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  1. damn youtube has been too hot tonight---I had to check my usual Collider episode live this afternoon after work..then all of a sudden Mr. Metokur was back with a live-stream (hilarious and insane as usual)...then my honey Anna (That Star Wars Girl) was live...she's one of the hottest youtube girls I've EVER seen so of course I couldn't miss that.......NOW Angryman is live...it's too much! (and his live-stream just hit the 3 hour mark) sheeeiiiiiiiittttttt, I can't even get sleep trying to keep up with all this shit. Metokur had a stream about this other dude going by the name of "Blade" (ha, not my favorite badass vampire hero) that was dumb enough to be in a situation where it at least appeared that he *might* have sexually assaulted this girl....LIVE on stream. I can't even process the stupidity there...why even be in a situation where it LOOKS like that's what is going on? ...and on a live stream..?! (quick summary--in an RV.. his friend came from the back room with no shirt on, after fucking the girl. The dude "Blade" at some point asks him "hey, you mind if I go fuck ___?"; everyone involved seems pretty drunk... he goes back there...the girl is passed out back there, btw... he closes the curtain or door thing. The other dude has to keep checking on him because he and this guy working the camera don't exactly trust him.... especially because he asked earlier if he could go fuck that girl real quick... and since he later would say "Got to go **pee**." with air-quotes, kinda sarcastically like it was an obvious lie for what he really wanted to do.)
  2. hmm... apparently 8/22... that one kinda sneaked up on me... yeah I'm also wanting that game. The lineup of greatness at the moment is on fire...especially this month and next, at least.
  3. yessssss here we GO HORDE fan for life, here...sheeeeiiiiitttt, it's one of the main reasons I keep buying Gears. I also didn't know until recently that you can play it early if you pre-order the "Ultimate" edition, which is what I already intended to do. strange thing---there's a certain friend that's planning to get it asap as well...but the guy never finished the story in part 4. I just don't get that; why jump right into story mode (he is NOT one of those that only buys it for multiplayer stuff) when you did not stick around for the conclusion of the previous game? There's a MAJOR reveal at the very last moment of part 4 too that was a jaw-dropper...
  4. whoah, I like the art and animation in this one... I am instantly intrigued:
  5. I'll keep hoping... He-Man has huge potential as a new series [in the modern era with looser constraints on content], imo...it's sad that it was never realized. The 2002 series never really had a chance because of the usual CN screwjob they always like to do for whatever reason (shifting the show around---He-man was difficult to catch since they kept putting on at different times and days, I remember....so yeah fuck that network forever, man. It always happens with shows I happen to like....if I was shopping my own show around, that network is actually the *last* place I'd want to put it on...one might stand a better chance putting shit on goddamn PBS.)
  6. Sheeeiiiit, watching Stranger Things again---if this Russian assassin dude (I think "Vasilev" was the name?) was a little bit younger, I could see him as another possible T-800 if/when we had to *finally* replace Arnold. Basically, he looks like the "U.S.S.R. Edition T-800" in this show already. ....Terminator is such a major franchise; we all know a remake will happen at some point in the future...it's most likely still several years out though; maybe 5 to 10 years later and it will simply be called "The Terminator" again. ...such a short season here---only 8 episodes. Even though these netflix shows are typically short, I still rarely get through them. I still haven't seen all episodes of the other Marvel shows; Jessica Jones season 1 was the only one I finished watching.
  7. heh, sheeeitttttt, the memories... Skywarp was actually my favorite of the jet crew in the Decepticons, because he had the best color scheme, imo....so it was a bit disappointing that he was kind of a minor character in the show if I recall.
  8. ha, this guy rants on the latest stupidity going on in Supergirl Bizarro, folks. Yes, they've made female-Bizarro. sidenote--I'd still eat the hell out of Mel's fine little ass.
  9. ha, now there we go... an actual asian person playing Raiden. For some reason most fans seemed to love Chris Lambert as Raiden back then, but I always thought it was silly....just like I laugh at horribly incorrect casting today...suddenly the japanese thunder god was looking like Gandalf the Grey's beardless younger brother....the shit was always "off" to me....that wasn't Raiden at all, imo....it was like the director or whoever just didn't like how Raiden looked in the games and said "yeah fuck that" and put his own version of Raiden in there as a white-haired wizard-looking muthafucka....nah get outta here with that foolishness. It would be as silly as casting Seamus from WWE (the whitest dude in the history of the world) to play Jax, and making sure he dresses up like mime, but still calling that character "Jax". random sidenote--Katy Perry is welcome to molest me anytime, anyplace....she continues to be insanely hot, imo...even in that surprise-pic her ex-husband took when she was sleeping and awoken by the camera with no makeup on...with this annoyed look on her face...she still looked gorgeous to me. I'd eat the hell out of that one.
