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  1. sheeeit, it's been one hell of a time getting back into Monster Hunter today...finally feel like I'm making some bit of progress in that. One cool moment earlier... hunting Rathalos...then the blue electric monster "Tobi" appeared and they started fighting...THEN Anjanath jumped in there as well! The ensuing chaos was delicious. "....let them fight..." I'll have to review the clip again (ohhhh yeah I absolutely had to clip that) but at one point one of them hit another one for 855 damage. It was beautiful.
  2. sheeeeit, I never imagined I would be checking out Black Clover on a regular basis like this...the show had such a terrible first-impression. hmm....brown-skinned girl with the short dark hair is a cute one...I'd ravage. Back on My Hero for a sec... it just randomly hit me that it would be incredibly awesome to have the "XCOPY" power in that world. I remember there was a character from several episodes ago that had the copy ability... I don't recall what kind of limitations he had on that, but that shit is always top tier in a world of so many powers to be copied. AMAZO from Justice League Unlimited was a shining example of this concept. The character was so ridiculously op, haha it was great. They never even defeated him, actually...he just got bored with earth and eventually left. Man, I'd take a copy superpower all day, especially if I could keep the stolen powers indefinitely, or even just for a reasonably long period of time. hmm....Boruto---it's a damn shame they made Anko so fat in this series She was previously one of the underrated anime sexpots.
  3. hell yeah----this was it---THE greatest Kamehameha that has ever happened in the series....goddamn I can't get enough of that scene....I've described it for a lazy ass friend who never got caught up but kept telling him this is something you have to see for yourself...words don't even do it justice. First time I saw that I had to sit down for a moment and reflect on the awesomeness I had just witnessed.
  4. ha, the "reparations" issue is just so silly to me; I'm fascinated that it even keeps getting brought up....but entertained all at the same time In a hilariously absurd Twilight Zone situation where that actually happens, and this country is dumb enough to actually start paying...what of some "0.2% black" lookin' muthafucka like Megan Markle? Say a "regular" black person would actually get 30 grand....she would get what... 3 bucks?
  5. I love so many of the weapons in Monster Hunter World; it's always been tough to decide on what's my main thang.... but damnnn look at this DELICIOUS damage/combos on Charge Blade now...
  6. ha, it's either Brie or they go the more "woke" casting route with race-bending + points for body issues and cast Gabby Siddebe as Samus....hahah or if she was younger... Queen Latifah would be considered. Maybe Brie would be ok for that if she somehow gained some actual curves.. Ooh, more "woke!" casting ideas... of course ya have Jaden Smith as Dante for a DMC film.. and Mindy Kaling as Trish. Zendaya is Virgil.... I like the name "Gen X" for my generation... it also reminds me of "Degeneration X" from the good ol' days of the WWE "Attitude" era (back when wrestling was actually entertaining, imo)....sheeeeit, I STILL have one of the old DX shirts...I should get another one since it's finally worn out and has a hole/tear in it. I was also checking out what generation were young people back in the "roarin' 20s"..the era of young women often referred to as "flappers"... one of the names thrown around for those people was "Interbellum" generation. That particular period of time in American history has always been interesting to me.
  7. y'know, it's some really lazy thinkers out there in the media who came up with the name for some generations... after Gen X, they simply called the next one "Generation Y"....fortunately someone with an actual thought process came along later to start calling the shit "Millenials"...at least that's something. ...then the lazy fucks (probably the same chumps) started calling the next one "Generation Z". (why not "Meme Gen" or something like that? Social Media Gen? or generally--> The Internet Gen? For those young'ns, the internet has always been a thing ever since they were born.) Cmon, bruh that's just pitiful.... "generation z" get that lazy shit outta here. It sounds like the type of chump that writes a horror story about a haunted house and comes up with the title "Haunted House".... The ones before the Baby Boomers were called the "Silent Generation" apparently https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Generation#List_of_generations
  8. hahaha, marriage One lesson learned---once it's divorce time (something that's basically inevitable like Thanos, imo)...make sure it's finalized as fast as possible if you're playing lotto: https://www.newsweek.com/lottery-divorce-80-million-ex-wife-1445175 Interesting... in other news... apparently Grimace was originally a villain: https://mcdonalds.fandom.com/wiki/Grimace
  9. heh, sheeeeeit, checking that friend zone vid again... it is a topic that always catches my attention for several reasons... One thing I notice is that some people would advise a guy to "ghost" the bitch. hahah nig please. A resident of that infamous "zone" pulls something like that....9 times out of 10 she's just going to be relieved....jumping for joy and perhaps high-fiving her friends like "lol, he FINALLY stopped textin' and calling me, girl! I think he gave up! This calls for a celebration!" More men need to understand... this isn't like some sappy romantic comedy or 80s movie bullshit. In real life there often is NO hope in certain situations....I'd say this particular thing is one of them. I’d say it’s much more bleak than mostguys would ever admit… women don’t seem to give even 1 OUNCE of a shit about any 1 man, with the possible exception of those who are actual family. No, she doesn’t fucking care and she never did…not really…it’s just their very nature, like it’s natural for a leopard to have spots. (trust me; I absolutely wish I was wrong about this shit) I have a bit of an obsession with this topic that is probably not exactly a healthy thing, I'll admit.
