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  1. GetTheTables

    The NRS Thread

    Very pleasantly surprised that D'Vorah is back. She was one of the cooler new chars from MKX. I thought she might not be back due to MKX's story but I forget that they have magic time reasons for anyone to show up in this game so right on.
  2. GetTheTables

    The NRS Thread

    Agreed. I'm sure the celeb presence will do them well but I wish it was on a brand new char. Pretty much seeing her face and hearing her voice is weird and is a strange call for a PR move. Granted I'm sure they'll just make her an alternate timeline Sonya or something like that. Still weird.
  3. GetTheTables

    The NRS Thread

    Up until they redid the online in MKX their online was buttcheeks so you were right to avoid the online. Played a little bit of Injustice 1 and MKX online and they were both really inconsistent (I remember MKX being the worst of the two). I've heard very good things about the updated MKX netcode and Injustice 2 seemed to be solid as well. I'm assuming they will carry this on through with MK11. Though I think 95% of the NRS player base does the same thing you do so its funny they care about the online at all (especially when Capcom seems to be fine with the two hamsters it has been running since SFV launch).
  4. GetTheTables

    The NRS Thread

    This is gonna be the last NRS game I try. I keep getting suckered into buying these and then if I'm lucky I play the single player (which admittedly is pretty good most of the time). Mechanically this seems like the best MK for me since like MK2. I'm sure they'll fuck it up with crossover DLC but I'm willing to give it a shot.
  5. GetTheTables

    The Street Fighter V Thread

    I agree with the general sentiments that it is the best rounded patch Capcom has put out for this game. They went a little over and under in some places, but no one really got torpedoed or shot full of HGH, and whatever outliers there are they can hopefully correct with the inevitable pre-CPT season patch. Laura seems like she is still mostly the same character and I may be over that kind of play style so I'm officially sleeping around until I find someone to settle on for S4. Kolin and Birdie are still in the general running but the current top of my dance card is G. Played a shitload of matches with him yesterday against Will and honestly probably did about as well with him day 0 as I have done in the past with my Laura. I don't think its a power curve thing (though G definitely feels like he hits higher highs than she does) but more of a comfort thing. G has actual reach, great damage output, and can get huge rewards off his command grab which makes it feel more worth going for even if it is way slower than any other in the game (which makes me feel better about using it and getting blown up for it than with say Laura where you're risking a fat combo to the face for like 190 damage, 200 stun, and mediocre oki). Looking forward to campaigning for a bit. Gotta learn a lot of new muscle memory.
  6. Way ahead of you. When we upgraded the house TV to a 4K HDR I upgraded both consoles. With some sleight of hand and decent timing I managed to do it for the cost of just the X.
  7. Managed to get back to my Xbox One for the first thing that has gotten me excited to fire it up in forever: the DMC5 demo. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan that is cool. If the full game ends up this extrapolated out it is going to be an awesome return to form for the series. I never thought anything would top DMC3 but this seems like it has a legit shot. Back to counting the days until 3/8/19.
  8. GetTheTables

    The SRK2 Saloon Thread

    Merry Christmas everyone
  9. GetTheTables

    The Street Fighter V Thread

    Wouldn't surprise me in the slightest. SF5 already has fake-ass roman cancels and Kage brought in some legit air combos. One thing I've found funny is that for as much as people come back to SF because "its SF" and it does have a particular way it plays, a not-insignificant chunk of the player base would also love to see the game get, effectively, anime'd up. Longer combos, more juggles, flashier supers, other zany stuff. And yet none of these fuckers will touch UNIST with a 10 foot body pillow. @Darc_Requiem Two quick follow ups about Laura since you are the only other person I know that is in the zip code of giving a fuck : 1) They definitely buffed the range on VT2's grab. It used to be crazy short range - either as short as her regular throw or maybe a little worse - but now it is right around the same range as LK Sunset. With that she could probably legit grab someone out of a pressure string, though only if they were close range. Thankfully SF5 has the stubby normals. 2) You can indeed cross cut HP Bolt now. The timing on it is tricky and it doesn't work as well as a DP for the obvious reasons, but it's definitely doable. Not sure how worthwhile it is over dash under/jump back but I'll leave that to the actual good players to figure out. Bonus discord tech: some folks are experimenting with using the ability to VSkill cancel the second hit of TC into Avante/Equiva for set ups (VSkill back, clap/EX clap, do x, y, z) or another way to get cross unders in VT1. May see some interesting shenanigans as the year rolls on if they don't kill it in 4.5.
  10. GetTheTables

