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  1. GetTheTables

    Transformers Thread

    I bought it like the day it went on sale but I still haven't fired it up yet. That movie fucking rules. Also although I have nothing pertinent to contribute I wanted to say that this thread also rules.
  2. GetTheTables

    The UNIEL Thread(st)

    Ended up missing seeing the finals live due to Smash 4 running long (shock of shockers ). By the time it got rolling I was on the tram back to hang out with family. However they did post up the Top 4. Fun set of games to watch and a good spread of characters:
  3. GetTheTables

    The Street Fighter V Thread

    Glad you're enjoying G! He's a rad character. Makoto is rumored every time the new seasons roll around. She's a very popular character so there is always the chance that she shows up. Good news is that Capcom learned from their silhouettes in S1/S2 and they just cold revealed everyone for S3, so we should know the S4 cast after the CPT finals. Keep an eye out for a scarf karate girl maybe showing up then. post about EVO starting now. @Darc_Requiem some light reading for you fam. @misterBee I mentioned it briefly but all the above applies to UNIST as well. Gonna try to split my time and keep up with the anime.
  4. GetTheTables

    The Street Fighter V Thread

    He's in the back of the Halloween stage stirring the cauldron.
  5. GetTheTables

    Tekken 7 Thread

    One of the coolest things about that season pass IMO is that there are gonna be six chars by the end of it. Pretty exciting.
  6. GetTheTables

    The Street Fighter V Thread

    His VT1 is called Maxium President. His idle animation eventually does 500 damage. His CA animation is hilarious. He's like the perfect intersection of stupid serious Japanese character design IMO. What SF is good for sometimes.
  7. GetTheTables

    The Street Fighter V Thread

    G looks sick as fuck. I love the themeing and design.
  8. GetTheTables

    Fighting EX Layer

    Also my favorite FLEX doujin.
  9. GetTheTables

    Fighting EX Layer

    Maybe the FLEX storyline explains his gender bend?
  10. GetTheTables

    The Street Fighter V Thread

    I did manage to find where they were running pools for Animevo. Actually had a pretty decent set up for it too. Gonna try to catch the top 8 today but everything is happening at the same time slot.
  11. GetTheTables

    The Street Fighter V Thread

    I'll see what I can do. Much like online finding UNIST players is tricky even here. I thought I found a cluster at one point but it was just a random set up.
  12. GetTheTables

    The Street Fighter V Thread

    Thanks man! Won the first two matches then went out vs two very solid players. Guy who bopped me out of losers basically beat me with Falke's cr.LP and St.MK cancelled into shotgun. I'm pretty sure that isn't even his main. Very fun and informative. I definitely have a long way to go but I did way better than I expected (especially with me botching as much as I did).
  13. GetTheTables

    The Street Fighter V Thread

    I'll do my damnedest Is that person cosplaying Gloria, or cosplaying Laura cosplaying Gloria?
  14. GetTheTables

    Dead Or Alive 6 Thread

    Miguel's cousin couldn't get into Tekken so he applied to DoA: Also Rig is back:
  15. GetTheTables

    The Street Fighter V Thread

    I also got the Cannon Spike costume on my first try. I legit thought that was a feature to entice people to throw more FM at loot boxes in the future. I'm gonna be way more irritated when they put up a costume for a character I actually care about and it takes me like 50 pulls to get it.
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