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  1. Darc_Requiem

    The DC Movie & TV Thread

    CW is making a Batwoman TV series. I'm curious how they are going to dance around the Batman issue with a show that takes place in Gotham.
  2. @rukawa_kaede I think that's the reason for the small file size. Octopath Traveler is only about 3 GB. Side note: I didn't realize this until it was pointed out. Ophilia Clement Cyrus Albright Tressa Colozone Olberic Eisenberg Primrose Azelhart Alfyn Greengrass Therion H'aanit I didn't realize what Octopath stood for until this morning when I read someone's comment. H'aanit is boss BTW. I chose her in the second demo and carried over my data. In the first demo, I chose Olberic and I agree he is a beast as well.
  3. Yeah I really enjoy it. Reminds of the elite RPGs of the 16-bit era. It's kind of hard to describe. It feels like an old school top tier Square RPG. A lot of their newer games have a great presentation but are easy and lack depth.
  4. @Chadouken It's still early but from what I can tell so far, the individual stories are fine. I don't see anything, thus far, that connects them together in a greater narrative. That said, I don't care this game is awesome.
  5. Am I the only one that can't pull myself away from Octopath Traveler?
  6. Darc_Requiem

    The Street Fighter V Thread

    Damn Smug is bopping E-League.
  7. Darc_Requiem

    The Street Fighter V Thread

    They saw the tier list
  8. Darc_Requiem

    Fighting Game General

    This is the point where we find out one of three things. Either.... @GetTheTables ' is a 5 star chef by trade OR His wife is a caterer OR He and his wife run a world class restaurant. Get your tools ready @misterBee
  9. Darc_Requiem

    Fighting Game General

    We can all just chip in, buy the parts, and have @misterBee put it together for you.
  10. Darc_Requiem

    The SRK2 Saloon Thread

    That girl could literally be my daughter based on her age. She's the same age my youngest cousin. I can't be lusting after chicks my cousins age fam.
  11. Darc_Requiem

    The Official SRK2 Hot Girl Thread vol.1

    Stumbled on this one by accident. Figured I'd share. Apparently she's Brazilian. Vanessa Fonseca
  12. Darc_Requiem

    The SRK2 Saloon Thread

    @MillionX Optical discs speeds haven't really improved in the last few years. So games have to be installed because hard drives have a much faster data transfer rate. The Switch is using cartridges more or less, so it doesn't have that issue. Depending on your SD card, the cartridge can actually have faster load times than digital.
  13. Darc_Requiem

    Fighting EX Layer

    @GreatDarkHero Check the post above yours
  14. Darc_Requiem

    Fighting EX Layer

    Didn't see this posted. I figured you FEXL guys would like this news. I'll say what I said elsewhere, If I see Area, I may have to delete this game off my HDD on principle alone. https://www.eventhubs.com/news/2018/jul/11/vulcano-russo-and-pullum-purna-announced-free-dlc-fighting-ex-layer/
  15. Darc_Requiem

    Fighting Game General

    I agree with you on this. I've had nothing but laptops in the last decade. The position I held for about 5 years caused me to move a lot. Between that driving home to visit family, having a laptop was preferred. While I current position has had me in the same place for the five years. I still go home frequently to Virginia. Having a laptop still my best bet. I thought about getting a desktop before I got this particular laptop. However, i'd likely still need a laptop. I can't justify having two PCs a single person on his own. If I ever moved back to Virginia. I'd get a desktop.
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