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README! Site Rules and Info

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srk2 is now open! Please check out the following info:


Basic Rules

- Use common sense.

- Don't be a dick.

- Respect one another.


If you can't handle simple stuff like this then I'm booting your ass.



No racist shit. No illegal shit. Put NSFW stuff in spoilers.


Signatures and Avatars

Animated avatars are allowed. If your avatar makes peoples' eyes bleed then you may be asked to change it. Sexy pics are ok. Porn is not. Avatar file size limit is roughly 2MB.


If your signature is too long you may be asked to shorten it.



If you somehow can't follow the above rules, you will be warned.  If you screw up again you will be warned again.  If you misbehave a third time you get banned.


Reactions/User Ranks

Each time someone gives one of your posts a positive reaction (+1, LOL, WTF, Insightful), you gain one point. If you get a negative reaction (-1), you lose a point. Leveling is based entirely on points.


Theme Selector

The theme selector is my pride and joy. Click the button at the top of the screen or the area above the site's footer to access it. Themes will be rotated out periodically to keep things fresh and to make sure the menu doesn't get too cluttered. You can post requests in the theme request thread!



That's it! Hope everyone has fun!

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Rules reflect the move from Vanilla to Invision Community. Minor changes to emoji/signature/avatar/posting rules. 

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