  10. Blizzard on the future of Diablo 3.... apparently NEW SETS are in the works?!?! I wasn't expecting anything since the game is so "old" at this point; that's a pleasant surprise... I figured they would've shifted all "Diablo" resources over to development of D4 quite a while ago while keeping this in pure "maintenance mode"
  11. y'know, I still think we basically got lucky with the whole ebola situation from a year or 2 ago... I don't think most people in the modern era (at least those in charge of things) really have what it takes to make the certain harsh decisions that might become necessary in a potential outbreak/plague kinda situation. Human civilization would be dangerously close to an *extinction-level* event and these fools would likely be arguing in the media about people's rights, and how we shouldn't have quarantine zones if certain areas are a lost cause, close borders, etc....and it would truly be the beginning of the end of our species as a result. Remember that 1 dude with the clipboard? The guy was standing right next to a patient with literally no special protective covering at all...just slacks and a dress shirt like he's in a typical office job at the time. If you didn't know better you'd think that was a scene out of a goddamn sketch comedy show right there. That's the kinda naive fools that would most likely be in charge of protocol.
  12. ok I found a new one; instantly subbed to this.....this is one of THE finest girls I've ever seen on youtube...godDAMN look at this: (haha yep I'm always on the hunt with that "bikini try-on haul" search parameters...at this point, of course youtube knows what I want and this kinda stuff pops up in my "recommended" section anyway)
  13. Oddly enough I didn't have it... I played it at a friend's house 1 time but that's been it. I'll correct that error very soon though. Doom Eternal will also have a Switch version, but this is one time when I'll opt for my Xb1 version instead most likely... I'd rather not have a visual downgrade in this particular case....plus there's likely to be more people playing on the regular console versions (and my XB friend list is bigger, and includes people I actually know personally...so far I have.....3 folks on my Nintendo friend list, and there's only 1 of them I actually know personally, and another from srk; oh and this is on top of xb and ps4 actually having native voice-chat and a far superior online experience) Unfortunately, a relative is planning some damn family reunion kinda thing that month... which I DON'T really want to go to for various reasons (mainly; I don't really know any of these people; they're *distant* family...and it's in a city I don't have any desire to visit...unlike probably 99% of the human race, I don't enjoy traveling a lot; I'd rather just chill out at home); but he's not the type of person to easily understand a "No." especially with that sort of thing....so it's looking like I may have to try making up some kind of really good lie to get out of that shit....I'll be relieved to get past that shit somehow because just thinking about it is an irritant at the moment.
  14. holy shit look at all THIS I was already sold but goddamn this shit looks awesome On another note---I'm definitely planning some time off for that major week in September...I think it's the 2nd week where Borderlands 3 AND Gears 5 are released....that is one hell of a combo right there...I'm taking at least 2 days; maybe 3. IGN has another vid on the upcoming greatness Bloodlines 2
  15. D. Sharpe rips into another one...I've been enjoying this guy's commentary lately...
  16. Sheeeiiiiittttt, on my way back in I had to do it...stopped by that store and now Hellsing Ultimate (The Complete Collection) blu-ray is mine! My vampire movie/tv show collection now finally has that critical component in the mix, yes yes. It's been one hell of a nice 4-day weekend for me....I should've ended this mini-vacation with a nice pizza but I don't feel like going out at the moment (I always do pick-up instead of delivery since it's cheaper; I happen to be close to my usual spots) ...really good run on Dead Cells at the moment; I'll probably beat it again since this is only Hard/1-cell difficulty... 27 points in Tactics this time; all my gear is S-rank of course...the numbers are looking SO tasty right now... edit---yep, final boss just got demolished with ease....1 more upgrade and I was at 28 Tactics. Quick Bow 3-Srank was doing 7,357 per shot with criticals = 25,729! Pyrotechnics fireballs doing 8,881 just on regular shots....I didn't even use that ability since Quick Bow was so damn strong and fast with the bonus damage boost from my heavy turret being deployed. (+15%...on top of the +2,830 dps from the support passive.)
