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  1. haha, it also reminds me of the Voltron situation... yes I found out later on that the "car version" was apparently first, but I still don't care...when I was a kid, one day we had the Lions version, then suddenly it was vehicles....and I was sitting there like...".is this the right show? Why are they calling this "Voltron"? This shit isn't the real Voltron, man..."
  2. hell yeah that redhead finally showed up... I don't recall if they wrote it that Sasuke ever hit that but he should've. That pussy was served and ready at any time for him.
  3. I couldn't get into Beast Wars (yeah I'd agree that even back then when the show was new...it was soooo ugly ) ; the original G1 designs were and will always be the "true" Transformers. I saw this new vid just now in my usual youtube surfing...
  4. oh my....god!!! hell fuckin YEAH, man!!! ...damn I need to sit down for a while after that... muthafuckin Bloodlines PART 2, man....this is finally happening!!! I do wish it had 3rd person view though... Bethesda and Elder Scrolls can go kick rocks forever then (we all know that TES VI will likely be a broken mess just like the rest of their games)... I finally have some *real* options for vampire games lately.... Code Vein coming up, Vampyr last year and now this...sheeeeit.
  5. There's still a few odd things here and there but lately it's been stable for me; the past few days I've been playing for several hours at a time with no crashes or freezes. The main annoyance at this point for me is the TERRIBLE load times... some of them aren't that bad, but it adds up to being annoying because of how they pop up... example... After a mission, you return to the city area...load screen... You may want to hit the "Forge" area to see the loot you got and equip new things = load screen. After getting everything set; your squad wants to do another mission...you go back from Forge to the city area = load screen. Then...you go to the screen where the mission is selected = load screen. Also---during the missions... if one or more of your crew gets too far ahead, this triggers the game to "teleport" you and whoever else is behind to be with them...yep you guessed it---this means another loading screen. ...this is unlike the others though because a countdown happens before it....so .....If you catch up to them fast enough you can dodge that one...I think it is the only loading screen in the game that can be avoided. edit---oh and we did encounter a random "world event" in free-play mode yesterday where the game apparently "forgot" to spawn the enemies....making that event effectively impossible to complete. Since this was free-play (the random free-roam aspect of the game) it didn't necessarily "break" anything; we just left and flew to some other part of the world, in search of other "world events"
  6. Work-stuff--> 7 performance reviews I have to write up at work over the next few days... fortunately I can type fast; I got 3 done yesterday morning, then another one that afternoon....this has been an annoyance because I was thinking of taking a good bit of time off then remembered I have to be there for that. After these are done though....ohhhhhh yeah I'm absolutely taking 2 or 3 days off. Anthem - so I played some of my Storm character earlier tonight in Grandmaster 1 difficulty... I get that they seemingly wanted this one to be the "glass cannon wizard" type but maybe they went a bit too far with his poor defense..? It seemed like any little hit meant Storm was instantly downed....and this is a game when some areas have enemies showing up from all directions with gunfire everywhere...you WILL get hit by *something*..... eh, maybe if I just stack shield bonus consumables though...and any gear that gives bonus to shields... that might be the necessary gameplan for that one. I love the design too... mine has blue colors with a red cape, of course. heh, sheeeeit....MOST fans probably either went for the Superman design or tried to make him like Magneto.
  7. BRUH.... Cuphead on the goddamn SWITCH! oh yes I'm absolutely buying it again...hell yeah, man
  8. y’know, this whole season… Cicada just doesn’t seem like someone Flash should have any difficulty in stopping…especially not with help. He appears to just be a dude with a meta-powered dagger…and I guess some ability to fly? At least how they’re presenting this guy on the show…he seems like nothing more than what should be a random bad guy that is handled in just 1 episode. Jessica P. Kennedy continues to be one of the absolute finest women I’ve ever seen anywhere in life. Goddamn that girl is somethin’ else. There was a girl I had a major crush on back in junior high that looks just like her, so she also brings back those memories. Heh, I had it so bad for her I actually wrote a sappy, corny love letter....I never had the balls to give that to her, of course. haha the closest I got was awkwardly hanging around after class waiting on a moment to speak to her and give her that silly ass letter..heart racing of course....ultimately chickened out and walked off.....heh, there was no other crush that was on par with that, really...it was like super-saiyajin levels of crush going on there.
