cartridges did. Gamers with nostalgia and no understanding of the tech getting excited for no reason. HANDHELD CONSOLE USING SD CARDS isn't exactly exciting...
  12. I'm not even going to watch that. Here's my process for HOW TO AVOID SPOILERS: 1) Watch the movie I should make a youtube vid.
  13. Ugh ikr. That's a sick animation though.
  14. Doesn't matter. Anything that's not SRK2. Let your imagination run wild.
  15. It is time to rebrand my friends. Head over to the SRK2 REBRANDING THREAD and post some ideas.
  16. It is time to rebrand. I've been putting it off for months. Please post your sick/stupid/funny names for the site here. In a week or two I'll make a new logo and buy a new domain name. BEGIN!
  17. 4/24/19: Forum software update It's time to REBRAND! Submit name ideas here.
  18. Naw man. I used to DM, so I get the references -- I just don't think it's that great. The DnD-style adventurer/guild thing in anime has been done to death already at this point, and I think it's just been done better elsewhere. This show is still the standard for serious DnD isekai!
  19. I didn't think MK's story was pushing some kind of 'girl power' thing. I watched MK9 and MK10 story modes before I played MK11 and this is honestly just the natural continuation. I liked story mode quite a lot actually.
  20. Darksiders is quite good. I remember having a lot of fun with that when it first came out. FFX/FFX-2...meh. They're good games but def not my favorites.
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