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  1. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 X-Men and Magneto trailer! Sniff. I'm so jealous of Switch owners.
  2. Aladdin 2019 Reviews seem to be split between mediocre or good. Chris Stuckmann - C- Andre Black Nerd - 5/6 Carebears or 8.3/10
  3. I saw John Wick 3 yesterday. Pros: Action scenes (Horses, Dogs, and motorcycles oh my.) Some character development and world building Halle Berry. For once shes not playing some meek character. Cons Humor. I also didnt like the fanboy aspect of some of the henchmen There are some Looney Tunes esque actions. 1 is kinda ok, but the other is a pretty WTF moment Overall: 8.5/10 JW 1 - 8.5/10 JW 2 - 8/10
  4. You've come a long way, Robots in Disguise Ultra Magnus.... 2001 RID Ultra Magnus (bigger/onger one) and 2019 SIEGE Ultra Magnus
  5. I had bugles as a kid. I'm in the middle regarding them. Neither love or hate. Poop- Usually between 8 - 10 am and once /day. Unless it is something super spicy or greasy/fatty.
  6. Does anyone like Bugles snacks? Also, what time of day do you usually take a dump?
  7. Looks like a paint by numbers CW show with the potential to be a Super Supergirl 2 Turbo in terms of handling social issues with the subtlety of a sledgehammer
  8. TVH mode.. True Vagina Hunter mode.. Sorry I've been playing Borderlands 1 these days.
  9. Andre the Black Nerd Reviews Batman vs TMNT
  10. I was looking up her background and it says she's been married for 5 years and she's only 26! Her parents are devout Christians and she met the dude in church. I guess they thought better to smash with the Lord's okay than without lol
  11. The main reason to see Aladdin 2019 ... Naomi Scott contd...
  12. You don't like silver faces? Or is it something else?
  13. SIEGE Jetfire early review!
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