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  1. Fuck I forgot all about Bayonetta. I'll have to get into it whenever I'm done with God of War. and before I get to GoW I need to blast through Farcry 5. Thank god for that 20% discount on the playstation store lol
  2. They do. MKX surprisingly is dead. Like, there are no lobbies at all. I know NRS games typically die in the tournament life, but if I go on MK9 RIGHT NOW, there'll be at least 30 people in lobbies.
  3. Got the final boss of Nioh's dlc, this was my first attempt
  4. That new God of War is looking so beastly. Definitely a day 1 for me. The only one I've ever beaten was the one on PSP, but the combat actually looks interesting in this one. Farcry 5 is also catching my eye. Again, I've only played 1 in the series, being 3, but I haven't played a mindless shooter in a while, and the story looks interesting again. Anyone else have this on their radar? Shit, just as I was typing I remembered I still need to get YS8 when it comes to Switch. I also want that new Kirby game and I just bought the Dragonball Fighterz season pass today. Rip my fuckin wallet man
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