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  1. Onyxe

    The Street Fighter V Thread

    Nina Williams and Miguel are great, but Tekken overall is lackluster
  2. Onyxe

    The Street Fighter V Thread

    Damn the Ryu mission is too hard for me due to Capcom giving him some cheap ass moves. Also allowing him to use super without having a full meter
  3. Onyxe

    Fighting EX Layer

    It's a definite waste of 60 dollars for me at the moment. No Arcade, survival, time attack. Hell you can't even fight a CPU on a regular offline battle. I made a mistake buying this game so soon, but too late now
  4. Onyxe

    The Street Fighter V Thread

    Oh the damn Menat thing yippy
  5. Onyxe

    The Street Fighter V Thread

    Question for those who played random survivor. How do you obtain the silver color costumes after beating your opponent? I beaten silver Kolin, Urien, Nash, and Necalli, but when I go to see if they have those colors it's not selectable. I'm guessing I gotta go to the shop and buy the colors there?
  6. Onyxe

    Dead Or Alive 6 Thread

    I sincerely hope they can find a nice balance. While I fell in love with DOA's story and characters. I would be a liar if I didn't appreciate the sex appeal in the series. I hope some girls get the more mature treatment "Kasumi, Helena, Rachel, Lisa" and some more sexy "Tina, Christie, Nyo Tengu, and Lei Feng". Trying to appeal to one audience just to lose your long time fans isn't wise to me
  7. Onyxe

    Dead Or Alive 6 Thread

    I owned all versions of Dead Or Alive 5, my dad bought DOA1 for me as a kid, played Dead or Alive 2 at a local laundromat as a teen, and I had Dead or Alive 4 for the Xbox 360
  8. Onyxe

    Dead Or Alive 6 Thread

    Glad to see folks hyped about Dead or Alive 6. Can't wait for them to reveal Marie Rose, Tina, Mila, Lisa, Nyo Tengu, and Rig. I hope they bring back Naotora and the VF characters
  9. Onyxe

    The Street Fighter V Thread

    Is it me or did Capcom forget about the first piece of the Arthur costume for Ryu today?
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