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  1. How is there not more hype in this thread with UNIST crushing EVO numbers with its massive anime dong.
  2. Update: I went to my local and played KoF, and asked then to help me learn, it was very fun, and I learned a little bit even throu the massive language barrier. At the end I had to go back to SF because this guy wanted to play me. Got mauled in KoF obviously, but I did manage to get 2 games out of like 40. SF I destroyed the guy for the most part, at the end I picked a char I did not remember how to use and he got some wins (we were 50 something to 8 in my favor before). Basically I was as happy as a child playing KoF, while super bored while playing SF. Now I don't know if it's the excitement for a new game, or the opponent not being a challenge, but I've played challenging opponents before at the local and don't really feel happy when I do. I think I have come to the realization that I am not an SF guy. also I can now do this and as a bonus this is the VoD of me getting destroyed (they put me live on the local facebook page for some reason, I suppose is to show the conversion of one of their SF players to KoF?), there might be a 3 games when I seem to be playing much better especially with Mai, that is not me is the guy teaching me giving me pointers. in the last hour is the start of me mauling the guy in SF.
  3. KoF always had an amazing story and was one of the 1st hits with Fatal Fury, fuck I am so obsessed with wearing Chuck Taylors because of Terry. GG literally does an anime and Blazble, for cumbersome it is, has a story that, I believe, would actually be followed by many if it was a book series and not an anime fighter. I don't care for SF honestly I have realized I am not an SF guy, more on that on the KoF thread where I will leave an update.
  4. it honestly saddens me that MK is a popular IP with all the actual good fighting games there are around and get ignored by the masses.
  5. I finally got back into this, I learned my Angel, i leaned my Mai now I need to find a 3rd, been looking at a few, I went for Luong yesterday but it turns out she's not my cup of tea. As soon as I have time I will see how I feel about Vanessa, Yamazaki, Rock and Blue Mary. I still have some serious issues with the design decision in the game. Usually Terry or Kyo would be shoe-in for my teams but Kyo looks awful on all levels and the new Terry Jacket is just terrible enough that I can't see myself playing him. Vanessa suffers from the same problem to an extent. She had that cool look with her formal pants and shoes and now she's got that one piece lookin' shit going on, but she can still make the cut due to her quite interesting playstyle. Honestly I can't think of other characters being a featherweight boxer in other games, and she is still a product of the more refined SNK animation style that takes full advantage of the style SNK developed for years before she became a cast member.
  6. Netcode is too ass, I tried before and in 10+ frames of delay I can't do shit... Maybe if I ever learn Enkidu
  7. for the Record I'm a Yuzu master now, if I could find any match that would be great.
  8. Have ya'll seen the clip of @TWINBLADES_SRK getting cooked by Smug? In other news yeah very balanced patch, it made me balance the fuck out away from Juri for good this time.
  9. So, I am currently playing Chun on an alt account, but now I am considering making yet another account to learn a new character In contention we have Mika, whom I only need to learn Oki for Menat, whom would be the number one pick but I feel like I don't have the time to learn her. Blanka, because he intrigues me Fang, he also interests me but much less. Ken, he looks cool and fun
  10. I am gonna end up buying them all eventually, I am quite curious about DoA to be honest. I have always ignored it before, but they did right by Mai in DoA5 so I am willing to give them a chance.
  11. I had to Google all of them 'cause I know fuck all about DoA character. When I saw Nyotengu I thought "ah ok, these are all gonna be super Asian tropes, that's why he calls them western market bait, weird tho, plenty of Asian looking chicks in there already a few more shouldn't make a difference" Then I Googled the other 3 and turns out they are all chicks with strong western traits. So I feel like I gotta tell you... You got this shit backwards. Here in Asia they all crave western looking chicks, on the other hand westerners tend to like Asian chicks, quite sure Asian fetish is one of the most common fetish for caucasians. Everybody wants exotic.
  12. So SNK has an announcement on the 10th. I am fantasizing but: BBtag Soul Calibur 6 UNIST port for steam This has been quite a year for swords I am hoping in Samurai Showdown So I wrote this a few days ago and I must have missed the posting button, hopes have been fulfilled, and the game looks good. I hope they put Shiki in on release, honestly is been years I don't even remember who I liked, I only played the game on SNK emulator and did arcade mode with everyone, a lot. I never played CVS so idk how Shiki plays, but she looks cool.
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