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  1. ................and that's how my Monday started.
  2. *The site:* "man, sometimes my Sundays just aren't weird enough." *Me:* ".....And that's my cue."
  3. well, looks like HxH is ending for now and will be replaced with my hot bot on bot action, better known as Gundam. Why the hell are they putting it on at 2 am though? It's a new f'ing show!!
  4. LMFAO!! Man, SAO has REALLY dialed it up huh? The pontifex is all kinda messed up. I'm a little surprised they actually left it in with all the censorship going on.
  5. I might be a monster for this, but I HAVE to do it. This one's for the mom!............... This here show man. All the suspense that I love......................plus that ending swerve.
  6. damn I wish this thing would quit putting in my previous post every time I want to reply to something. Not sure why that's happening, but everytime I hit the reply to this topic button.................. Anyways, here's some more stuff to laugh at. Truly, there is no limits to the evil that is possible online.
  7. Man, I cannot STAND that damn Cart Titan. I hate its face, I hate its voice, I hate its design, I hate the shadow it makes, I hate the paper it was drawn on, I hate the pencils they used to draw it............................... Truth be told, I ain't got no love for the damn thing. I'm just sayin. Man, that sneak move by Erin and Armin. Now that is how you pull a sacrifice move. Bertoldt, you big dummy.
  8. *Goku:* "I'll finish it with the next attack." *Kefla:* "What? I'LL KILL YOU!!!!" *Goku:* "Oh this bitch don't know. HIT THE MUSIC!"
  9. DB Super: Kinda got in late tonight because I was playing Bloodstained. I have to admit, this game is bringing the 2D back. Yep. Goku's got the silvermane back and kefla.........kefla's got abs.................and SSJ2. Remember when they said the ring was made of some sort of indestructible material? as the old saying goes,"That post didn't age well." heh. Well, here's hoping the fight gets on and go nuclear fast. Gotta save some for bug face.
  10. Gen X I can let slide. The "X" part at least denotes mystery. Yeah, "Y" and "Z" is just as well as saying,"I couldn't think of anything else and I ran out of time, sooo......." On things that had BETTER not happen during MY lifetime...................... So, they want to put the WORST possible choice in the role of the BEST female videogame character? NO. ALL NO.
  11. yes. I love how old Metroplex barely comes up to the new Metroplex's knees. Looks like he's trying to get his baby boy to walk.
  12. Holy Mother of GOD!! Twice!?!?!?!?!? Man, this some real booshyt right hur. How the hell you're gonna have a so-called,"Real Job" that is worse than my time in the military? Sure, we were under contract and considered to be "On duty" 24 hours a day, but yo. we really didn't have it all that bad. We weren't really THERE for 12 hours huffing and puffing every second and we were getting paid no matter how little the pay was considered to be. They were working for NOTHING. Pretty much slavery because if they had left "they would never work in this town again!!" Yeah. Nobody bothered telling them about THIS part of the job.
  13. man, that was some ol' booshyt ending for the first thunderbird. I mean, my man Nightcrawler went straight up dead stick on him. "I know I could teleport up there, but nah." I guess charles' brain was scared of heights or something since he could've just zapped either thunderbird or the count. Speaking of which, I can't let the count off the hook either. Yo. you snagged a harrier as your getaway car? Nah bro. Nah. Can't even hit Mach 1 in that and the X-Men have a damn BLACKBIRD with missiles. Also, you could've just done a barrel roll. For real. In even STRANGER news: They...................He...........took..............responsibility?!?!?!?!?!?
  14. Will do. *Slides a six pack of pizza with the words,"Mega Shock" written on top of the box in chrome and neon font.* I'm not trying to influence your decision...............unless it's working.
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