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  1. Some things need to, and will no doubt be ironed out by our friendly, buzzing overlord, but it's alright overall. Like this puppy. From a design/practical standpoint, this is hilariously bad. Nice job, Invision. (It's more practical on the phone version. That's a first.)
  2. Feedback on Invision (Desktop variant, phone is fine): -Some fonts are a bit harder to read now. Dunno if it's a font or scaling issue, but basically everything outside of the actual posts seems...a little bit blurry? -The PM system seems impractical and wasteful in its default state. Would be nice to move the message browser to the top, and messages underneath, so that they're all full-size.
  3. I liked the other one more :'3 Edit: God, I hate forums' avatar cropping. Edit2: Oh god the PM system...what is that abomination...
  4. I can see that one eye peering into my soul. It is glorious. I totally didn't intend on annoying everyone by quoting the gif again.
  5. Yaay, you finally registered! :3 @GetTheTables Give 'em hell at EVO!
  6. Neeec <3 Dat avatar ...and seriously, screw the new SRK. This place is so much better.
  7. Really liking the new reaction buttons. Much easier on the eyes than the old ones.
  8. Yoho! Everyone doing great, I hope?
  9. Hey, fellas! I find it bizarre how this forum looks more like a place for the community, than the actual SRK. It's all the E-Sports fault! All of it!!
  10. Site's looking great. One small QoL feature would be nice, though. The Home › srk2 News/Feedback forum navigation links on the top; it'd be nice if they were also on the bottom of the site layout, either above or below the chatbox. As it is currently, you finish reading a thread, and then gotta go all the way back up across the thread to leave it (or use the Home key). It's a tiny thing, but one that you get easily used to.
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