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  1. Hey look the forums still looking better than that other place...
  2. Bruh seeing Goku pissed off is the best thing.
  3. SRK seems less active since the migration. Kinda sad man.
  4. I usually buy a new smartphone when there's something wrong with my old one. No need to upgrade each year and shit.
  5. Admin Edit: Edited your post for you. You don't actually need to use the YouTube embed code. Just put the address of the YouTube video and the forum will convert it into an embed player all by itself. :smile:
  6. Snes version still superior but interesting...
  7. No one can log in on old SRK yet. I don't think they are quite done yet. I hope they aren't because it looks like fermented ass right now. I've checked out other websites that use discourse, this is pretty much how it will look like. Also we had a severe lack of communication during the migration process. Unfortunately, they don't really give a shit about the forums.
  8. New srk is the equivalent of sitting on a spiked chair while having hemorrhoids edit: I've also had to make a new user name on old ass srk.
  9. Hello, made this account cause new SRK is a piece of fucking dog shit. To think you made this forum better looking and it didn't take you 15+ years to do it.
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