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  1. ohooooo you know I had to dive into this when I saw it in "recommended" vids [youtube knows us all too well] The list is a bit lazy though, it seems... one would expect a bit more details in terms of who earned which spot in the rankings....like mentioning the main man Niklaus Mikaelson but neglecting to mention his hybrid status (along with being part of the "original family") as being a reason he's a top tier in that world. ..also---with characters like Dracula, there is immediately the question of which version of him we're talking about, since he's appeared in dozens of things; the original book, comics, animated shows and movies, video games, etc. whoah...no mention of any True Blood characters though? Bruh...
  2. it's solidified that she is the next inductee to my Magnificent 5 elite ranks... now comes the grueling process of figuring out placement since some shuffling around must be done, obviously...
  3. I'm checking out another episode of Lucifer... this girl Lesley Ann-Brandt is so insanely hot...might even be a new contender for Magnificent 5 status.... oh yes, this one's salad would get tossed without hesitation. Behold: lord have mercy
  4. ...and now the memories come back--- Byakuya had one of the best shit-talking speeches ever when he addressed Renji after defeating him: "A 1000 blades rise from the ground....with their scattering...infinitely more blades then arise....impossible to know their numbers...impossible to read their path...much less...avoid them. Nothing to do but watch...as one watches the wind pass...and wait for the blades to pass through you. One can do nothing but stand there...frozen...and then be swept away from this world. Shall I tell you the difference between you and I? IT'S CLASS. It's like the story of the monkey...trying to capture the moon. No matter how he struggles....it's just the moon's reflection on the water he sees....so he only sinks into the water. Time after time, the monkey sinks. Your fang could never hope to actually reach me...NEVER. But be proud...proud of the fact that you were felled by this blade...yet you still retain a human form." ^the shit is so good I saved the audio from it a long time ago.
  5. interesting... I never expected there to be cool shit happening (or anything happening, really) on a Sword Art Online show... holy shit that is apparently a DIVINE weapon?! This broad is one badass muthafucka....her sword is like a golden version of Byakuya's sword in Bleach....sheeeeeeeeeeit that's instant bonus points right there
  6. yeah Bugles are the shit, man... I only liked the regular ones though...much like potato chips I could devour a whole bag of those at once if I didn't have any restraint. Shit schedule--- it varies for me; but often it happens early morning after a good breakfast....I typically wake up way earlier than most people, so I have plenty of time. ...that whole thing with being the "early bird" kind of person is fun and satisfying, actually... on weekends, by the time most people are just waking up, I've already done grocery shopping, perhaps watched a movie, exercised a bit, surfed the net, played some games, etc. etc. etc. edit---now that I think of it, this has been that way for as far as I can remember.... when I was a kid, I'd end up watching various old black & white shows that were on as "filler" in the early morning hours before the regular Saturday morning cartoons got started.
  7. this was another cool moment here on Dragonball Super... when Jiren actually breaks a time prison... his power is BEYOND TIME, folks hahaha I love how ridiculous this character is! "not even time can bind him!" I love it
  8. the wonderful Natasha Goddamn Martinez was back on Collider today...mmmmm that girl is somethin' else
  9. ProJared's subcount is actually still dropping, I see.... it's down to 806k now: https://socialblade.com/youtube/user/dmjared/realtime The lovely Outstar is back with her vid on the latest vamp clan reveal-- Toreador:
  10. ah, here is their follow-up on that... a longer vid about Toreador and some other general info...excuse the man-bun appearance again:
  11. it's that time... another Bloodlines 2 clan reveal: I need a time machine so I can go to the future and play this immediately...and the other one...AND that Werewolf Apocalypse game too....damn what a time to be a gamer that loves this particular kind of subject matter...sheeeeeeeeit
  12. holy SHIT bruh… Eobard Fuckin THAWN, man… Legendary Villain status confirmed. I think this has made up for last season, easily. This season finale was once again going all out, as Flash season finales tend to do. Wow, man I'll have to watch that again later...
