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  1. hell yeah... it begins.. non-stop hype train until Q1 of 2020 for me.... https://www.gamespot.com/articles/vampire-the-masquerade-sequel-bloodlines-2-reveals/1100-6466439/
  2. MK11's story is already starting off as thinly veiled continuation of the "Girl Power" in entertainment these days....it's amusing to me, actually. The most obvious ones are over in the CW shows though...they're about as subtle as a nuclear bomb over there with that shit.
  3. Ok yeah---Cuphead on Switch, man... visually, this looks PERFECT, man...holy shit....I'm not noticing any visual differences from the Xb1 version; the only thing is the loading already pointed out earlier, and that seems to only be noticeably long at the start of the game before the tutorial part. It's also much quicker once a stage has started and you're reloading to start over after the (**inevitable**, haha...game is hard as hell) deaths. The temptation to just play this at my desk all day at work was STRONG. So far I've made it past that first flying stage where you fight the strange woman that transforms into things (*ah--Hilda Berg is her name). The art design in this game is truly on another level... I can't say enough good things about it...they perfectly nailed that "1930s cartoon" look in every possible regard, from the way the characters move, to their reactions, the animations on everything, the colors, the "old film" look to it, the sounds and the way the characters speak, etc. I remember someone in a review or youtube vid said it best----It's like if video games existed back then, this is exactly how they would look, sound and animate.
  4. a brief interview with Dance with the Dead on their channel
  5. sheeeeit, this show Lucifer has become my main thing over the past few days now...finally getting into it since I noticed it's on netflx... the girl playing the detective is a cute one; then there's that super-fine ass demon that looks like a younger Halle Berry [!!!] with longer hair.... and that's only the beginning; there's quite a lineup of nice eye candy on the show....so just like that it has the things I want in a show; cool supernatural stuff going on and fine girls. The show is also surprisingly funny at times...like one thing is that he straight up tells people who he is...but of course most just assume he's not being serious or is perhaps a delusional, weird person. sidenote--heh, that dude who was President Palmer's brother on 24 is on there too, as an angel....there's also some former True Blood people on there; that girl that was Andy's daughter, and that kinda weird looking dude that hooked up with Lafayette for a while. ah, Lucifer's demon assistant/whatever is this woman *this isn't a flattering picture of her though; the girl is hot as hell https://www.imdb.com/name/nm2788229/
  6. checking back in on my honey Tiffany Smith...haven't in a while and woooooo look at the sheer dark stockingsssss...yes yes her stardom has elevated a bit lately because she's starring as Megan in some apparent tv-movie about Megan Markle and Prince Harry... (I'd take her over the real life Megan any day, easily though) cute goofy smile pic...such a gorgeous creature... More of the latest from the Legendary Camila: ^lawd have mercy goddamnnnnn
  7. The Ongoing Slow-motion Hindenburg Crash that is Anthem continues... ...so the "Featured" store updated again, and OH HOW SURPRISING, once again there's content they've already posted before. This is a non-stop comedy show, folks. There's only 2 people on my friend-list (out of the group that played) that still play it... one guy actually hit "Legendary" status with his Storm now. Really, I've never seen anything quite like this in the industry before... a game that's supposedly in the "looter shooter" genre...where loot is important.....and it hardly has any loot. How does one also introduce a new special loot chest ("Elysian") that has literally NOTHING desirable in it? For the uninitiated---Imagine if Diablo 3, Path of Exile or whatever other loot-centric games had a new special mode you could run with this big golden treasure box at the end....but the only thing in there are white items and small amounts of gold (gold quickly becomes irrelevant in D3; my character on XB1 currently has 2.6 billion or so)...and thus...NOBODY cares about that damn chest as a result. I still have 1 Elysian key from weeks ago now...because I don't care to ever use it. There is no incentive to care about that chest because it literally has nothing that is of any value. People would have liked customization pieces (armor packs) to be in there but they (probably the suits in charge) chose to NOT put those in there. It's like an incredible practical joke here....like if it was truly intentional, it would go down as possibly the greatest troll of a game in history. *I want to get back to designing nasty stages in Smash Ultimate but Katana Zero is too good to put down at the moment... I always enjoy hearing this guy rip into something, and Anthem is such an easy target...here's a new vid he posted on the latest going on with it:
  8. sheeeeit, A Quiet Place was soooo damn good.... edge of your seat tension the whole way through....I can't help but wonder though...imagine how bad it is to have gas in a world like that... or diarrhea. I suppose one would have to master the art of the Silent But Deadly [SBD] farts or you wouldn't survive. Pissing can be relatively quiet, perhaps outside in the grass. *that nail in the stair was especially nerve-wracking... you knew someone was going to step on that...and even after that scene happened I kept thinking "YOU DID NOT TAKE CARE OF THE NAIL, THOUGH...IT'S STILL STICKING OUT THERE, BRUH."
