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  1. It tried to do the mind fuck stuff that Black Ops 2 did and the writing wasn't even half as good
  2. Normally I wouldn't link Kotaku but this shit sucks https://kotaku.com/game-critic-totalbiscuit-has-died-1826310517
  3. I found the one that voted for Trump guys
  4. I'm gonna go with no. I don't wanna live long enough to see the sun either die/engulf the earth, and survive the effects of it. Once earth is gone and humanity dies, then what? Float in space for eternity? Hard pass
  5. I actually usually only like coffee when it's cold. As in iced coffee and what not. I usually don't taste much of anything from hot coffee on account of most of the time when I get coffee from somewhere it's too hot and singes my taste buds
  6. I usually only go to the movies in summer. I have one of the last drive in movie theaters standing about 20 mins from me. Right now I could pay $10 and I get access to Black Panther and Infinity War back to back http://www.autoramadrivein.com/
  7. I mean they're too busy making other shit right now to do bloodborne 2. Bloodborne also sold like a motherfucker on top of being a commission style game. The dev expenses were covered by Sony, then they made a boatload afterwards. It was a fantastic game that showed the dark souls formula could be used to do some other really cool shit. Ni-oh did that too but its good that BB came from the original creators
  8. Will that shit be available in the real game? Majima Makoto is hilarious Actually nevermind I think that's Ann
  9. What did they do to dragon maid? All my DVDs are cowboy Bebop, Samurai champloo, and Ghost In The Shell related. I had FLCL but sold it for a couple bucks when I was broke lol
  10. Idk if it's actually a Teen Titans show but the Titans were actually more diverse when Starfire wasn't black. Robin is white, Cyborg is black, Starfire is orange, Raven is gray, and beast boy is green. Now they've got two black people and no orange characters. Such inequality
  11. That Starfire looks like an extremely successful prostitute
  12. I mean there's a couple older classic films neither of them have, but then again there is no streaming service that has EVERYTHING ya know? I'm just saying between the two of those I've usually got the majority of what I want to watch, and when they don't have it, it's probably a matter of time
  13. Harada has always kept frame data close to his chest. He feels like people figure out a game too fast with that kind of info, especially when it's official from Namco
  14. I've got Crunchyroll and Netflix for anime. If it's not on those it usually isn't worth watching anyway
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