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    Iduno reacted to MillionX in Video Game Discussion Thread: Now Featuring Animated Avatars   
    yeah...¬† another example of a vid starting off looking aweesome... great art style and character lineup here....THEN I see "oh...it's a goddamn puzzle game" ūüė쬆
    one of the comments summed up my thoughts perfectly --"how to start up a hype train and derail it in under a minute" 

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    Iduno reacted to MillionX in The SRK2 Saloon Thread   
    Y'know, one thing I find irritating is how guys always get the blame for not being a big hit with the ladies... like anything and everything bad is always "eh that's YOUR fault, dude.."....yeahhhhh go suck a thousand HIV-infested dicks.  
    Flip that around--let's say I'm trying to recommend a certain female friend to someone...on paper she has it all going in terms of everything EXCEPT the very critical issue of looks...she's smart and has a winning personality, she has a stable job making some nice money; all around she's good....annnd then I tell ya she weighs 278 lbs....or I say she looks like Craig Mack with a wig.  Naturally she's going to be friend-zoned at best...maybe even laughed at to her face.   Now--- doesn't it sound at least a bit silly to say it's always her fault things don't work out?  No---she isn't considered attractive by most and that's just it.  Perhaps weight isn't a good example because you can work out and lose some pounds....but when people simply are not attracted to ya....I don't see that as being the fault of that person.  There is nothing you could have done or said to significantly change that situation if they genuinely are not attracted.  Think about that for a second---is there anything that Gabby Siddebe could do to suddenly make you think of her as someone that is on Salma Hayek's level?  Nope.  
    But whatever, everything bad is always the guy's fault, right?  Sure.  Women have quite the enviable position in the modern western world---they hold the golden power of veto in this man/woman thing... they hold all the cards... they call the shots....and they have a long list of demands yet are NOT expected to bring anything to the table themselves.....and they are never blamed for anything...and they can do outright evil shit and always be given the benefit of doubt, always be forgiven, or treated with kid-gloves in court, they can destroy lives based on the power of their words alone (even if it's well over a decade later), literally get away with murder, etc. etc.  In various tv shows and commercials, they get to be represented as the know-it-all character that cannot possibly be wrong for even 2 seconds about anything (while the man is portrayed to be the dumb, lesser creature that probably wouldn't survive without her help)
    *Think about it this way and you may get an even clearer view of my feelings on these kinda things---imagine back to your days in elementary school... let's say that for no apparent reason, the teacher is nice to only the kids on that other side of the room.  She hates you and the other kids on this side of the room.  Other side gets all the special treatment, they aren't expected to do any hard classwork/homework... and they can do the same shit your side does but they never get in trouble for it.  Hell, they don't even have to show up for class if they don't want to....or if they show up 45 minutes late that's ok too.  They can also get violent with you and that's perfectly fine with the Teacher.  There's never any logical explanation for why the other side of the room gets this special treatment, it's just the way it is and you're supposed to "deal wit it, bruh."---- you even get shouted down or insulted whenever you bring it up any aspect of this absurd situation.
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