  9. sheeeeit, the Colossus in Anthem is so hilariously OP, man…goddamn… I got that item I kept hearing about on forums called “Best Defense”…it is the masterwork version of the siege cannon. Basically, this shit heals you for 35% health just by shooting enemies with it…and that effect seems to have a very short cool-down. So… in addition to this being one of the best, most durable “tank” characters I’ve ever played… TONS of health plus shield…if I get even a little low on health I just shoot into a pack of enemies and boom I’m fine because I just got 35% of my health back. Since it’s a goddamn cannon, keep in mind you still have health pick-ups dropping from enemies dying. At this point the Colossus is nearly unstoppable…the shit is hilarious. I could probably just stick with Grandmaster 2 difficulty at this point. It’s so damn good I’m a bit concerned they’ll probably nerf either Colossus or “Best Defense” or both, sadly, knowing how devs tend to be these days ( oh that’s too powerful and thus FUN? We need to “fix” it then…can’t be having that…) This is the greatest tank I’ve played since the glitched Dwarf in Dragon’s Crown, man. I was just starting Black Desert this morning, actually, when some friends sent the invite for some Anthem action...yeah, I've actually been on the game basically the whole day
  10. I heard of this on another forum earlier, and here's Rurikhan with a vid on the strange issue with Anthem's power-scaling I tried this but with an Interceptor since their melee is already ridiculous..also tried with a Ranger.....but the problem is it's still making you essentially a glass cannon that dies immediately to **anything**...I may try with a Colossus later then.... really, it's stupid but so far it doesn't seem as godlike as some folks are making it out to be... go to Grandmaster 2 or 3 and you'll still get knocked down in 2 seconds by even the weakest enemies.
  11. ^annnnd I'd absolutely buy a "Women-In-Prison" film starring her... Lori is a legendary tv milf. *funny thing; I should've seen it coming that the "woke" faction of the American Black community (at least the youtubers and sooo many folks on facebook) would be all over this story, and yep, they absolutely are. It's interesting to see what kind of seemingly random news stories become a bandwagon people jump on.... I wonder how long 'til we remember we're supposed to be hating Kamala Harris and Cory Booker? It's fun to try and predict these things.
  12. ... so Sasuke left his bastard child with Sakura... and she's not even her biological child...ahahahaha nice. *"Cocoonsa" on DB Super still looked good after her transformation, unlike the fat girl (Ribrianne, I think is her name); too bad she's already out. ooh goddamn the leg cross view on that fine ass white meat/blondie in the blue/cat outfit on MHA just now....niiiiice Well, apparent technical difficulties that couldn't be resolved lead up to them skipping over to Megalo Box early.... this is HILARIOUS if Cartoon Network really just gave up on airing the Sword Art in general during the broadcast, man...
  13. Since most people have forgotten or never knew about "REGIS, Mark V" (it's annoying when there's this fond memory of something I found to be "classic" that barely anyone has ever heard of, resulting in me always having to explain the reference), I found it...someone edited all the clips from that episode:
  14. sheeeeit, I just got caught up on the season 1 finale of The Passage.....the last few moments the show definitely went all out. BRUH... holy shit, man.... the "viral" vamps running wild like Hulkamania was only the beginning of how the shit hit the fan here... and yeah, it's like they just hit us with 3 seasons' worth of "holy shit!" all at once towards the end. Yeah this has been my #1 new show at the moment.
  15. yeah I'll have to get caught up on it later today... I was already sleepy when I got home that day, unfortunately, and eventually passed out during one of the commercial breaks. It was such a great setup with them being finally released from their cells in the previous episode...we all knew it was coming, and that "shit just hit the fan" moment delivered like a muthafucka. *I notice that Into the Badlands season 3 is on netflix now so I can get caught up on that one too...
  16. Black Desert review... I'm definitely getting this on XB1, especially once I found out how cheap it is.. (only 10 bucks for the basic version)...as some already know, this is one mmo where combat actually looks cool for a change...
  17. ha, I like that Dr. Doom idea for Ranger, actually... check this out...customizations in Anthem: https://www.ign.com/articles/2019/03/01/21-iconic-characters-recreated-in-anthem?abthid=5c798985deae065b0b000657 I modeled my colossus to look like Shockwave from G1-era Transformers (though with dark grey rather than a more accurate lighter grey)...thanks to the Dreadnaught armor pack you have the singular "cyclops eye" design already in the mix too.
