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  1. I went ahead and installed a USB-GDROM and Pico PSU, Aftermarket clear Shell and LEDs into my Dreamcast Even have my first foray into 3D printing, didn’t came out as expected but it works for what I want (the bottom part of the tray did not print). Also I found PNY brand USB flash drives such, stick to SanDisk
  2. The Maker of the Mega Everdrive made a Wireless Sega Genesis Controller https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmoIBBas9wQ https://krikzz.com/store/home/52-master-everdrive.html#/109-color-transparent_gray Also for you nay Sayers who bring up thats it's $35 for a 8 Bitdo Controller, You need another $30 for the matching receiver if you want to use it with a NES or SNES. This is the game pad and receiver unit.
  3. It actually overrides whats the Power options do in the control panel. And Disabling it does not break the OS, but you get a hard off instead of the OS shutting down to off. But I found a work around, going to the power options in Windows, making the setting for the power button to shut down. Then in the app, notice how it said "Perform this action (Sleep) automatically and don't show me this message again" (Sleep) changes to (Shutdown) with that adjustment with Windows, and then I clicked the check box so the App does not come back up. I Don't need a sleep button as the laptop set to sleep when the lid is closed anyways.
  4. Yep, power button app. I want to just go uninstall it but I want to do some research behind it first. Let me self know what I am getting into. The app pops up when I hit the power button too. The normal, Sleep, Restart and shut down works fine in the Start Menu. By the way I use classic shell for the Start Menu, as I don't like the Metro Start menu brought in by Win 8.
  5. Just got a new Laptop, Its a Acer Nitro 5 AN515-51 Man Acer whats up with your Power Button app? It is (currently) my only issue with the Laptop.
  6. I always wanted a Mini arcade machine ever since I first saw those old Coleco Mini arcades in the 80s with their vacuum fluorescent displays. Those things are primitive by today's standards, but back then they just seem so cool to have a mini arcade machine. The Tiny Arcade is Smaller, and the screen isn't all that good. But I saw the hack and felt I had to give it a shot.
  7. Hacked a Tiny Arcade Pac man I had the on board jumper removed and soldered in a 4 position switch. This allows me to play all the Tiny Arcade games and instead of the one preset on the Cab. Here is a demonstration of the other games I got to come up The Four games are Ms. Pac-Man, Pac-Man, Galaxian, and Space Invaders
  8. 80% of a Super Guns price is labor. They are very tedious (but not difficult) to wire up. If your going for Neo Geo or CPS2 consider a consolidation instead of a Super gun. A Pico PSU and using an external video processor like the OSSC or XRGB is probbily the easiest way to go. Full on Superguns are best with boards without interchangeable games or support for a wide number of arcade boards.
  9. So I got a Broken Avenue 6 pad for $25 shipped All it took to fix it was some minor cleaning to unjam some buttons
  10. LOL, the Project boxes I ordered came in and they are too Big. Not unusable, but they are twice the size I needed them too be.
  11. Oh yeah, there be a breakout box for modern systems. I am considering using the new Brooks Mars game pad. And if that don't pan out, I got a UFB board not being used. I going to make Modern Systems and PC Engine Boxes first, then A Sega Genesis Breakout box. Also if I can, make a MC Cthulhu breakout box.
  12. It's not USB at all, Thats a Switch Craft VGA pass-though with a HD15 Breakout board attached I am going to put this onto a Jasen hicks Panzer Stick case. [Edit] I Changed my Mind, I going to Put this into a Old Hori Case instead. A long since gutted Hori Hrap 3 I been using as a SNES Stick.
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