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  1. DangerousJ

    Stan lee, father of Marvel Comics, Dies at age 95.

    I think Darc posted in the Marvel thread but given Stan's impact I don't think anyone will mind a separate thread. Farewell Stan the Man Lee!
  2. DangerousJ

    The DC Movie & TV Thread

    I just came back from the Mask of the Phantasm screening. Movie rocked. Anyhoo, Fathom is having a double feature of the animated Death of Superman (2018) and Reign of the Supermen (2019) on Jan. 13 and 14 , 2019 at select theatres. https://www.fathomevents.com/events/the-death-of-superman-reign-of-the-supermen-double-feature Also, the 1978 Superman movie with Chris Reeve is showing Nov . 25, Nov 27, and Dec 3, 2018. https://www.fathomevents.com/events/superman-40th-anniversary?date=2018-12-03 00:00:00.000
  3. DangerousJ

    The Marvel Movie/TV Thread

    He touched more lives than many would have believed. His wife's passing and the abuse/egal troubles probably took their toll and hastened his death. Excelsior Stanley Martin Lieber!
  4. DangerousJ

    The SRK2 Saloon Thread

    Hey guys just a heads up... The limited screening of Batman:Mask of the Phantasm is today(Nov. 12) Monday at 7 pm( and 2pm at certain theatres) Enjoy!
  5. DangerousJ

    The SRK2 Saloon Thread

    You've come a long way, Whisper and Stormcloud....
  6. DangerousJ

    The SRK2 Saloon Thread

    You've come a long way, Flywheels aka Skytread.... From left... 1987 G1 Flywheels 2018 SIEGE Skytread 2016 Headmaster Skytread with mini-vehicle
  7. DangerousJ

    The SRK2 Saloon Thread

    Relax my Anglo Indians...
  8. DangerousJ

    The Holiday 2018 Deals Thread

    Best Buy Black Friday https://blackfriday.com/ads/black-friday/best-buy Highlights: X1 - Far Cry 5 - $20 PS4 - Detroit:Become Human - $20 PS4 - Monster Hunter world - $20 X1 - Ass Creed Origins - $20 PS4 - 2018 God of War - $25 PS4 - Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy - $25 X1 - Soul Calibur 6 - $35
  9. When I got Tekken 7, I made a costume for each character and 10 for Nina. So I dont see any problem lol.
  10. DangerousJ

    The SRK2 Saloon Thread

    You know you’re Indian when… you refer to any older unrelated male as “Uncle” or older unrelated female as “Aunty” Tea/coffee without milk/cream is the Devil’s work You have more hair on your chest than your head(guys) You are dissuaded from pursuing a career in entertainment or athletics Your goodbye to your parents at an airport is 10x longer than any white folks You always pour water into a dishwashing soap or handsoap bottle when its finished in order to prolong the soap. You always show up to an event 2 hours later than the indicated time (Not me lol) You wear longsleeve dress shirts everyday even in a casual workplace/school You have to hide your lover from your parents if he/she is black
  11. DangerousJ

    The SRK2 Saloon Thread

    You've come a long way, Cog... 2018 SIEGE vs 1987 G1 Split up into weapons/armor for Sideswipe..
  12. DangerousJ

    Transformers Thread

    SIEGE Hound review...
  13. DangerousJ

    The SRK2 Saloon Thread

    @White Shadow I'm torn. While I can understand Indians disliking the character especially if they were being bullied, part of me was happy that in the 90s , there was an Indian character in a western TV show. Apu and Dhalsim were the main 2 Indian characters that were in mainstream in 1990s. As a kid, I got a few cracks about "thank you , come again" and "chutney squishies", but it was mild. I actually think Temple of Doom was worse than Apu bc people in a pre internet area thought Indians eat creepy crawlers, and did Kano esque heart removals. I asked my dad and while there was a Thuggee cult . They mostly were robbers and strangled people and worshiped Kali in a non bizarre way) Nowadays, there are quite a bit of Indian actors in prominent shows and on TV, (Davos from Iron Fist, and Ray Nadeem on DD, etc) so I guess Apu comes off a lot worse. I guess the best thing would be to maybe move him from Kwik E mart into some other job. However, since hes been around for almost 30 years, I dont see if it would make a big impact now. I would keep him on the show regardless and keep him as a generally good, loyal guy. Simpsons has a lot of stereotypical characters, Willie the Scot, Fat Tony, Quimby the JFK analog , Bumblebee man. IF they remove one, then theyd have to remove all of them in time. Honestly, I think that Raj guy from Big Bang is worse than Apu from what I've seen.
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