  17. (disclaimer--I haven't read that article yet; I'll catch up later;but the usual rambling follows) sheeeiiiittttt, I figured it was common knowledge that women definitely prefer taller men. Short guys will usually get ignored probably 90% of the time if their other options are taller. It's like the male equivalent of being a fat girl trying to compete with girls that look like Camila Mendes and Salma Hayek. American women, regardless of race....tend to view the average short dude like a joke....always more inclined to just laugh at you for having the audacity to even speak to them. The short man's only real hope is to work out and get as ripped as possible.... a guy I knew in university was about 5'1 but girls were all over him since he was ripped like a muthafucka...like he was a comic book superhero that became real. Ohhhh he had quite a lineup of girls hoping to get his attention. I always figured being cursed with shortness probably inspired him to compensate to the extreme like that. I'm not much better off, actually being 5'7.
  18. this character design looks silly to me but I love how ridiculously OP he is... behold.... ZOM from what I read on a quick internet search recently....it took the goddamn LIVING TRIBUNAL to step in on this one, bruh.
  19. shamelessly lifted from that other forum's game thread... there's quite a few in this vid I've never even seen before... but yeah, this will forever be one of my favorite genres
  20. Yeah, imagine a dude that is giving money to a twitch streamer on occasion......the assumption is that he's giving it to one of the many cute female streamers that are selling their looks for tips...perhaps with prominently displayed cleavage, or making sure to get up and casually walk around or dance while she has bootyshorts on, etc....but no...these people are giving money...sometimes significant amounts to a 37 year old chubby guy that is known for lying, playing games poorly and making them look as boring as possible. (*like the recent PS4 God of War...he just kept throwing the axe over and over again if I recall...then wondered why people weren't turning in and found it boring. Imagine the game that you think has the most hype looking gameplay/action ever....I guarantee you that if he plays it...the game will look boring as hell...it's like a special "anti-hype" ability he has...like a superpower). On another note---his fans should also keep in mind this is a guy that always claims he is "in trouble" financially; just barely scraping by; gets overdrawn on his account... but now he's taken on all this extra financial responsibility of having a pet-->> food, cleaning, trips to the vet if/when he gets sick, etc. = $$$.
  21. The latest in the wacky world of ol' "Darksfadil"... so he had a special fundraiser kinda stream a couple of days ago; the tips goal was 1000 or $2,000...lo and behold his fans actually gave that much, with 1 dude in particular giving 1000 which got him over the 2000 point....basically he was hyping up this "positive news!" announcement he was going to do if the goal was hit.... and the paypigs fell for it as usual... ...it turned out to be a new pet cat....so yes, Dark's fans basically paid this dude $2,000 for him to announce he and the missus have a pet cat (which supposedly isn't even new; he claims they've had it for about a year now but kept that shit a secret.) It's always amusing to see some of the reactions in his chat room as shit like this happens live....to see certain things that become the "breaking point" that finally drives some people away. GTG has a Special Report on the latest developments, of course (along with other detractors)
  22. I haven't seen her in a long time... (I got way behind on that show Sleepy Hollow and never got caught up) so delicious ...Nikki Beharie
  23. also might add a straight-jacket to that with extra fortification on the parts that bind the person's arms and hands to make sure they can't pull a Houdini/Batman to somehow get outta that. The hands would be totally covered as well. Another thing might be to just shackle the person to the padded ground or a bed (which can be remotely operated so it sits them up on occasion; preventing blood clotting from laying down too long), so they don't even have the option of jumping up to try and break their own neck or something. ohhhh that reminded me just now... one of the coolest minor villains of the previous console generation was that "Houdini Splicer" enemy from Bioshock... the first one you encounter is also one of the first eerie situations in the game, actually...you just see the shadow of a guy on the wall running off...you turn the corner and it's a narrow hallway leading to a dead end....but you don't see anything when you get there, because he disappeared. It's an awesome, surreal/creepy "...what the hell is up with THAT?!" moment the player is faced with.
  24. The hilarious disaster that is MoviePass continues to provide the laughs
  25. sheeeeiiiiiiiitttttttt here we GO Fl4K has been the main character that jumped out at me from day 1; I'm definitely playing as him first. https://borderlands.com/en-US/characters/fl4k#- to continue beating a dead horse for a minute....once again just imagine how awesome it would have been if the Overwatch characters had a Borderlands-style game with skill-trees and various builds.... but nope... such a great cast of characters would get stuck in a game that's some simple "Red Team vs. Blue Team" shit over and over again....quite a shame, that.
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