  18. ohoooo it looks like there's a Flat-Earth special/documentary kind of thing on Netflix now....haha I look forward to checking that out for sure :rofl: One really interesting one I started watching is "One Strange Rock" which is hosted and partially narrated by Will Smith..mainly about Earth and it features various observations and commentary from astronauts. The visuals in that are incredible. More random space stuff---imagine how awesome it would be to move fast enough to catch up to and pass the point where the edges of the universe are still expanding outward. I wonder what would be beyond that point? Assuming it is the absence of space/time and thus true "nothingness" or void... would one cease to exist at that point? Theoretically you'd be outside of both space AND time....of course this would require a being to be immortal and invincible in the first place. It's one of countless reasons why my most desired power (even beyond vampirism) would be for the Power Cosmic, so I could personally test things like that. ...or...what if going beyond the Universe Boundary puts you in the other ones...? You're passing from Universe #1 to #2, or 3, or #743, etc. If one ceases to exist by traveling into the void...would you then "re-exist" once the Universe Boundary catches up to the spot you went once you crossed into the void? (I'd doubt that, actually...) The depressing thing is that the answers to these questions will most likely go unknown (at least to humans) forever. I had to check on Olivia Jade's channel (this is Lori Loughlin’s daughter; and oh yes lawd hotness runs in the family) to see the fallout after this college exam scandal making the rounds… not surprising, I see that comments are disabled on her latest vid and the dislikes are high
  19. ha, now I'm curious to check back on her daughter's youtube channel again...I was keeping tabs on it earlier before I even realized she happens to be Lori's daughter (Olivia Jade is the name)...I'll bet things are QUITE awkward on the channel now... I'd imagine she's getting the occasional troll comments that are getting deleted *and yeah, I've had dreams of Lori before....goddamn that one was somethin' else....she still looks good today....would get ravaged without question still. *Anthem-- Colossus is one of the most fun "tank" characters I've ever played in a game, man... holy shit I feel like a nearly invincible GOD when playing as that mechanized beast. I was laughing it up with a friend the other day like "you should see how much health I have going on right now...and the enemies are BARELY scratching my shield health; it's insane"
  20. BRUH...look at THIS muthafucka... sure the graphics could stand to be better but I am definitely liking what I see here...and it's on Switch too?!?! sheeeeeeit. My ultimate dream Power Rangers game would still be a Dynasty Warriors "musou" kind of thing with every Ranger up to this point as playable characters... though...sadly I doubt that will ever happen.
  21. ANTHEM---sometimes it's like the game itself is trolling ya.... , I joined a quickplay random mission that turned out to be that goddamn Foundry puzzle/mission that I absolutely can't stand... it's already terrible, imo, but it seemed bugged...nothing was happening; no character voice-over, and the little totems weren't popping up out of the ground...no enemies were showing up...we're just running and flying around a giant empty room indefinitely...so I quit that bullshit. I came back to the game and tried again with Quickplay---it put me in the SAME damn mission and room again, man (once again apparently glitched...people flying and running around with nothing going on)....as if the game itself was doing that purposely to fuck with me.
  22. One of the best things about the "working adult" phase of life is that it's like being a big kid that now has the money to get all the fun things on a regular basis....unlike actual childhood when all you have is *maybe* an allowance if your parents are that generous. I'm still enjoying this just as much as if this phase of my life only started yesterday... any kind of figurines I want I can get them easily... any video game I want...BOOM that shit is mine on day 1 if I so choose....and to be played on the gorgeous 4k television I got last year....and my place is shaping up to be exactly how I want it... currently on the window sill I have a few of my favorite figures up there until I get a proper shelf--- Earthworm Jim, Majin Buu, Apocalypse, Nelson the Bully, 2 "M.U.S.C.L.E." figures, and from the Disney Infinity lineup--- Darth Vader and Kylo Ren (Infinity was fun; too bad Disney's dumbass shut it down for some reason)...oh and a small Master Chief figure I got a long time ago. I also have a tin wall decoration with the original art from the Pacman arcade cabinet. *on another note--- I didn't realize Black Desert would be so cheap on console... it's only 10 bucks for the basic version...hell yeah I'm getting that next then. *I was trying to play a bit of Anthem a while ago but Dad called... 1 hour, 40 minutes and his ranting/rambling is still going strong, as usual
  23. ah, so Sword Art went right back to being 25 or so minutes of characters just talking and being as boring as possible, I see. Fannnntastic entertainment value, folks.
  24. song choice is indeed a critical thing... reminds me of how much I didn't like the trailer for that recent Death Wish movie with Bruce Willis... they played AC/DC's "Back in Black" for it... I like that song but it just didn't seem like the right tone for that movie's trailer.
  25. ha, browsing the eshop I noticed this game called Hard West...seemed interesting in concept...then reading along in the description I hit that thing that always kills my interest...some of ya probably know what I'm getting at: "Control 1-4 squad members in turn-based combat enc.." **B-BUTTON instant 'nope.' On another note--there's this little game called Robonauts that they are always trying to basically give away... it's been on sale constantly for ridiculously low prices each time for some reason... currently it's on there for 86 cents! (90% off)... I may actually get it one day....usually I have enough in those gold coin points to cover that.
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