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  1. So what's the title? Robot of Rhapsody?
  2. www.MushaShugyo.com Musha shugyŨ (Warriors Pilgrammage) www.fgc.com Fighting Gamer Commune www.rdb.com Run Dat Back www.thelab.com The Lab www.tnl.com Tech & Lore
  3. What type of theme are you going for?
  4. I agree. I finished the entire story. Don't get girl power vibes at all.
  5. @Zero X-2 has great gameplay. Everything else about it is trash. I mean Yuna literally dos a Pop Concert performance at the beginning. Side note: For those wondering the graphics/frame rate comparison between Switch/PS4 MK11. Here you go.
  6. @Deadly_Raver Oh I've been following this closely. Seems we've been watching similar sources. These people are monsters. That Umbrella Guy has people going after his daughter and calling Child Protective Services due to his coverage of the Vic situation.
  7. @Angel And Monical Rial, Jamie Marchi, and Ron Toye. It looks like the author of the terrible iO9 article may have been added based on a Tweet from Vic's lawyer. I hope all those clowns gets what is coming to him. You shouldn't be able to destroy someone without evidence. This Twitter Kangaroo Court shit has to stop.
  8. Well in Lucas' original Episode 3 script Palpatine was responsible for the birth of Anakin. They may bring that story thread back.
  9. Original Ironhide looked like a damned Gobot.....
  10. I remember being disappointed as hell when I saw Ironhide as a kid. I was like "why don't he look like the cartoon?"
  11. I may have to double dip on MK11
  12. This is what happens when Ramsey Bolton's name comes up in concersation.
  13. @*.:White ShadoW:.* I shit you not. That video just showed up in my recommendations. YouTube's algorithm is all over the place. I got a video with Russians petting a lion like a housecat on a safari the other day.
  14. So anyone watch Game of Thrones tonight
  15. If anyone wanted to have their Arwing. The Starlink Starter Pack is on sale for Switch at Best Buy for $30. You get the game, an Arwing, a Fox McCloud figurine, and other some stuff. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/starlink-battle-for-atlas-starter-pack-featuring-star-fox-nintendo-switch/6260477.p?skuId=6260477
  16. April Annihilation Top 8 starts at 5:30PM EST
  17. Why you still posting DSP and Monica Rial's wedding photos fam?
  18. Randy Quaid's character loses his shit with excitement when Wild Thing returns.
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