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  1. Somebody send EMS to check on @DangerousJ , not sure that even he can handle all that Transformer goodness.
  2. Sometimes I miss 16-bit era. There are too many good games the days. Games that would get 6 these days would have been boss twenty years ago.
  3. Finally finished Judgment. I really enjoyed it. Just in time to. Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Fire Emblem are just around the corner.
  4. @MillionX Why is it we get blamed for every knuckle head out there but no one else does?
  5. @misterBee Not really a serious post. I was being a smartass. That said based on your criteria, The Witcher series should be played in Polish with English subtitles. It is game based on a book from a Polish author developed by a Polish developer that takes place in fantasy setting based on Poland. Honestly I don't really care what audio other people play in. I do like to needle people that do though
  6. @DangerousJ Not into ASMR but I gave a thumbs up for the thumbnail.
  7. So the worst kept secret in gaming has been revealed officially.
  8. So you play CD Projekt Red games with Polish audio and Ubisoft games in French. Impressive.
  9. @MillionX I really need to dust off my X1X and play through that game. I played it for a few hours and never touched it again.
  10. Expecting an English speaker that does not understand Japanese to play in Japanese when the English VA is actually good. SMH when did MisterBee become MisterWeeb
  11. I'm playing through Judgement right now. Took me awhile to get used to not being Kiryu. I like it a lot so far. Whoever does Saori's english voice, Something about it man.
  12. @MillionX I was always more of Jenna Von Oy guy myself.
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