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The SRK2 Saloon Thread

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15 hours ago, DangerousJ said:

There's no way the cartoon can live up to the comic.  The art in the comic is beautiful.



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heh, ol' "Darksfadil" is streaming Jump Force right now... I'm watching via a "detractor" stream of course.  This might be another good one.... of course he's making himself in character creation, like he always does... I'm surprised Tevin isn't re-streaming this.


3-day weekend coming up; I started off right with a meatball sub from legendary "Firehouse Subs".... I've been cutting back on some things lately but I couldn't resist it today.

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Jersey Mike's had the top spot for a long time with me....until I discovered Firehouse.  I still rank JM high but Firehouse has been the new champ for me.  I never get the other sandwiches though... it's all about that italian meatball sandwich.  The great thing is they happen to be a bit cheaper than JM's.  Quiznos is another good one


Subway of course ranks as absolute bottom tier.  As long as the aforementioned superior places exist, there's no longer a reason for me to ever set foot inside a Subway.


*Jump Force--- Lord AIZEN has the "Black Coffin" hadou spell, man... I finished one of my matches with it last night....ohhhhhh that moment was so delicious...to hear that awesome incantation again too---"HADO NO KYUJIN!!" then see the giant magical black box close in on them to finish the fight


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Oh boy. 
I know you've heard about this at least in some pieces by now, but here's a REALLY big part that was missing............Until now. 

I think that these bitches might end up feeling the wrath of Broly in court.

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heh, MTV Decoded is still going, I see... the latest vid is about "colorism"


...a bit funny that she throws Ciara in with some light-skinned singers/performers at the beginning of this.... Ciara is light-skinned?  Since when? I mean she's not exactly "Bill Duke" level blackness but c'mon now..😄


Surprisingly I'd agree with them, at least with the idea that to get far in the world of tv/movies/music entertainment, a light-skinned black person has an advantage over a darker one.


*sadly I fell asleep on the re-stream of Phil last night... and the "DarkDave" mirror never seems to have it as a saved vid on the channel...if you missed it live then that's it.  It suddenly hit me though--- a LOT of these people that give real support to Phil via the tips, cheers, gifted subs, etc.... a lot of them are probably just doing their part to make sure we don't ever lose what might be THE greatest "lolcow" personality in the history of the internet.  It would indeed be a shame to lose such a great source of unintended comedy.

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Alright homeskillets, It's a Saturday evening in mid February so that means...


New York Toy Fair Transformers Reveals!


Red Alert  (deluxe) - $20




Impactor    (deluxe) 





Mirage  (deluxe)





Thundercracker  (Voyager) - $30





Springer  (Voyager)





And now the  2 BIG MAMMA JAMMAS!


Skyfire will be 11 inches tall and is the first FULL cartoon styled jet/robot (Others Jetfires were good but were hybrids of the G1 toy and cartoon designs)
(Commander Class) -   $80







And appearing for the FIRST TIME in the Generations line...


Omega Supreme!

The exact size is unknown but will between 18-24 inches. He comes with a micromaster Countdown.  Price is believed to be $160 (Titan )




As Andy Samberg would say, "JIZZ IN MY PANTS"!

Edited by DangerousJ

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Just now, DangerousJ said:

sorry about the image spam. I will try to spoiler in the future. I guess Im excited lol.


also, thank you for fixing the images/link  MisterBee!

No problem man.  You're my number 1 source for Transformers news. 🤣

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