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  1. @MillionX Here is a picture of Lesley Ann Brandt from her Spartacus days.
  2. @MillionX You are WAAAAYYYY late fam. Do yourself a favor and check out Spartacus, it's on Netflix. You can see her in her full glory in Season 1.
  3. This song won't die. Cool video though. I like the jab they take at Billboard.
  4. Random video. I miss this dude's parody videos.
  5. While this is funny. It is only a matter of time until SkyNet destroys us all.
  6. Well Batwoman has been gay for sometime now. That said if you want a decent rendition of the character check out Batman: Bad Blood. Side note: Lucius' son Luke is in this as well. Except he's more than tech support. @MillionX Thanks for the heads up my dude
  7. If I didn't know better, I would swear that this Vic Micnogna situation was pilot episode for the return of Punk'd.
  8. I have no issues with Batwoman. She is pretty cool character. However that trailer has killed my interest in the show. "That suit will be perfect when it fits a woman." "I don't want a man getting credit for a woman's work." She says this while having a man modify her cousins gear, who is also a man. When did people forget how to write strong female characters?
  9. @*.:White ShadoW:.*I was just about to post the trailer. Sad thing is she was actually cool in the last crossover. Should have known CW would fuck it up.
  10. @Deadly_Raver Glad you are all healed up man. As far as Geeks & Gamers goes, I don't mind rants. YongYea rants a lot. Still enjoy his channel. Jeremy seems to have turned into the type people he bitches about though just from the opposite spectrum. I mean there was a point where is practically posting Brie Larson videos everyday. Reminds me of when Keith Olbermann and Bill O'Reilly were going at it. When you took a step back and looked at the both of them, you realized they were doing the same shit. Right is right, wrong is wrong no matter your viewpoint. I believe that was the point I saw politics for what it was. Shit...now I've turned into a rant poster. I'm going to have unsub from my own posts now
  11. Show hasn't ended yet. Honestly, I don't even care for that channel. I used to watch it a few months back. Then I noticed that dude just posts videos bitching about everything. On the rare chance he posts something "positive" he takes a bunch of shots at something during that video. Shit gets old. At this point, I think he looks for the latest hate train and hops on it for clicks. I seriously never saw him mention Game of Thrones until people started complaining about the quality of Season 8.
  12. Yeah I am surprised it ended the way it did.
  13. Gameinformer put up some Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 footage.
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