  10. I decided to hold off on that until I get a new card; I'm down to only 6 gigs on my current one... it would be so nice if the new version of Switch has more internal memory, or perhaps just comes with a halfway decent sized SD card.
  11. sheeeeeit, Rom Wills on point as usual with this shit
  12. A double-pack of the typical CW-brand hotness--- my honeys Lili Reinhart AND Camila Mendes! woo lawd hav'e mercy
  13. holy shit check this out I've never even heard of this one until seeing it just now on the eShop...yeah it's out NOW. ...one thing---naturally I love a good dose of TnA but it's quite disappointing that the "wizard" in this game looks like that....I would've preferred a more traditional looking mage character...."wizard" in this game is basically a random "almost naked" bitch with some weird hoop weapons[??!] oh and anyone following the e3 news already should know, but yeah... 500 years later Torchlight II is headed to consoles; Switch included!
  14. yeah I had mixed feelings on the whole thing from the E3 announcement....on one hand, part of me still had enough love for this franchise to be at least interested....but on the other hand...it has been 7 years since original release of this shit...and 8 by the time this actually comes out. ...but PSO was one of my top favorites on Dreamcast... I've played games since the days of Atari, but I never had "gaming addiction" until Phantasy Star, at least at that point... it was the first game I played for that long, and obsessed over THAT much...creating multiple characters, really getting into the whole lore and backstory of them and enjoying the world, the thrill of finding those special/legendary weapons; I loved every thing about it, man. That first one wasn't even enough...I followed the series from that point on; I had the Gamecube version which was "Episode 1 & 2" (went on to make 12 characters for it! ...450+ hours just on my main character "Chojin"! [a "FOmar"), then my friend had the Xbox version so I had a character saved there on his copy of the game...his wife was a fan too so it would often be the 3 of us playing our characters for hours and hours on end until we were nearly passing out in the early hours of the morning.... ...then there was the 360 era with PS Universe; of course I bought it day 1....loved it, but not that monthly fee; I only paid for a short time then continued my adventures offline (ha, imagine that---games still being playable OFFLINE back then!)....and then the greatest version, imo---Phantasy Star Portable games on the PSP; the first was kind of a copy of PSU, but Portable 2 and Infinity were the best. I enjoyed every minute of my time with those. ...well, as usual when one gets to be an "old man gamer" I tend to ramble on and on about the good ol' days....but damn I loved those games.... if only some other company that is more competent and capable could rescue this IP, it could realize it's true potential one day....it will always be bordering on pure irrelevance under the direction of That Company. Now, and even back then in the 360 days---ask the average gamer about Phantasy Star, they just think you meant to say "Final Fantasy"....then you go on to explain that it's a different franchise....they will have no clue what you're talking about, sadly.
  15. Ok, I should've known *That Company* would fuck it up...I'm reading through some things to get caught up on what's going on with Phantasy Star at the moment and what PSO2 was/is like....right off the bat I don't like where this shit is going... * NO beast race. -- this happens to be one of my top picks every time, up thru Portable 2. * Apparently no "SUV" ability for CASTs? * For "specials" we've gone back to "Photon Blasts". The Dumans---cool new species that was added in Phantasy Star Portable 2: Infinity...so...they no longer have the "Kenpachi from Bleach" eye patch deal going on, at least according to the pictures I'm checking out now? Since there's no longer a "nanoblast" kind of thing, they just have the photon blasts presumably everyone else can get. Oh and now they have horns like a "cute devil"...females get 2, males get a single horn which just looks like some silly unicorn shit.........what the fuck is going on here? Well, it's silly that I'm even pretending there's people other than me who care that much about modern-era Phantasy Star in the first place but whatever... even as a "free-to-play" game, the more I find out about this, the more I'm losing interest.
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