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  1. Fuck I forgot all about Bayonetta. I'll have to get into it whenever I'm done with God of War. and before I get to GoW I need to blast through Farcry 5. Thank god for that 20% discount on the playstation store lol
  2. They do. MKX surprisingly is dead. Like, there are no lobbies at all. I know NRS games typically die in the tournament life, but if I go on MK9 RIGHT NOW, there'll be at least 30 people in lobbies.
  3. That new God of War is looking so beastly. Definitely a day 1 for me. The only one I've ever beaten was the one on PSP, but the combat actually looks interesting in this one. Farcry 5 is also catching my eye. Again, I've only played 1 in the series, being 3, but I haven't played a mindless shooter in a while, and the story looks interesting again. Anyone else have this on their radar? Shit, just as I was typing I remembered I still need to get YS8 when it comes to Switch. I also want that new Kirby game and I just bought the Dragonball Fighterz season pass today. Rip my fuckin wallet man
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