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  1. Oh snap. Man, despite the orgasms it would give me, I hope this ISN'T true. Still, if it IS true............... Watching the Rat get clapped like this. I only feel bad for those innocents getting hurt. If you think their vid is going in on Disney, Go check out Jeremy. He's having fun with this.
  2. If they fuck it up, I'll be making that face for real.
  3. we couldn't even make it 24 hours without a twist could we? Okay Mattel. You can fuck this up if you want to. Know that the money has NOT come out my pocket yet and if you don't do it right, the money will NOT come out.
  4. meh. Deactivated PSVue and therefore all TV, but I did watch DBS via Kissanime and now using Crunchyroll. Still got a few weeks to go before bug face gets his, but rabbit boy finally bites the dust. I'm a bit disappointed though. Gohan never even went SSJ through the whole fight and it's the battle for the universe? Failure Gohan. Failure.
  5. lol. So they screwed up She Ra so badly that Mattel was like," Aw HELL NAW. You won't be doing that with He Man. WE'LL take care of this." Hopefully it'll be good. If i hear enough praise, I'll even pick up Netflix long enough to binge watch it...................if it comes out that is.
  6. We need a little Oldschool here for our Sunday. This one should do the job for everybody.
  7. As luck would have it, I found another one taken in that view I love. Enjoy. Did I say one? I meant two. Enjoy the view. Again. For those who are going to ask, her name is Alexis Ren.
  8. I think the pooch is correct. This sounds like a bad idea.
  9. You done went an put the jinx on it man. Next thing we know, Jax is being played by Robert Downey Jr. and shit.
  10. A feminist said WHAT!?!?!? Spits coffee through the monitor.
  11. meh. Win 7's latest update was being a REAL pain in the ass. Well, it apparently never updated and it kept resetting. Screw it. Probably time to upgrade anyways. ALSO: they've all been listening and recording you. https://www.bitchute.com/video/pmGgcQpJvHE/?list=notifications&randomize=false
  12. lol. Tim just can't seem to admit that Trump Derangement Syndrome is real. Still, this is a good vid and hopefully spreading it will help him and others.
  13. one mo' gin, I re-introduce you to................................BFF. This time it has nothing to do with skinny white girls obsessing over selfies.
  14. Disney: "Oh dear. There's no way this can get worse." Murphy's Law: "Hi there. I don't think we've met." Basically, the Rat is running out of cheese and it looks like they've gone from desperate to fear. Maybe they are finally realizing that they shouldn't keep insulting their fans? I really hope they can get their magic back, but do not doubt that I will channel the spirit of Charlton Heston and laugh like a madman if they fail.
  15. Oooooooooooooh. looks like somebody ELSE needs to get put on a lawsuit for defamation. I'm still waiting for them to get Marzgurls' stupid looking ass and tie her arms in a knot over her mouth, but I'm sure that's just me. @MillionX: Here's another one from Yesterday. True or false? men, have at it.
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