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  1. This may be the first MK game I ever buy. Time will tell if I hate it though. I've hated damn near every one.
  2. @Deadly_Raver @MillionX Just as a heads up, if you guys want @ mentions to send notifications, you have to make sure they show up as a link like the ones above. Type '@', start typing the person's name, and then CLICK their name from the list. If you just type out a name without selecting it from the list, it won't turn into a true @ mention. I've edited your posts just in case that's what you wanted.
  3. Is it not saving your preference anymore? It's still working here for me.
  4. It's been on PC for a long time and I have some friends who really like it. I'd play it on PC if it at all possible.
  5. That's too bad. Even back then I thought the show was super ugly, but I always thought the story was pretty good. Then the rat grew wheels and it got weird...
  6. I was never into Megas XLR to be honest...
  7. Playing FGs on Switch. smh This game already exists. Most Super Sentai is for children so console games are not common. Children tend to play mobile games. This type of multi-series crossover/musou game already exists for Kamen Rider too:
  8. More proof that Taco Bell is the best.
  9. I'd like to get the game but I've got too much else on my plate. I'll get to DMC5 eventually...
  10. This game is looking pretty neat. I'll play it.
  11. I'm guessing @DangerousJ knows about this?
  12. I'm sure the reason 3DS DOA has such a deep story mode is because you're not going to be playing it with anyone else. I've had it for a while but never checked it out -- I'll look into it now.
  13. This, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call BAD TASTE.
  14. Alright. I'll trust you and get it. DON'T LET ME DOWN.
  15. Yeah it was dead for a little bit but then came back to life.
  16. This subforum is dead but it won't stop me from posting my projects. https://misterbee.me/home/modding-a-360-controller
  17. I kind of want to buy the Topeam Optimus/Convoy model kit. You can make it look quite good: Some finished ones that look quite nice:
  18. Frosted Mini-Wheats. THE KING.
  19. Embedding still works fine. Make sure you're copying the URL as plain text.
  20. I fixed it. Please @ me when reporting bugs so that I can get them fixed ASAP! DangerousJ uses mobile. It was a mobile bug.
  21. Dissidia NT coming to PC! https://store.steampowered.com/app/921590/DISSIDIA_FINAL_FANTASY_NT_Free_Edition/ Hype!
  22. BEHOLD! You have all been given the gift of WIDTH!
  23. 2/28/19: Forum software upgrade Theme bug fixes/tweaks
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