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  1. IMO You should at the very least watch Daredevil season 1-3 and Punisher 1-2. DD actually has the best action overall and most of the storylines wrapped up once it ends and Punisher too. Luke Cage is second tier imo. Half of S1 is great with Mahershala Ali as Cottonmouth and then is merely ok with diamondback. Bushmaster is a highlight of S2, but if ends on an intriguing cliffhanger. Jessica S1 was good, S2 was mediocre. I havent watched S3 since my TV died. Defenders has nice chemistry between the characters but Sigourney Weavers boss is wasted imo. Iron Fist S1 was bad imo and is a hair better with S2. It is the worst of all the shows. Worst action.
  2. He only used the teleportation power like 3 times too!
  3. You've come a long way, Skywarp.... From left... 2019- SIEGE 1984 -G1 2006 - Classics 2013- Fall of Cybertron (I have him.)
  4. https://www.cnet.com/news/pumpkin-spice-spam-is-coming-and-its-not-a-joke/ Mister Bee, will you try this when it comes out? I like Pumpkin Spice but even I'm hesitant lol
  5. I hope Raiden has a good fight in the new film. I didnt like as how he was only a mentor /comic relief in the first movie. I know he "fought " a bit in MK Annihilation but most of that was backflips lol . Plus they made him into Billy Idol wannabe in the climax.
  6. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/mortal-kombat-movie-adds-fistful-fighters-1232599 Mortal Kombat movie casting news 4 new roles have been cast! Million, your favorite CW actor Mehcad Brooks will be Jax 2017 Power Rangers movie black ranger Ludi Lin will play Liu Kang Thor actor Tadanobu Asano (hogun) will play Raiden Newcome Sisi Stringer will play Mileena Joe Taslim will play Subzero as previously announced. sexy chocolate Jimmy Olsen as Jax? We shall see... The others are mostly blank slates for me. At least there are no obvious racial changes so far.
  7. I used to post her a lot in the old SRK hot girl thread. Thanks for bringing her back Darc!
  8. I saw FF: Hobbs and Shaw. Pros: The camaraderie/back and forth between the leads Idris is a great actor who can make a thin villain fun Ryan Reynolds scenes were funny(Was he ever in a previous FF film?) Action is good with a crazy finale Cons There are some scenes that bring the movie to a halt like Rock talking to his daughter and some exposition scenes. Overall: 8/10
  9. That's a remarkable achievement considering he doesn't have a vagina. A fool and his money are soon parted lol Ya down with OPP? (Others people's pussy) Ya you know me!
  10. A variant cover to an upcoming TF comic featuring G1 Quake drawn by Guido Guidi in a Marvel Comics style
  11. IDeadly Raver, Im not 100% sure if it will have what shows you want, but HBO Max is basically "WB's super streaming service". It will have content from: HBO ,TNT, TBS, Cartoon Network/Adult Swim, CW network, Dc comcs, Looney Tunes, New Line Cinema It starts next year. Price unknown as of now
  12. You've come a long way, Thundercracker...
  13. https://www.theverge.com/2019/8/6/20757626/disney-plus-espn-hulu-bundle-price-date-streaming-service Interesting news for streaming fans. Disney will offer a 3 part bundle of Disney plus, ESPN plus, and regular Hulu with ads for $13. I dont care about ESPN at all (ducks tomatoes from all guys) Hulu seems to have some shows I missed that I would like to watch like Legion and some upcoming stuff like the MODOK and Howard the Duck animated shows. But having commercials for that service but none for the other 2 (If I understand correctly) is lame. Increase it to $15 and make Hulu ad free
  14. Funny Names - my peeps edition:
  15. Relax my Community Wrestlers....
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