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  1. LOL
    Cathrao reacted to mykka in The Street Fighter V Thread   
    Damn people really are outraged about Juri's boobs! :D 
  2. +1
    Cathrao reacted to misterBee in The Street Fighter V Thread   
    There's plenty of nice places on reddit...just don't go to trashy subreddits. I don't understand the reddit hate... it's just a really big forum and like all big forums it has lots of different sections for different things populated by different people.
  3. Insightful
    Cathrao got a reaction from Darc_Requiem in The Street Fighter V Thread   
    Some things need to, and will no doubt be ironed out by our friendly, buzzing overlord, but it's alright overall.
    Like this puppy. From a design/practical standpoint, this is hilariously bad. Nice job, Invision.
    (It's more practical on the phone version. That's a first.)
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