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  1. The biggest issue I have with the current t revision is the apparent loss of being taken to the last unread post in a thread you've previously posted in. Not a big deal, but little QoL stuff like that goes a long way.
  2. I'd rather be a stretchy, rubber future King of the Pirates than Johnny "Amber Heard stole my money and my soul" Depp...
  3. She didn't turn them down... Marvel wouldn't give her full control to implement her hotep, batshit crazy "diversity" ideas into Black Panther, and went with Ryan Coogler instead.
  4. Packers seem hellbent on wasting Rodgers' prime years. If I were him, I'd be demanding a trade to somewhere serious about winning.
  5. SC guest characters ain't been shit since Link, Heihachi, and Spawn.
  6. Eww, Kristen Wiig... That's Eisenberg Luthor levels of bad casting.
  7. I'm talking console. I know PC has deals all the time. Digital is actually worth it on PC.
  8. "Convenience" is all that shit affords, because you ain't saving money on that nonsense.
  9. Yo, this nigga La-La cheating death by absorbing people's souls as tattoos? Also, very clever of Tobias to frame Black Lightning for Lady Eve's murder.
  10. Fuck Capcom and the clique you claim... THE CHAMP IS HEEEEEERE!
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