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The Street Fighter V Thread

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16 hours ago, ZioSerpe said:


I nearly only have fun doing battle lounges and even there being constantly jab AAd by @TWINBLADES_SRK Kolin brings high levels of sodium chloride.

I honestly can't remember having fun in ranked and casuals outside of the early Sagat matches. 

I honestly think that SFV and DBFZ are the least fun games I own. 

I also think I would deeply enjoy Tekken if I got into it, but it has a really obnoxious cast, there isn't a single character I find appealing. 

So find myself still here hoping that ArcSys finally hits it big or that SNK delivers a KoF that has Angel in it and doesn't make me wanna commit sudoku because of shitty graphics. 

SamSho looks legit, but I literally live in KoF town, and I doubt it will pick up here

Its sort of a lemons into lemonade situation.


There are some serious things about SFV I don't like. But I'm also still new-ish to playing fighting games online so most of my enjoyment comes from trying to get actually better (not "SFV online" better) and I'm having a decent enough time with that. It is also one of (the?) 2D fighter with the biggest "pick up and play" player base which is another reason I keep booting it up. I know I could probably get more out of UNIST if I did more with the discord for it but sometimes I just want to fire a game up and play some games (even at the cost of playing online randos).


Also every once in a rare while I'll get a Battle Lounge with a decent-to-good player with a stable connection and I have a legit great time with it. But there are a lot of rollbacky fights against online psychopaths to get there.


Part of it is taking the game not seriously (which can sort of conflict with trying to focus in and improve) because there are plenty of bullshitty things. Also where I can see the game becoming a drag: the main thing to do is play Ranked, but playing Ranked especially leads to running into the most irritating tendencies in this game over and over. And even when things are going well its a grind so you have to subject yourself to a lot of it.


Its weird and I try not to think too much about it and just play the game and enjoy my time. Sometimes I start to spiral out and eventually just end up doing something like playing Into the Breach for like a week straight. 🙂


KoF is very much its own style of game so yeah SamSho probably isn't going to convert many but they are both big SNK franchises so you never know. If nothing else it seems like whenever SNK gets around to KoF15 it should look a far sight better than 14.

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Good shit fam. 👍


When fighting Cody with Laura I approach the fight sort of like a better Ryu, with the upsides being that his fireball being slower start up allows her to counter it better with Claps or EX Bolts, and that he has no real reversal. His VSkill can work similarly (and is a great reason to not get jumpy) but Laura's pressure tends to be tight enough that he can't really mash through it. And if you get a read that they like to try to VSkill to beat throws you can just pause a bit them blow them up for it.


It is one of those "maul or be mauled" fights because both characters can put the screws to the other if they get momentum going. Don't be afraid to VRev EX Zonk but try to do it early.


My last Ranked session was Abigail, Ryu, Ryu, Nash, Abigail from what I remember. I definitely remember there were two Ryus and two Abis in there. I always second guess myself when I do well and I thought "well maybe I just got a bunch of easy match ups" but at least for me those two aren't particularly easy with Laura. Been running into an oddly high # of Nashes lately across all online (as in > 0).

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So, I am currently playing Chun on an alt account, but now I am considering making yet another account to learn a new character

In contention we have

Mika, whom I only need to learn Oki for

Menat, whom would be the number one pick but I feel like I don't have the time to learn her.

Blanka, because he intrigues me

Fang, he also interests me but much less.

Ken, he looks cool and fun 

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From that list I'd recommend Ken and Mika from my personal experience.


Menat is fun to lab but in practice she is a super boring character if you don't like needling your opponent to death and playing keepaway.


Mika is really fun to steamroll people with and her oki is pretty straightforward if that is all you need to learn.


Ken is probably the highest in terms of fun factor and output - not in terms of raw efficacy necessarily but if you're on point with him you're getting satisfying confirms, CH combos, and extended combo sequences in general - but I couldn't hang with him. I feel like to be really good with him you need to be skilled with stuff I haven't been naturally good at so I bailed.

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52 minutes ago, Darc_Requiem said:

I'm guessing @GetTheTables will call his dojo Team 3D  😉

If I had my way I'd form a Dojo straight up called the Dudley Boyz and everyone would have thematic names. I would become BFFs with whomever changed their CFN to "D-Von" and we would attend tournaments just on the off chance we could have the player listings one day read:





Its the little things that make life worth living.


There are a lot of great wrestling stable names that would make for good dojo names too. Unfortunately Froz is likely gonna make the SRK one so it will be called "CodyYaoiEnthusiasts" or something like that.

