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  1. Yeah, same here. I realized a small while ago that I might be completely burnt out on superheroes. The last Marvel movie I saw was Doctor Strange, and only because I was bored and surfing...certain websites. I'll probably see Infinity War because I don't want my near decade of watching Marvel movies to go to waste, but none of the trailers I've seen for it have made me feel anything. I just hope they don't skimp out on character deaths. EDIT: Actually, I forgot that I saw Homecoming. I remember liking that.
  2. That's a post that I'd insightful ^ @misterBee
  3. Is Soul Caliber not big in asia? Geralt being in made me think about their previous guest characters and Assassins Creed/Star Wars/Witcher don't seem like games that would shift JP copies. (Though it would make sense to have a guest character that would sell as many copies as possible globally, so I get the decision)
  4. @GetTheTables @misterBee Who do you two play in UNIEL? I just picked it up and I don't like mirror matches.
  5. @Akhos Or you could make your posts exclusive to SRK2 so people have to move over!
  6. The spoilers aren't anything crazy imo. Also, did I miss something or am I right to be disappointed that Jiren keeps powering up? When he was introduced I took it that he was a character who went all out from the jump/didn't hold back (which was cool to me because that established a certain power that HAD to be reached or else U7 was fucked, but for some reason, whenever Goku gets stronger so does Jiren (which brings up another question, but who cares).
  7. I just noticed the wtf button is back! Thank beesus @misterBee is there anyway to toss insightful into the mix or is 4 the limit?
  8. Took me way too long to get my pfp right on my phone...This thread needs to liven up! I want my lurk material back!
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