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  1. Abbachio

    The Return of.. Terribly Unpopular Opinions.

    I adore FF8 so it's nice to see more 8 love The Last of Us is more overrated than FF7 Daft Punk are also vastly overrated
  2. Abbachio

    Music General v1.1

    Fuck summer I want winter back
  3. Yeah I didn't watch the card but heard about that, absolutely disgusting. Their fighter's safety should come first not some carny level bullshit that they pulled. I'd hope they get reprimanded somehow but I doubt that'll happen.
  4. Abbachio

    Music General v1.1

    So there's Synthwave x Metal crossover album that's pretty cool. Bunch of Synth/Darkwave artists covering tracks from metal bands. Turns out a Synthwave band I know of covered one of my favourite Burzum tracks, one that's not actually black metal or even metal itself. Also new Immortal is filthy
  5. Gimme dat rumoured Demon's Souls Remake
  6. Abbachio

    Music General v1.1

    @DanZan That track is pretty bangin Time to get dark as fuck with the Ambient Black Metal band Darkspace
  7. I'm pretty sure there's a group working on an unofficial Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines remaster.
  8. Abbachio

    Music General v1.1

    What are you listening to? What are you looking forward to? Recommendations or rants? Well, post all your bullshit music related content in here*. *Unless it's VG music.
  9. Barboza got fucking wrekt, LW has always been an interesting division but I think it's the one that has my full attention right now. That may be because I can't wait for someone to completely embarrass Khabib on the feet though.
  10. Told you Khabib/Ferguson ain't happening
  11. This is like the third time the fight has been lined up? Only 2 weeks for one of them to get injured or miss weight :kappa:
  12. Not gonna lie it's a grind BUT~~ it's an easy as fuck grind. Basically kill mobs to spawn fates, kill fate bosses to gain loads of exp and crystals, get to level 18-20 and kill the main boss Pazuzu to get feathers. If you die and don't get rez'd within 10 minutes you lose a level. It took my GF about 3 days to get 2 Eureka Relics.
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