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  1. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 X-Men and Magneto trailer! Sniff. I'm so jealous of Switch owners.
  2. Aladdin 2019 Reviews seem to be split between mediocre or good. Chris Stuckmann - C- Andre Black Nerd - 5/6 Carebears or 8.3/10
  3. I saw John Wick 3 yesterday. Pros: Action scenes (Horses, Dogs, and motorcycles oh my.) Some character development and world building Halle Berry. For once shes not playing some meek character. Cons Humor. I also didnt like the fanboy aspect of some of the henchmen There are some Looney Tunes esque actions. 1 is kinda ok, but the other is a pretty WTF moment Overall: 8.5/10 JW 1 - 8.5/10 JW 2 - 8/10
  4. You've come a long way, Robots in Disguise Ultra Magnus.... 2001 RID Ultra Magnus (bigger/onger one) and 2019 SIEGE Ultra Magnus
  5. I had bugles as a kid. I'm in the middle regarding them. Neither love or hate. Poop- Usually between 8 - 10 am and once /day. Unless it is something super spicy or greasy/fatty.
  6. Does anyone like Bugles snacks? Also, what time of day do you usually take a dump?
  7. Looks like a paint by numbers CW show with the potential to be a Super Supergirl 2 Turbo in terms of handling social issues with the subtlety of a sledgehammer
  8. TVH mode.. True Vagina Hunter mode.. Sorry I've been playing Borderlands 1 these days.
  9. Andre the Black Nerd Reviews Batman vs TMNT
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