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The Street Fighter V Thread

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Wouldn't surprise me in the slightest. SF5 already has fake-ass roman cancels and Kage brought in some legit air combos.


One thing I've found funny is that for as much as people come back to SF because "its SF" and it does have a particular way it plays, a not-insignificant chunk of the player base would also love to see the game get, effectively, anime'd up. Longer combos, more juggles, flashier supers, other zany stuff. And yet none of these fuckers will touch UNIST with a 10 foot body pillow. 😠


@Darc_Requiem Two quick follow ups about Laura since you are the only other person I know that is in the zip code of giving a fuck 😉:


1) They definitely buffed the range on VT2's grab. It used to be crazy short range - either as short as her regular throw or maybe a little worse - but now it is right around the same range as LK Sunset. With that she could probably legit grab someone out of a pressure string, though only if they were close range. Thankfully SF5 has the stubby normals.


2) You can indeed cross cut HP Bolt now. The timing on it is tricky and it doesn't work as well as a DP for the obvious reasons, but it's definitely doable. Not sure how worthwhile it is over dash under/jump back but I'll leave that to the actual good players to figure out.


Bonus discord tech: some folks are experimenting with using the ability to VSkill cancel the second hit of TC into Avante/Equiva for set ups (VSkill back, clap/EX clap, do x, y, z) or another way to get cross unders in VT1. May see some interesting shenanigans as the year rolls on if they don't kill it in 4.5.

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19 hours ago, misterBee said:

SFV creeps closer and closer to becoming an anime game every year.  SF6 will have air dashes BET IT.

Kage can essentially air dash in VT2. He gets faster version of Akuma's teleport that he can do in the air or on the gorund. He can also wall bounce people twice mid air with meter. He is an anime character. If you like Anime characters, he is the one for you.





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I think I tapped into the cosmic universe when writing up the one character Bio I posted in the character concept thread, because I'm digging Kage a lot and he feels a lot like that character, albeit simplified.  


He's still not as rewarding to play as G or Ed, but at least wins in ranked aren't as hard to come by for me now...

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On 12/28/2018 at 4:03 PM, Darc_Requiem said:

So what are everyone's thoughts on the Season 4 Balance patch so far?

I agree with the general sentiments that it is the best rounded patch Capcom has put out for this game. They went a little over and under in some places, but no one really got torpedoed or shot full of HGH, and whatever outliers there are they can hopefully correct with the inevitable pre-CPT season patch.


Laura seems like she is still mostly the same character and I may be over that kind of play style so I'm officially sleeping around until I find someone to settle on for S4. Kolin and Birdie are still in the general running but the current top of my dance card is G. Played a shitload of matches with him yesterday against Will and honestly probably did about as well with him day 0 as I have done in the past with my Laura.


I don't think its a power curve thing (though G definitely feels like he hits higher highs than she does) but more of a comfort thing. G has actual reach, great damage output, and can get huge rewards off his command grab which makes it feel more worth going for even if it is way slower than any other in the game (which makes me feel better about using it and getting blown up for it than with say Laura where you're risking a fat combo to the face for like 190 damage, 200 stun, and mediocre oki).


Looking forward to campaigning for a bit. Gotta learn a lot of new muscle memory.

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3 hours ago, ZioSerpe said:

Have ya'll seen the clip of @TWINBLADES_SRK getting cooked by Smug?

In other news yeah very balanced patch, it made me balance the fuck out away from Juri for good this time. 

I give @TWINBLADES_SRK credit. He grinds his ass of. I've seen him play against a lot the streamers I follow. He gives himself a lot of shit but he is a good player.

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On 4/14/2019 at 1:03 PM, Darc_Requiem said:

April Annihilation Top 8 starts at 5:30PM EST


That was a fun tournament. I don't think I can ever get tired of watching ProblemX use Dictator; That guy is on a level not too many others can reach. Plus, everything he does with Dictator is just so... Clean, I guess you could say. Precise. No wasted movements, no wrong moves... I honestly would use  footage of his high-level matches as a template for how Dictator should fight in any animated or live-action projects tbh.


Meanwhile, I'll still be grinding away with Ed. Just got back into Super-Bronze and I'll need some practice time ahead of a little local tournament going down this weekend...

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Punk is like Tiger Woods in his prime. It crazy good this kid is. He has more CPT points than the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place players combined. Tokido is number too and he has 1600 more points than him. WTF man.

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