  13. oh my god... https://gematsu.com/2019/05/big-bad-wolf-developed-vampire-the-masquerade-narrative-rpg-announced "Big Bad Wolf-developed Vampire: The Masquerade narrative RPG announced" AND a aWerewolf game! https://t.co/JMH7evFdvN
  14. mmmm that's....most unfortunate that she is possibly a "Holy Roller" type of girl.... I'd still enjoy trying to corrupt her..... bring out those dark, raunchy, desires.... just as the serpent tempted Eve...
  15. The Gorgeous Naomi Scott (make sure to check the other pics right behind this particular one; it gets even better)
  16. well I was going to watch a few episodes of Lucifer, but Dad called.... the guy has been speaking for 1 hour and 55 minutes so far....hahaha 2 or 3 episodes could've been on in this amount of time. quick ProJared update--he's down to 836k now. edit--- watching another episode of Lucifer... this new girl that showed up in season 2 is a cute one-- "Ella" ah I see---the name is Aimee Garcia https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0305083/ Delicious. Yeahhhh she'd get ate.
  17. ah, the guys had another vid on Brujah of course...along with other details of the game.. ...and again; apologies for the man-bun on display there
  18. ProJared live-stream update: the other stream was taking down but the guy has it going on again here...
  19. ha, you beat me by 2 hours.... I was just coming here to post that^ the shit looks awesome to me. I'm still not sure why any sane company would go exclusive these days though; it's strange that they would limit their audience like that. I'll bet it gets ported later on anyway.
  20. Faction preview of Tremere For my fellow Vampire Diaries fans--- the "Tremere" are effectively the "Heretics"... the mage/sorcerer-type vampires.
  21. yeah I was watching when it abruptly cut off...it was going for 32 hours apparently. Jared is down to 877k now....I still have a tab open on the Socialblade site... Heidi had gone up to 27k last I checked.
  22. hahaha now they're playing The Final Countdown as Jared is nearing 899...oh yeah he's on 900k right now. Days of Our Lives now--- Arianne Zucker is still at it playing Nicole Walker...she's actually still looking hot, imo HAHAHA everyone was looking forward to the 899k but a big chunk fell off and now he's suddenly at 898k already
  23. hahaha, coming back to that social blade page again... it's STILL GOING, folks.... Jared is down to 906k at this point, and steadily dropping. yep the stream is still going too:
  24. let's see if I can "Cliff Notes" this shit... Jared [started off with 1.03 million*]went on Twitter to try and get ahead of the guaranteed shitstorm, and publicly announce that he was getting divorced...(after blocking his wife of course) Holly pops up in the twitter feed as the first person responding, saying something like "I'm here for you."... at first this just looks like a friend being there for a friend. Wife goes on social media to put it all out there, saying this was all because of his cheating...with Holly (and others apparently...oh and Holly was married but that ended last year---hmmmm.... ) Wife then goes on to say he was also sexting back and forth with tons of fans/groupies....so yes...this dude's dick pics are out there in Internet Land. It's possible of course that some of these groupies he was sending pics may not have been "of age"! (cue that Bill Duke scene---"now see....y'know you done fucked up now....y'know that, right?") Jared is currently on 922k, and the numbers just keep onnnn dropping. Holly is at 278k and also dropping. Memology 101 now has a good vid on it too...Quartering has also made a vid on this shit. It's golden. Oh it's quite a mess.... spilled over to her friend Bluejay's twitter as well; she also mentioned she was going to stay off twitter for a bit, and the comments following that have been amazing. I can't get enough of this disaster. (I happened to watch Bluejay on twitch on occasion before; discovered her when she used to stream with another one called "Yuuie", who was the main attraction for me at the time...I'd ravage that 6 ways to Sunday.) I have so many tabs open right now it's crazy...I had all this stuff to get around to watching on youtube and then this Jared shit just blew up all of a sudden
  25. another live stream is covering all 3...Jared and Holly continue to fall while Heidi's numbers keep going up.
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