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  1. At 1:30 Cap and Optimus had a baby?
  2. Sorry to go off topic, but since this is Marvel related, I thought Id put it here. X-men Marvel Legends figures boxsets.. Release: December 2019 90's Jim Lee Cyclops,Jean, and Wolverine - $60 (Jean is a new figure. The others are slight modifications of toys released 2-3 years ago.The previous Cyclops ddnt have the jacket. That figure is rare and goes for 80-100 s its cool that they are doing a new release) 90's X-Factor Havok and Polaris - $40
  3. SDCC part 2... SIEGE Bluestreak will be a Walmart exclusive- part of the 35th Anniversary line. SIEGE Soundblaster (black Soundwave with enlarged chest door to hold 2 cassettes) is also part of the Walmart exclusives along with repaints of SIEGE Optimus and Megatron with no battle damage
  4. SDCC news There was not much new stuff since there was a reveal a month ago. 1) SIEGE Ratchet is coming later this year as a Walgreens exclusive in America. 2) SIEGE Rainmakers boxset is a Target exclusive and features those 3 Decepticon Jets who made Acid Rain in the G1 Season 1 Episode "Divide and Conquer" $80 3) "Galactc Man" Repaint of SIEGE Shockwave (aka Black Shockwave) He will be available on online specialty toy sites. 4) SIEGE Ratbat and Frenzy/Rumble cassettes
  5. Woot! This is great casting. Totally unexpected news! I hope it is R -rated.
  6. https://www.newsarama.com/46111-batman-beyond-blu-ray-details-and-extras.html Batman Beyond arrives on Bluray on October 29 with a limited edition packaging and funko pops for $100. 11 of the 52 episodes have severe damage and are up-rezzed so the video quality wont be as good for those episodes. No mention of a regular set, but Im guessing it will come out in 2-3 months afterward
  7. X-men's Greatest Moment: Uncanny X-men 137 - The Fate of the Phoenix! Xavier 's knowledge of Shiar law gives the X-men a fighting chance The night before the duel, Beast ruminates on the absence of law in Shiar culture In Soviet Space, Canadian throws Russian! While the heartbreak is mostlyJean/Scott's to bear, Xavier and Lilandra are not immune. Goodbye ... Uatu the Watcher sums it up best.
  8. The King's Man trailer(Kingsman prequel)
  9. X-men's Greatest Hits: Uncanny X-men 136 Beast cooks up a scrambler to give the x-men a fighting chance, but it is for naught. Cyke appeals to her heart while Xavier battles her psychically to seemingly defeat Phoenix. But suddenly everyone vanishes! Only Wolverine has the cojones to kill Jean but can he put thought to action? Scott appeals to Jean's heart
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