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3 hours ago, GetTheTables said:

Real talk if the character was Elizabeth Honda and looked like that she would have been in S1 no problemo. Think of the costume sales over the years!


Also that is some S-tier cosplay.

Luffy would have mained her. You know how he feels about an ample bosom.

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9 hours ago, Darc_Requiem said:

Seems like using 10 Fortune Tickets at once automatically gets you the costume now. I got it on the first time on PC and PS4.

That is good tech. I'll have to keep this in mind for if/when they put a costume in the boxes that I'm gunning for.

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Been awhile, time for a :tldr: SFV post:


Managed to get in a grip of games over the holiday weekend (thanks US fed job!) Paid the iron price for a bunch of dojo points - glory to Susgang - and the climb up Ranked is real. I feel like actually holding SG once I get there is going to be tricky but I'm doing well enough against the myriad Golds and Super Golds I've been running into that it'll work out. Just gotta keep plugging away at it (though I'm splitting focus when SCVI comes out to see how that game feels to play).



 - The other Laura player I ran into that fucking rage quit on me in a Casual match during the second game. I've run into plenty of rage quits and 1-and-dones in my time online but usually in the mirror everyone knows the score. Ran into him later that day and he opted to suicide the match and bounce. Damn dude. Everyone else already hates Laura, we can't have infighting. 😦


 - Threw Menat into some Casuals and it went about as well as I expected. 🙂 Got mauled but it was a good learning experience if I'm going to play her more. The one set I did win with her was against an Akuma player I had sort of mauled earlier that day. I managed to pull the set back 2-1 and he seemed to be quite frustrated by the second game. Dude was missing inputs and everything. Few things as sad to an Akuma player than beefing up air fireballs left and right.


 - So many fucking neutral jumps. I understand it in "neutral" as a lot of people in the Gold ranks are dashing in or using forward moving specials/normals to get in, though it is still funny to see them chain like 3-4 together and fuckin' Kriss Kross for a bit. 

But what sort of kills me are how many people do it on my wake up. Again, I think I get the base reasoning - a lot of people still wake up tech/throw here - but it ends up just being a shitty throw bait that is easy to anti air. 
I can clearly remember at least 2-3 rounds and therefore games and therefore sets I won that I probably should have lost because the other guy had me dead to rights in the corner but opted to neutral jump and landed himself in a post-AA mix up into death.

Laura has a good/great AA normal for dealing with neutral jumps so maybe I'm spoiled. Just a funny phenomenon that I keep seeing over and over.


 - Online Alex continues to be my bane. Every time I feel like I have a good plan they throw another strain of crazy at me and I die. I think I am getting better at it overall though and the big takeaway is that I need to work on my defense especially in pressure situations. Most of the time I'm dying due to bad defensive choices and that carries over to other match ups so its a good thing to work on.

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I've been having an interesting time with SFV. For reasons I can't explain, I can't win on PS4 to save my life. I've dropped from Ultra Silver to Ultra Bronze. The most maddening thing about it is this. I'm still Ultra Silver on PC. I got within one win of hitting gold before dropping back to 3760. 


I've tried switching characters. I've tried warming up in casuals before touching ranked. No dice. I was getting bodied on PS4 by Silver and Ultra Bronze players. I hop on PC, play three gold players and go 1-2, 2-1, and 2-0. It literally makes no sense.


I know some people will say, maybe it's the additional input delay. That hasn't been an issue before. Usually I play better on PS4. I get matches more quickly so it is easier to build momentum. On PC matches are less frequent. Usually it makes it harder to get into a rhythm. Not lately. I've had slumps before but they were universal. Not confined to one platform. I'm playing better players on PC and winning. I'm playing people worse than me on PS4 and losing. I'm stumped by this. :tldr:

Edited by Darc_Requiem

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Well if input lag is the culprit it seems like that may be getting addressed pretty soon:



I've only ever played on PS4 so I can't speak to whatever differences may be throwing you off. I do know that there are enough disparities that people do dislike hopping from one platform to another so maybe you are feeling what they are.


I'm happy to jaw over replays and stuff like that but since you're doing well on PC the solution may just be to keep plugging away on that platform and maybe PS4 gets normalized to however the PC is performing. Again hoping that the 10/23 updates does just that.

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1 hour ago, GetTheTables said:

Well if input lag is the culprit it seems like that may be getting addressed pretty soon:



I've only ever played on PS4 so I can't speak to whatever differences may be throwing you off. I do know that there are enough disparities that people do dislike hopping from one platform to another so maybe you are feeling what they are.


I'm happy to jaw over replays and stuff like that but since you're doing well on PC the solution may just be to keep plugging away on that platform and maybe PS4 gets normalized to however the PC is performing. Again hoping that the 10/23 updates does just that.

