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  1. Funny enough I just saw this. For real. If you haven't already seen it, I won't spoil Jax's ending. This and many other reasons are why I won't buy the game. The main reason being that I'm just cheap as hell and really don't even play as often as I used to. These companies are going to have to go back to making games, not agendas. Otherwise I'll be finding someone to repair the PS1 so that I can get down with the authentic experience once again.
  2. I don't know how I ended up in this corner of the internet again, so I'm going to inflict it on all of you.
  3. I saw that. Just when you think they can't be even more disgusting, some shit like that happens. He seems to be taking it far better than I would. These assholes need to get jail time. Sued is good, but they need time behind bars to go with it.
  4. sorry folks. My power was out during this week's viewing. Just go watch it and do your thing.
  5. @Angel and @Darc_Requiem It's way worse than you may think. I've been watching Nick Rekieta of Rekieta Law on YouTube who has been following it from the start and giving us a lawyer's view into the current battle between Vic and the KicVic crowd. From the looks of things, He (Vic) May have a pretty airtight case and thanks to the power of the internet, go fund me, and a lot of people who are sick and tired of the BS from SJW types, he also has a damn good lawyer in the form of one Ty Beard. Some of the updates have been BAD for the KickVic crowd. In particular, something called Tortious interference has come up and it looks like Vic has a VERY strong case there. TL;DR Here. https://www.legalmatch.com/law-library/article/interference-with-business-relations.html If that isn't enough, it seems that Toei entertainment, the people responsible for the Dragonball series, are starting to take notice of what's happening here in America. Right now the names Darc_requiem mentioned are the ones on the lawsuit, but we have reason to believe that it's the first lawsuit and not the ONLY one. I'm taking bets on who will be in the next round...................*COUGH*Marzgurl, ANN, Schemmel and Sabat............*COUGH* It's funny. Neither Piccolo nor Gohan have arrived to help save the Z fighters this time. You may have to get used to new voice actors and actresses in the near future. The current ones may not survive the wrath of Broly.
  6. What in the.............. For real yo. This was FAR better than I thought it would be. EDIT: I found something worse. Nightmarishly worse. When the music goes from 8 bit to Goa, I know there's about to be some problems.
  7. ah. No worries then. The O man does get a bit flavorful in the language, but it usually isn't about any one talking point. It won't always be the same thing, but the major thing he does is call out women, mainly black women, on their bullshit. Racism hasn't popped up yet, but I'm sure that topic will get ts ass beat when and if the time calls for it. Mainly, it's a podcast that I actually like enough to spread the word about. He gets on at 8am central usually from Mondays to Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are as needed or weather permitting. Anyone who has some time, give it a listen and see if you like it. If so, a thumb's up is most appreciated, and a sub is even moreso.
  8. On today's episode of,"Didn't think that plan all the way through did you?"
  9. ?????????........................................................ ...................? Palpatine? ............No. No no no no no no no. I can't fap to that. Well, I guess if they had written the parts we now call cannon out (In particular, Anakin's past from 1 and 2) then we may get it. I would've loved to see how he would've pulled that off. Still, with the events of 4-6 staying as they are, I wouldn't be able to accept Palpatine being the big daddy now. I mean, his stepdaughter and grandkids somehow eluded his grasp for several decades despite him pretty much ruling the known galaxy. Your Grandson's a moisture farmer and your Granddaughter's a Princess of the Rebellion. Obviously, your son's an imbecile who couldn't force- feel his daughter whom he's been fighting against for years, but he figured Luke out during a fight? .................On second thought, I don't want to know anymore. I'm getting scurred. Gonna have to sleep with my lightsaber on tonight.
  10. Man, they're gonna fuck this movie right up the exhaust port. Between THAT possibility and the Other possible spoiler I've heard, just no. I don't even want to watch or hear about it. If they try to do what I've heard with Rey..........
  11. @misterBee I'm dropping the link to this morning podcast here when I get it. Looks like my sleep/wake schedule has stabilized to the point that I'll actually be awake. If this is against anything, let me know and this will be the last one. As he likes to say, he is the voice of the everyday brother. In addition to speaking on preping, he is the main line against what he refers to as, Black Female Fuckery. Check it out folks. You'll be glad you did.
  12. man I never saw that ironhide as a kid. I am now VERY grateful. that looks like something my parents dug out of the fireplace after I did some shit that they told me not to do at least a thousand times.
  13. what's that? You say you want to hurt some feelings, but you don't know where to find the right words to do it? Don't you worry even a little bit. I know a man who specializes in destroying foolishness with facts, smashing ignorance with impierical data, and burning down the straw men and the losers who build them with Logic. I give to you, The one and only O man.
  14. lol. I may have stumbled across a new way to use the ASMR chicks. play them talking over whatever music I'm working on. A little motivation to continue never hurts.
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