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  1. To add to that I do like Soul Calibur I wish Noctis was in that instead of Tekken 7
  2. I hate how Tekken's movement works, I hate how chains and combos work (similar to why I hate how NRS games feel), I don't like any of the cast aside from Noctis now, I don't like how the wake-up game works, I don't like how the walls work and I don't like how my style of play (ie. Menat in SFV) doesn't exist. But other than that it's okay I guess. (I know that wasn't directed at me but I felt like saying my piece)
  3. Obviously I don't agree with nerfing Menat but a character taking skill to use I don't think is a good argument against nerfing a character A character being more difficult to use (particularly if it's just execution-based) doesn't negate how good that character may or may not be
  4. My posts aren't worth that much EDIT: I've still got a long, long, long, long, long way to go
  5. I don't think we'll get the whole gang over here so I'll just dual post for now
  6. And decent sized avatars that can also be animated And reactions And a quote system that makes sense I just wonder if twitter/youtube embedding works the same way Oh hey it does woo
  7. @GetTheTables We're gonna meet up right
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