    The Street Fighter V Thread

    Oh I definitely will. Idom is my spirit guide anymore ever since 801 Strider bounced on the char middle or so of this year. Idom was already messing around with using VSkill as an ender for Twist Barrage. The buffed V meter gain should help that out too so Laura may be able to feed herself V meter in a couple of decent ways now. Definitely looking forward to seeing how this stuff gets applied. There was a guy, Rocwell I think it is, from the Laura discord who was already working VT2 last season. Kolin is also really well off now too. Gonna keep plugging away with her though that may take a backseat to enjoying the bonita buffs for the now.
  11. GetTheTables

    The Street Fighter V Thread

    Matsuda Sway is always going to be a little funky because it has the same callout factor of any "big" defense thing in this game - Ryu VT2, Kolin's counters, Karin VT2, Vega VT2 as a counter - combined with the fact that it isn't a "catch". You have to dodge whatever you thought was coming and then be able to time the follow up to grab them correctly. I don't think that is good or bad - its harder to do but it has a pretty good payoff and its a relatively potent defensive mechanic to give a grappler. All that said it now only having effectively 2 frames of start up is probably a really nice swing in its utility. You can dodge through a lot of common blockstrings with that and it makes it that much easier to last second dodge twitch attacks. I think the biggest thing is how much they buffed the grab range. One of the problems I had with that VT is that even if you were on point with your dodges the range on the grab was so pitifully short that you couldn't realistically use it as a counter attack. If it has enough range now to actually dodge and grab some attacks, great. Then it would still require a good bit of training to be able to use reliably (though broadly you can twitch through stuff you'd normally be stuck blocking) but it could be worth it defensively, especially in some match ups. I'm gonna check the grab range later today. The buff to VT1 timer is hilarious. It lasts legit like 50 seconds now. TC into VSkill seems like it could be kinda good for VT1. You can confirm HP CC xx Avante, TC xx VSkill. It is less damage and stun than an alternative but the KD on the VSkill in that situation still seems to give good oki and you net a little over 2/3 of a V meter from it. Do that once or twice and you can probably hit VT1 early enough in the match where that enhanced timer is going to come into play. Also could be an interesting distinction between the VT - VT1 incentivizes going for the V gauge whereas with VT2 you can probably just go for the damage. I'm legit excited to see if they reverted her st.MP to 3.0. That was a godly AA button. Also the line about giving Bolt Charge input priority over Thunder Clap is really interesting to me: it may mean that you can use HP Bolt against cross-up attempts (where it would work decently well considering they are usually more shallow hits). Previously if you tried to cross-cut HP Bolt you would get Clap but it just might work now. Another thing I need to check later today. Overall Laura got some good tuning up. Nothing crazy but I think between those buffs and the general meta changes she'll be in an alright spot for the 3 or so months of 4.0. We will see how 4.5 treats her.
  12. GetTheTables

    The Street Fighter V Thread

    Fucking Kage For as much as I didn't want to see a character like that its a good audience play by Capcom. E. Ryu was and is popular so even "totally not E. Ryu" E. Ryu is going to get some people excited. Plus he looks like a training mode monster which is something your average player loves. Laura and Kolin came out in pretty dang good shape following the S4 patch notes. Keeping my head down until 4.5 but it should be a fun couple of months until then at least. Hopefully we'll get more general S4 character news soon.
  13. GetTheTables

    Tekken 7 Thread

    Been having fun with it. Haven't played online since the matches with MisterBee but those were fun and I've hit training mode a bit since then. I want to try and hop online when I can to plug along with this game, but thats all about juggling time. Even if I just play with Bee it'll still be a good time. I will say, I enjoy it a lot more now than when I first tried it out 6 or so months ago. Even if I'm still super bad at it there are little things about the game that I appreciate.
  14. Hell yeah, difficult games are my jam. That may have bumped it up a few spots.
  15. I remember watching the GB quick look/unfinished for Sundered what now seems like forever ago. The art in that game is fucking-a-mazing. In an effort to stay current with the bleeding edge of gaming trends, I am just now playing through Nier: Automata. Finished route A so far. The combat is a bit mushier than I would like but the story and world building are pretty solid so far.
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