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  1. I'm catching up on Flash S5. Million, you were right about Jessica Kennedy. So cute. I want to hit it then put her in my carryon bag for snacks later.
  2. X-men's greatest Moments: Uncanny X-men #200 The Trial of Magneto! Magnus has surrendered to the authorities and is on trial for his crimes in Paris, France. Defending him are his old friend Charles and Gabrielle Haller. Meanwhile, terrorist attacks on various sites call for Magnus to be freed and even though the X-men fight back , they are blamed anyway. Fun Fact: John Romita Jr is the only artist to draw two centennial issues for Uncanny- 200 and 300. Gabby contends that since Magnus was essentially reborn after his return to adulthood, he has paid the ultimate price for his misdeeds https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-agVozneGvvY/UdSgbS3LFsI/AAAAAAAAQu4/YWanDOwtupM/s1600/infancy.jpg Magnus also speaks to the court https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-8ZIMcL9hNM0/UdSgYcAOqZI/AAAAAAAAQuA/_4Hh0mNnaBk/s1600/Magneto%27s+defense.jpg So who are responsible for the attacks in Paris? Fenris aka Andrea and Andreas von Strucker. They are the children of Nazi/Hydra leader Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, who Magnus stole a lot of Nazi gold from in Uncanny X-men 159 (flashback) https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-6Su-bB62Ths/UdSgX0BW8MI/AAAAAAAAQtk/vXxeMC2eLF4/s1600/Fenris.jpg Meanwhile, Madelyne is in the mansion home alone about to give birth.. A convenient flood washes Fenris away but the judges are safe. Xavier and Magnus come to in a nearby garden where Xavier asks Magneto for a special favor. Context: Xavier was severely beaten by anti mutant students at Columbia University where he was teaching in issue 192. He was cared for by the morlock healer but kept pushing his body and mind in various crises until his body could take no more. Corsair and Lilandra arrive to take him to Shiar space to heal him, but due to some attcks and technical trouble, they are unable to return to earth. Status Quo - Irrevocably altered (As Omega Supreme would say) Claremont writes Xavier out of the series for his longest period yet. Xavier will be in space and will not return to the book till around issue 275! He makes a one panel cameo in 203 and New Mutants for a couple of issues. While 150 was the beginning of Magnus' reformation, this is the real time to see it in action. His role is more prominent in New Mutants as the headmaster. While he does assist the X-men here and there, after the Mutant Massacre, his role in Uncanny is severely diminished.
  3. Million, Here are reviews of the "cel-shaded" Optimus Prime and Megatron. They are Walmart exclusives. They will come out here between October and November. (This guy is in the Phillipines;that's why he got his early)
  4. X-men's Greatest Moments: Diamond Select Marvel Select Psylocke figure review! ($30) If you're a 90's/Jim Lee era X-men fan, this one's for you!
  5. https://images.app.goo.gl/tHMMGviYpG2aCZQ3A
  6. In Transformers Animated , Omega actually transformed into the Ark, the Autobot spaceship. Unfortunately they never made a toy of it.
  7. You've come a long way, Omega Supreme....
  8. To mark the 35th anniversary, Takara has released a Masterpiece Optimus Prime version 3.0. It is roughly the same size as the previous one at 9.5 inches. It has a trailer and a lot of accessories. It is significantly more cartoon accurate than all the previous ones which makes it less detailed in vehicle mode.It is VERY expensive at $450. (A lot of people got it for $325 from Amazon Japan as a pre-order.) Here is a very detailed and long review from one of the biggest TF YouTubers.
  9. Happy 20th Anniversary Dreamcast! The Dc was released on 9/9/99 in America! https://www.engadget.com/2019/09/09/dreamcast-xbox-playstation-switch/
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