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The Street Fighter V Thread

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16 hours ago, ZioSerpe said:


I nearly only have fun doing battle lounges and even there being constantly jab AAd by @TWINBLADES_SRK Kolin brings high levels of sodium chloride.

I honestly can't remember having fun in ranked and casuals outside of the early Sagat matches. 

I honestly think that SFV and DBFZ are the least fun games I own. 

I also think I would deeply enjoy Tekken if I got into it, but it has a really obnoxious cast, there isn't a single character I find appealing. 

So find myself still here hoping that ArcSys finally hits it big or that SNK delivers a KoF that has Angel in it and doesn't make me wanna commit sudoku because of shitty graphics. 

SamSho looks legit, but I literally live in KoF town, and I doubt it will pick up here

Its sort of a lemons into lemonade situation.


There are some serious things about SFV I don't like. But I'm also still new-ish to playing fighting games online so most of my enjoyment comes from trying to get actually better (not "SFV online" better) and I'm having a decent enough time with that. It is also one of (the?) 2D fighter with the biggest "pick up and play" player base which is another reason I keep booting it up. I know I could probably get more out of UNIST if I did more with the discord for it but sometimes I just want to fire a game up and play some games (even at the cost of playing online randos).


Also every once in a rare while I'll get a Battle Lounge with a decent-to-good player with a stable connection and I have a legit great time with it. But there are a lot of rollbacky fights against online psychopaths to get there.


Part of it is taking the game not seriously (which can sort of conflict with trying to focus in and improve) because there are plenty of bullshitty things. Also where I can see the game becoming a drag: the main thing to do is play Ranked, but playing Ranked especially leads to running into the most irritating tendencies in this game over and over. And even when things are going well its a grind so you have to subject yourself to a lot of it.


Its weird and I try not to think too much about it and just play the game and enjoy my time. Sometimes I start to spiral out and eventually just end up doing something like playing Into the Breach for like a week straight. 🙂


KoF is very much its own style of game so yeah SamSho probably isn't going to convert many but they are both big SNK franchises so you never know. If nothing else it seems like whenever SNK gets around to KoF15 it should look a far sight better than 14.

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I played a pretty good session on PC to get my 20 Ranked wins. I really enjoyed. I fought two Giefs back to back, a Sakura, Alex, two Ryus, a Ken, and a Cody. It was nice not play nothing but shotos. I got bodied by Cody. I have no idea what to do in that match up.

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Good shit fam. 👍


When fighting Cody with Laura I approach the fight sort of like a better Ryu, with the upsides being that his fireball being slower start up allows her to counter it better with Claps or EX Bolts, and that he has no real reversal. His VSkill can work similarly (and is a great reason to not get jumpy) but Laura's pressure tends to be tight enough that he can't really mash through it. And if you get a read that they like to try to VSkill to beat throws you can just pause a bit them blow them up for it.


It is one of those "maul or be mauled" fights because both characters can put the screws to the other if they get momentum going. Don't be afraid to VRev EX Zonk but try to do it early.


My last Ranked session was Abigail, Ryu, Ryu, Nash, Abigail from what I remember. I definitely remember there were two Ryus and two Abis in there. I always second guess myself when I do well and I thought "well maybe I just got a bunch of easy match ups" but at least for me those two aren't particularly easy with Laura. Been running into an oddly high # of Nashes lately across all online (as in > 0).

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So, I am currently playing Chun on an alt account, but now I am considering making yet another account to learn a new character

In contention we have

Mika, whom I only need to learn Oki for

Menat, whom would be the number one pick but I feel like I don't have the time to learn her.

Blanka, because he intrigues me

Fang, he also interests me but much less.

Ken, he looks cool and fun 

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From that list I'd recommend Ken and Mika from my personal experience.


Menat is fun to lab but in practice she is a super boring character if you don't like needling your opponent to death and playing keepaway.


Mika is really fun to steamroll people with and her oki is pretty straightforward if that is all you need to learn.


Ken is probably the highest in terms of fun factor and output - not in terms of raw efficacy necessarily but if you're on point with him you're getting satisfying confirms, CH combos, and extended combo sequences in general - but I couldn't hang with him. I feel like to be really good with him you need to be skilled with stuff I haven't been naturally good at so I bailed.

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52 minutes ago, Darc_Requiem said:

I'm guessing @GetTheTables will call his dojo Team 3D  😉

If I had my way I'd form a Dojo straight up called the Dudley Boyz and everyone would have thematic names. I would become BFFs with whomever changed their CFN to "D-Von" and we would attend tournaments just on the off chance we could have the player listings one day read:





Its the little things that make life worth living.


There are a lot of great wrestling stable names that would make for good dojo names too. Unfortunately Froz is likely gonna make the SRK one so it will be called "CodyYaoiEnthusiasts" or something like that.

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3 hours ago, GetTheTables said:

Real talk if the character was Elizabeth Honda and looked like that she would have been in S1 no problemo. Think of the costume sales over the years!


Also that is some S-tier cosplay.

Luffy would have mained her. You know how he feels about an ample bosom.

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