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  1. It was an itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polkadot bikini! Commissioned DiasFox to fix Capcom’s big mistake of not giving the swimsuit yellow colour polkadots. That was high treason by Capcom’s part!
  2. G is such a goofball. He is adorable! And damn you Capcom, putting those extra cute Falke and Sakura swimwear costumes just to tempt me to play waifus more.
  3. ... It is nice that Terry is in... but why is he a man? I thought he was a girl now.
  4. Word. I am still trying to get ex 06 colour for Gief's story costume but that bitch Menat keeps denying me it! More reason for me to hate her.
  5. Even when they are fake, gravity defying tracts of land curves, it seems. This is so sad.
  6. Eww! Double cooties. Laura is the worst. She is worse than Menat!
  7. Just look how cute she is. I would so smoother this girl with cuddles. Pure, chaste and innocent cuddles. Friendly ones, of course.
  8. They also gave fairly large... tracts of land, which is very sad. And thick legs and a lovely butt too. Girl needs to stop lying about her weight. We would all love her and protect her even if she said the truth about her weight. I wouldn't mind finding my head between her thighs. Also, I may have had too much to drink. That third shot of rum was a mistake and my inhibitions are a thing from the past.
  9. Yeah, they went all non-sense with it. I am all for scrawny Falke without boobs. Not having to wear a bra is wonderful. I know from experience. Right now it looks like she is so insecure and lies about her weigh, poor girl. I want to cuddle and protect her.
  10. For the weight they listed for Falke, her in game model is much too curvy. I would be all for more androgynous, flat chested Falke. Not that I am not already in love with her, but this would make me completely crazy for her.
  11. Ew, Laura. She is cooties made flesh. Also, a Sim rage quit me today.
  12. High Score Girl. Girl Gief mains are love, good and everything nice! I am SO gay for Girl Gief mains!
  13. https://discord.gg/Ch6RC2 There you go.
  14. Getting home from work effing angry and then playing ranked on SFV is something I need to learn to not do because it only ends badly. I have a long path to climb back up tomorrow... if I don't get home from work wanting to kill someone.
  15. There is no embarrassment in wearing a frilly, cute princess dress @Darc_Requiem! None whatsoever! It is an act of highest dignity! In fact, he needs an official princess costume in SFV so I can SPD poor people while using it!
  16. As usual, DiasFox delivers! Commissioned this art to celebrate reaching gold in SFV with Gief. We so need a princess costume pack for SFV.
  17. Ban that Laura whore to bottom 3 already! Make her throw recovery 120f!
  18. This tutorial is a good place to start: You will need to learn the different types of jump, how to punish them, which buttons beat which button, the importance of the 4 types of jumps. Also, every character has at least one basic combo with bar that deals 35% to 45% easily, so you don't need the very advanced stuff to dish out damage and take some wins. KOF understands that you have to play 3 different characters, so they also have simple combos and setups for every character. If you are starting just now, Terry, Ryo, Robert and Iori are good beginning characters with solid stuff that help you learn the game. Then after you got at least the jumps and how to deal with them pretty well, try all the other characters to find out which ones will fit your style. I suspect you may end up liking Angel and Blue Mary at least. I do like me some King, but she is not for everyone's taste.
  19. Heh. I would have liked if all I had behind my #metoo post last year was only being sent unsolicited kisses or being kissed without consent.
  20. By flashing her booty (average), boobs (totally fake, they defy gravity and are too round to be natural) and tossing kisses at a slot machine.
  21. Ibuki isn't trying to "sell her services", just dealing with those hormones at their highest levels so wanting some D to fill an... existential vaccum. Can't say the same about that bitch Laura, whom I despise with every cell in my body.
  22. Street Fighter slot machine... with the whore Laura. I should be surprised but I am not.
  23. ... ... I fail to put words on how angry this makes me. Effing Cammy as the Empress? Whoever is responsible for this travesty has to be hanged, drawn and quartered. But I still need the deck due to that Rose card.
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