Honestly, I think it's mental. I think I'm pressing too hard. I just need to relax.

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10 minutes ago, Darc_Requiem said:

Honestly, I think it's mental. I think I'm pressing too hard. I just need to relax.

I hear ya. The mental aspect plays a big part. 


Like if you think you're doing worse on PS4, it can throw you off and end up making you play worse due to anxiety, a desire to compensate, etc. Not saying you are doing that but I get what you mean.


I had a sort of shitty session on Saturday. Felt kind of off the whole time and ended on a really shitty note - lost a set to an Akuma that I felt like I should be able to clean up, and I had lost to him earlier making it that much saltier. Going into the game on Sunday I had a lot of bad vibes about playing in general. I was able to shake 'em off and have a good overall session but it could have just as easily gone the other way.


And every time I fire up Ranked part of me always gets nervous about scrubbing right the fuck out and just chaining together losses for however long I play. I don't know that sensation will ever go away - part of it is a memory of when I first started trying to play online and that is exactly what happened and part of it is the desire to not have that happen again, which is the thing that keeps me practicing and learning.


The practice pays off as my sessions have generally evened out but more importantly I feel much better equipped to identify things that are giving me problems and come up with solutions. Even if I don't implement it during that game/set/whatever, I can work on it in the future and enjoy the benefits moving forward. So even when I get my ass kicked it isn't nearly as unpleasant as it was before.

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I posted this a while back on SRK1. Figured it could get us talking. These were my ideas for buffs to make Ryu better. I made a few additions. V-Skill changes, and an additional ability to V-Trigger 2.  Anyone have buff ideas for some of the weaker characters that they would like to share? Thoughts on this scrubs Ryu ideas?


Ryu - Season 4 Suggestions




St. LP,MP,HP - Hitbox Extended Forward (1 square on training stage)
Cr. LP,MP - Hitbox Extended Forward (1 square on training stage)
Cr. LK,MK,HK - Hitbox Extended Forward (1 square on training stage)
St.MK - Hitbox Extended Forward (2 squares on training stage),Advantage on hit increased from +2 to +3




LP,MP,HP Hadoken

  •  Overall Frames Reduced from 47F to 44F
  •  Advantage on hit increased from -1 to 0
  • Disadvantage on Block decreased from -6 to -3
  • EX Hadoken Overall Frames Reduced from 42F to 40F

LK,MK,HK Jodan Sokutou Geri  

  • Hitbox Extended Forward (1 square on training stage)
  • Disadvantage on block reduced from -16F to -8F



Mind's Eye -

  • Startup Reduced from 3F to 2F
  • Recover Reduced from 32F to 16F
  • Recovery No Longer Crush Counterable. 
  • V-Gauge gain on parry increased from 50 to 75
  • MP+MK - Parries High/Airborne Attacks
  • D+MP+MK - Parries Low Attacks

Note: Currently Mind's Eye parries physical attacks all physical attacks. Having it function like a SF3 parry, allows it to be buffed to be more effective. To offset the additional read the Ryu player needs to make. Mind's Eye starts up faster, builds more V-Gauge, recovers fasters, and the recovery is no longer Crush Counterable.




V-Trigger 1 (2-Bars)

  •  Duration increased from 1600F to 2000F
  • Idle V-Gauge drain reduced by 50%
  •  LP,MP,HP Hadoken Overall Frames Reduced from 42F to 40F
  •  EX Hadoken Overall Frames Reduced from 40F to 39F
  •  Shoryuken/EX Shoryuken V-Gauge usage reduced from 150 to 0


V-Trigger 2 (2-Bars)

  • Number of enhanced parries per V-Trigger increased from 2 to 3
  • Air Tatsu gains the ability to cross up the opponent
  • Mind's Eye can be performed in the Air, cost 1/3 V-Gauge
  • Gains access to new critical art. Shin Shoryuken 3 hits 400 damage (2x150, 1x100)
  • Shin Shoryuken exhausts his entire V-Gauge
  • Shin Shoryuken's performed after enhanced parries are automatically scaled to 60%(240 Damage) no matter the hit count

Side note: I don't pretend to know what i'm talking about. That said, Ryu seems to be the shoto Capcom wants to poke with normals from the outside and space with Hadokens. Problem is he has the same stubby normals as Akuma/Ken and his projectiles aren't that much better. I left his V-Triggers at 2 bars because his parry isn't he most reliable way to build V-Gauge and I feel that remains the case despite my suggested changes to Mind's Eye.

Edited by Darc_Requiem

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