  9. haha that reminded me just now... I truly hated that damn laser in Contra....terrible weapon. I vaguely remember the Fire gun being turrible too....so those shitty guns may as well have been enemies at the time...another thing on the screen to avoid at all cost. The real deal of course was the spread or at least the machine gun. ..oddly enough the machine gun was kinda redundant to me due to a certain "ability" I had that others seemed to lack. I could vibrate my arm and hand...which naturally lets me press buttons at a much faster rate the people who can't do that.... I always found it odd that other people can't do that anyway; I figured it was a normal thing like walking or running...but I guess not..? It's like when Flash or other speedsters are shown vibrating their limbs..... *quick internet research---apparently it's called "jitter clicking". In any game where it registers button clicks as fast as they can possibly be done, I was always at an advantage if I did that.
  10. hahaha the stage builder in Smash Bros. Ultimate, man.... first thing I made of course was "The Bowl."---- a giant toilet bowl with a huge shit-pile in the middle. I look forward to seeing just how disgusting I can get with this. I've already heard talk of a "Climax Sex Stage" that someone actually posted...sadly it's probably been taken down by now I'm sure. Ohhhhh this mode they added should be non-stop good times. I was at work while finishing off my designs for "The Bowl" stage; it was tough to hold in my laughs and still be all professional and shit there. yeah on another quick note though--- Katana Zero = highly recommended for any 2d action fan. I love everything about it so far....first thing I did when getting home today was to buy it and start the download. haha back to stage-builder silliness though... check this guy's antics out:
  11. Skyrim... Well, this is a bit of a disappointing thing I just found out... randomly browsing a forum for it... turns out they removed the random vampire attacks in towns. Apparently I was probably the only person that found that idea funny and awesome (coming back to a certain town to find out that character you were coming to see is dead because vampires showed up yesterday ) ....most of the Skyrim fanbase seemed to always bitch about that, and downloaded a "vampires suck" mod usually to "fix" it.
  12. More amusing Anthem shit----soooo....BioWare has posted some job openings apparently.....ahahahaha seems kinda late for that, bruh By this time next year, I'd bet this game won't even exist anymore. *ah....another random, quick insight on things with this game... they don't even have masterwork or legendary versions of certain items (support gear), folks. Yeah, the loot pool is indeed *that* goddamn small and disappointing. Imagine that in any other loot-centric game...like if Diablo 3 had legendary items for most things....EXCEPT boots...you could only get blue boots...not even rare...just blue-tier boots. Y'know, at a certain point you start to wonder not just if they ever made something like this before.... I wonder if these people have even **played** a loot-focused game before. This seems like the kind of results if someone like my Dad randomly decided to make a looter shooter one day (and purposely avoided doing any kind of research on other similar games in the genre).... my Dad being a person who has not played any video games in the past 25 years. (last thing he played was a basketball game on the Saturn)...it is out of touch to the point of being comical.
  13. FLASH ...sheeeeit this episode is a showcase of the lovely Jessica Parker Goddamn Kennedy..(*currently rated as the #2 of my Magnificent 5)...wooo lawd yes I could creepily star at this girl all day long, man. She could piss on me if she wanted and I'm fine with that. Her friend is alright too, though not on her level obviously. This episode is showing how Nora got her power, btw...
  14. Vampyr - so awesome, returning to this one... I checked up on a person I turned earlier to see how this one is adjusting to life as a "newborn" vamp. There's another character towards the end of the game you can turn out of spite too...it's quite satisfying. There is another one "progeny" out there too, though unfortunately I don't think I can check up on him...that one was at the behest of the Ascalon Club (kind of a fraternal order/clique of elite vampires). One thing I would've liked a bit more is if you had the freedom to just turn anyone, or at least most people you meet...eventually becoming the "sire" of a whole legion of new vampires....a clan. In a sequel, I'd definitely write in all these newborns to show up with Jonathan again as allies....just off the top of my head I'd do the different timeline thing for sure---say we're now following the adventures of Jonathan in 1940s or 1950s America, and of course Jonathan and his progeny naturally still look the same as they did back in 1918 from part 1....but now they'd function as much more experienced, more powerful vamps. I can't get enough of this.
  15. "Dark" is back and live...and of course Tev is re-streaming sheeeeit, this new "season" of dsp should be GOLD.
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