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  1. I'm enjoying the hell out of Octopath Traveler. When I first heard about the eight story format and lack of overarching narrative I was skeptical, but it turns out it's actually really awesome.
  2. I finished Chapter 1 for each character and now I'm going spend some time exploring and opening up the map. Loving it so far, and it gets better and better the more I play it.
  3. @Darc_Requiem you oughta see my post over on the other site in the Videogame thread regarding Octopath Traveler anagrams
  4. I went ahead and got Octopath Traveler today, but I haven't played it yet since I just started Hollow Knight this weekend. Hollow Knight is pretty fucking awesome so far, about 3 or 4 hours in.
  5. That game is definitely on my radar. I'm glad to see you like it. Reviews seem to be praising everything but the story, but I'm wondering if that's because there isn't any real plotline that connects the eight characters? That might not necessarily be so terrible if you're not expecting a FFVI campaign. I'll definitely be picking it up soon. I just started Hollow Knight last night and it's amaze balls.
  6. The first line of the finale pretty much sums up Westworld in a nutshell:
  7. Man, I kinda want to binge the whole Season 2 before the finale. Episode 9 was fucking crazy! I seriously think I like this show better than GoT, especially better than the last couple seasons of GoT. Westworld is up there as one of my favorite shows of all time.
  8. Yeah dude, excellent episode! Can't wait for Sunday!
  9. I don't think people really put as much emphasis on just how incredible Luke projecting himself at the end of TLJ actually is. Kylo asked Rey if she was the one connecting them the first time their minds were bridged- and that was when they could only just see each other and not their surroundings. Then he said no, the effort would kill her. Luke completely and physically manifested himself onto Crait from the Jedi Temple. I've never seen anything so incredible done with the force before. It was an awesome send off for the character I thought.
  10. It's been quiet in here lately. Shit's been going DOWN the last few episodes, especially yesterday. Gawd DAMN.
  11. Yeah dude! I did notice that. In regards to William:
  12. Yeah, holy shit, man. It answered a couple questions I had- specifically who Grace (I mistakenly called her Gale in an earlier post above) is and when the events took place in the Safari/Jungle/India Park. Do we need to use spoiler tags since the episode aired? If so, God damn, there are so many layers in this show. I'm still processing what I saw last night, and I'm thinking I might go back and rewatch them all at the halfway point in the season. Also:
  13. Hype for Episode 4 tonight!
  14. I go on average about 3 times a month. My wife and I like to watch movies in the theater, especially since I can order tix online and pick our seats, which are big recliners. Since I quit drinking I found I have a little more disposable income, and going to check out movies is a fun night out for me these days. We always hit up Walgreens on the way there for some snacks, but will get popcorn sometimes. Last week we watched A Quiet Place. There were probably five other couples in the theater and right during a silent part (which was pretty much the entire movie) a dude in the front row ripped a giant fart that echoed throughout the theater. We spent the next 10 minutes crying we were laughing so hard. But it was the kind of laugh where you have to hold it in because you don't want to make any more noise, especially for that particular movie. You know, the kind of laugh like when you're in class cracking up with a friend but you don't want the teacher to see you laughing or you'll get kicked out of class.
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