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  1. LOL
    BullDancer got a reaction from Deadly_Raver in Whitney wisconsin secret exposed.   
    Porno-expert here. Also, was "seriously wondering how deep this goes" a pun?
  2. +1
    BullDancer got a reaction from MillionX in The SRK2 Saloon Thread   
    Candace Patton needs to hurry up and drop some porn. Like stat. Goddamn she's fine.
  3. +1
    BullDancer reacted to HD-Man in New Members: Say Hello!   
    Not new technically, I was on the old srk, but hey anyway, fuckers
  4. Insightful
    BullDancer reacted to axeman61 in Whitney wisconsin secret exposed.   
    Nope. I was legit wondering. People out there who like fucking dogs enough to write articles and film videos about it aren't just picking a dog up and fucking it discreetly.  It's a lifestyle; this bitch had all her chips in the Red Rocket game. I bet she was going to the puppy place at the mall in a semi-short skirt so she could blame that puddle she made on the dog. She probably wore lingerie for the dog in bed too. She seems like the type to do that for some reason. Scooby-Doo posters on the wall and shit.
    But outside of my dumbass ramblings, just man. Even though she brought in on herself, this dog-fucking stuff will NOT be easy to bounce back from. She already knows, but I doubt she knows just how blacklisted she is from any position of power. From here on out, her life is going to be so RUFF.
  5. Insightful
    BullDancer reacted to misterBee in Whitney wisconsin secret exposed.   
    Goodness.  An expert?
    Please give us your professional opinion! 
  6. +1
    BullDancer reacted to nontetha_nkwenkwe in The Street Fighter V Thread   
    I wasn't referring to Srk2 as new srk if thats what you were wondering. I should've been more clear about that. Old Srk is now new srk... I guess.
    Your efforts for making Srk2  as well as keeping it polished and clean should be commended. I only wish more people would join.
    I'll hop on SFV to try out the occasional new character but that's pretty much it for me.
  7. +1
    BullDancer reacted to misterBee in The sickest Genesis stick   
    I'll start posting updates for my newest baby here.


    The US version of this stick was a piece of crap. The giant balltop is just a big dpad, and the buttons are rubber membrane. Gutted it, removed most of the plastic from the inside, and installed a custom stick using hori parts and cherry switches.
    Now working on making some custom 24mm buttons...
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