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  1. @MillionX I can't believe Aimee Garcia is 40 years old. I thought he was 30 at the most.
  2. @MillionX Already saw season 4, it was really good. They push things a bit more since they are on Netflix. As always, they have beautiful women on that show. Can't wait for the 5th and final season to show up.
  3. I can't tell you what you'd find true. JRPGs are one of my favorite genres. Numerous people swear up and down that FFVII is the greatest thing ever. I think the FFVII is the most overrated game of all time. On the flip side, I think The Remnant (PC and Remastered versions), shit all over FFXIII. I thought the ads for Titans were shit. I only got DC Universe for Young Justice and the fact that DC Animated films show up shortly after release. Titans was much better than I expected and I'm not alone in that assessment. Quite a few of us at SRK1 were shitting all over it, until we saw it. Starfire looks terrible and some of the effect were meh but it easily league above what CW has been carting out. The dude playing Robin/Dick Grayson is well cast as is Jason Todd's actor. Season 2 seems to address a lot of the issues of Season 1 so far. They seem to have realized that Dick Grayson's actor is well cast and is taking advantage of it. I'm curious to see how they pull of Slade Wilson. Manu Bennet's version on Arrow was great. Of course the dude had just spent spent 5 years playing Crixus on Spartacus, so pulling off a menacing melee combat badass was nothing new for him.
  4. Gonna keep it 100 with you. When you shit on something that you haven't watched, its not a good look.
  5. So have yall actually watched Titans or are yall just shitting on it from afar?
  6. If you hear this sound effect, I advise getting the hell out of dodge. Especially if you are on a farm holding a shotgun.
  7. When will people finally call out this woman on her bullshit. A dude is dead. Edit: And apparently she was the abusive one. Dude was scared of her. https://www.thepostmillennial.com/exclusive-alec-holowkas-private-messages-reveal-zoe-quinns-abuse/
  8. https://www.macombdaily.com/news/copscourts/chesterfield-township-man-jailed-on-bond-for-posts-about-macomb/article_ac125880-d0fc-11e9-8923-33941dfbdd98.html I found a news article on the subject. The situation is dubious at best. I didn't see any threats of violence. His threats seem to be in the vain of exposing improprieties. The judge didn't preside over the case in question. It was assigned to her but handed off to a "referee." Didn't know such a thing could concur. Anyway, for him to be jailed, you'd think there would be a direct threat of violence.
  9. @Deadly_Raver Yeah I saw. Not to surprised my Marchi. The only thing they really had or her ridiculous Tweet. The rest is bullshit. I'd appeal. He's got strong evidence against Monica, Ron, and Funimation.
  10. Stolen from SRK....hope you all don't mind. Amanda Lee
  11. As per usual, I like the new robot form but am not to keen on the vehicle mode.
  12. @MillionX I feel bad for her. She lost her sister recently.
  13. If they confirm the authenticity of the DM from Kid Goku/Gohan's previous voice actress, Sabat and Funimation are even more fucked.
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