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  1. LOL. I think me and the boys on the ship got the most fun out of beast wars, or to be more precise, Megatron's voice actor. OMFG. How do you go from a voice that sounded like rusted, robotic evil to that of a Englishman.................T Rex? And yes, we did that shit ALL the time, including me.
  2. Damn. HxH had to have a go at muh feelz didn't it? Why they keep hittin' me in muh feelz? ...................I'm NOT crying! Somebody threw tears in my face!!
  3. I'm still trying to soldier through the SAO show. It's...........................done something tonight. At least this latest twist feels better. Of course, I still don't know why he isn't feeding those two nosy chicks to the nearest tentacle monster, but of course there will be reasons that they will completely go around and in the end will screw up the whole project. Bet on it.
  4. Nah. They never wrote it in at least as far as I know. At least they did animate the whole thing with Sasuke's baby as I call it. feels better animated IMO.
  5. Baruto: *Sasuke:*"Don't underestimate her. My wife's not weak." Man, I wonder how many times the voice actor had to say that before he could do it without breaking into fits of laughter.
  6. DBZ: LMAO. White knighting for the big bitch? LOL. Their story is going to have a most unhappy ending. One that they are NOT going to love.
  7. Wha? Thought you knew. Of course, I had been slacking off for years, but I thought I had at least posted a few back in old SRK. The one on the other page is what I've been able to scrape together with the new program. Here's an oldie but goodie. Now I'm wondering. Should I get an updated version of Photoshop? I did this one in Photopaint, but I no longer have that and I'm sure by now that photoshop is actually the better one.
  8. @misterBee Ah. I didn't know it wouldn't send without being pressed, but thankfully I usually hit that anyway unless it's a really short name. Oh man. Those LOADING screens. Getting warped to other people? Yeah I'd throw the controller right through the TV because I'll bet you diamonds to donuts that there are trolls who run all over the place JUST to make that happen...............and to piss off whomever they're playing with of course. Nope. I don't feel like making house calls. We could always luck out and they'll straighten up a lot of it like Warframe did, but I guess I'll sit back for now and just watch. Oh. Have you gone ALL day without seeing some hypocrite get OWNED!?!?!? I bring to you that ownage. Everybody say it with me now: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MY GOODNESS.
  9. @MillionX Did they manage to get rid of the bugs and HOPEFULLY listen to their fans? Removing what made people actually like the game? They could have screwed themselves with that dick move.
  10. @DangerousJ and @Angel Angel had the best guess, but DangerousJ is right for the most part. It's a charger for the pens that come with the Huion drawing tablet. still, when these things run out of,"Ink", they are every bit as problematic as the real thing. In bad news, my neighbor and long time good friend's cat had to be put down today. Feline AIDS. I knew it wasn't going to be good, but he took it hard. That cat was as much family to him as anyone in the bloodline. If anyone knows of anything that would be good for cheering someone up at a time like this, I'm all ears. Speaking of cheering up, I'm not gonna leave this post on a downer. It's Wednesday, so have a wacky waifu and a Longplay Video. "And how was YOUR work day?" and a trip back into memory lane. "You'll cowards don't even fight space monsters."
  11. meh. well, today has been mixed as far as mail goes. I got the new charger for my pens. Good because I was worried that they might be broke, which would cost WAY more than the charger. I got some patches for a psychedelic type jacket I've been working on. Unfortunately, two out of six weren't right so I'll have to wait for the replacements. Fortunately, I'm good friends with the owner of the shop who makes them, so boom. Free patches, free shipping and I MAY just have a way in for a new hustle. The weird part was the Mechanix M-Pact gloves I got. Now, the gloves themselves are good to go as I mainly bought them for looks more than anything and they look good. However, my problem is with the smell. I swear these things smell like they were last used in a sexual act that I am sure that I don't want to see. Thankfully, Febreeze + washing machine assist wins the day. With luck, the trenchcoat will arrive today and I can hopefully continue the project. Fingers crossed.
  12. LOL. I couldn't help it. "A true ninja hides his power until the time is right."
  13. They may not be getting away with it. I also hear there's a class action lawsuit going on. GOOD. I personally don't think College is worth it these days, but if someone has the will and the talent to go with it, let them go.
  14. LMFAO! Damn. That face you make when you realize the king is about to tear your head off and eat it............
  15. man, what's up with JoJo's? When they say bizarre adventure, they aren't kidding. Now it's an Alien? A shape shifter too? My man turned into a pair of knock off Air Aizens. I know this dice thing is going to go badly, but I am curious to see how.
  16. @MillionX lol. You beat me to it. man, they straight jacked SAO like,"Nobody's really watching anyways, so take a powder. From that point though, looks like they restarted Megalo Box after starting it early. Looks like a good chance to get some snacks ready. Glad to see this series make it to the screen. It's definitely worthy entertainment. EDIT: DAMN! What the hell? I Guess the integrated gear is REALLY a part of you. Pain so bad you have bad dreams...............even while you're awake. It's gonna be crazy when those two get in the ring ain't it?
  17. Naruto: Oh SHIET. THEY WENT THERE!!! THEY ACTUALLY DID IT!! Kishimoto you spectacular bastard. Oh man. The sasuke fangirls are clawing the walls in rage tonight!
  18. LOL@DBS. Jiren ain't got no love for hoes. I'll be surprised if this group makes it past tonight. EDIT: Meh. 2 got dropped and now the giant ladybug is mad. We'll see how well that works out for her next week.
  19. Is Doom..................Doomed? Here one man's opinion on the upcoming doom movie. I was done when I found out that BETHESDA...........Yeah, THAT bethesda..........Said NOPE. We don't want anything to do with it. For real tho. What are they doing? Next thing you know we'll have A Duke Nukem reboot with a female lead. This is my personal opinion, but I think the hollywood is full of Termites.
  20. yo. I don't think this is a photoshop.
  21. I knew he would snap sooner or later.
  22. A quick cheap laugh for your day.
  23. @DangerousJ I was just listening to that story in my favorite medium of choice. Here ya go: RICO statutes? Man, there's gonna be some heads rolling for this shit. Still, my heart is wounded. Aunt Becky? I USED TO FAP TO YOU!! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME!?!!?!?!?!?!?
  24. man, I'm trying to save dimes so that I can get a bigger place and you keep showing me this. .............Then again, that Omega set could be big enough to live in. Just gotta wire it up, probably put up a brick fence around it......... I'm...........I'm just thinking out loud!! I'm not gonna really do it! *Hides the plans in the all-concealing shadows.*
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