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  1. Who the fuck has been waiting on this? Die nigga.
  2. Candace Patton needs to hurry up and drop some porn. Like stat. Goddamn she's fine.
  3. Yuck. But yall like Jessica Jones why now?
  4. Porno-expert here. Also, was "seriously wondering how deep this goes" a pun?
  5. I don't like the way Bloodborne's enemies or areas look. Dark Souls games have more variety in their environments, and the types of enemies they put in each area makes sense. Like you'll see an enemy, and you're like why the fuck would this be here?
  6. Same way you handle forum posters too. Smh.
  7. Same here...and once I get bored of one I'll stick to the other...like how any thot does it. So that means I'll be here more eventually. Your old ass needs to retire thot from your vocabulary. Effective today. -The Management
  8. You've never seen Lupin? Go die in a fire B. Watch it all. @misterBee
  9. Linus Tech Tips is just a clickbait champion. Super duper ultra overrated youtuber. He just has the money to buy new bullshit that nobody needs.
  10. Man, she don't look half bad. When she turn 18, he can give her that dick instead.
  11. Good, that place can die like a motherfucker. Ol' reddit, but bad looking garbage. Also, physical keyboards on phones is welfare af. Stahp.
  12. I wasn't in SRKs last Marvel thread since I regressed to a lurker. Were people riding that T'Challa meat pole in that thread too like the rest of the world?
  13. What the fuck is Violence Jack? Sounds lame, not reading. Not that I read anyway.
  14. The original animated stuff is good, but the manga is the real source material and it's pretty wild. Man, old manga is pretty hardcore. Naked girls everywhere, main characters who are real dicks, and violent in a way you wouldn't expect retro manga to be. Devilman was hentai lite. Can't say that I really liked it all that much. Tbh, Netflix has godtier production values but they have a bad choice in source material.
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