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The SRK2 Saloon Thread

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11 hours ago, Darc_Requiem said:

If they confirm the authenticity of the DM from Kid Goku/Gohan's previous voice actress, Sabat and Funimation are even more fucked.

I have a feeling they will do so. I was looking around for vids of it, but nobody has done it yet.


While we wait for confirmation of that, here's a battle that the Left simply cannot win.




They really think they can beat Chik-Fil-A.  They really think that they can do it.

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Looks at the license plate.



..................."FairLadyZ"?  KOWALSKI!  Analysis! 


I like both of them, but the left is just a little bit more like than the right. 


*EDIT:*  meh.  I never knew that the actual model of the car was indeed called the fairladyZ.  I am unworthy to carry the mantle of Bluestreak.  ☹️

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heh, yeah I love how overpowered the Nimrod character is.  He apparently took care of the Juggernaut too?  Heh, nice.  ...and that was back in the day when Juggy was straight up invincible, if I recall.


...Invincibility was always one of the top-tier power choices; one of my top picks for sure if I had a choice in super-human powers/abilities....to be physically impervious to anything....it would be too good to pass up.  Imagine how awesome it would be that you could stand next to an atomic bomb explosion...and when all the debris settles....you're still standing there laughing it off because all that did was annoyingly burn your clothes. 😆

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@Darc_Requiem  I'm sure they intend to.  There is no way that they would let these assholes off the hook now. 


EDIT:  The main one I want to see get it is Marzgurl.  That bitch is like a female S0vi3t, sitting on the sidelines trying to stir up shit because he's too damn fat to get involved.  I hope she gets a nice big jail cell to herself for a few years.  Maybe then she'll learn.......................probably not.


Since jumping on cruncyroll I've started binge watching one or two shows.  In this case, catching up on all the One Piece that didn't come on TV over here. 

I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again:  The funkiest weirdest damn character designs goes to One Piece.  I can't think of any other show that would come close.

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cheh, those ridiculous character designs are mainly the reason I could never get into One Piece...the character design is just SO off-putting to me; it's atrocious, imo.  That show is Ugly x 10000. 


Quick little update on ol' Darksfadil--- apparently Kat's birthday was recently; he mentioned they went to eat at Sonic...hahahah that's sad, man 😆  I like the Sonic tator tots just as much as anyone else; and they have some good shakes...but they didn't want to go anywhere a bit more special than that?!? Surprisingly, he wasn't as terrible as I was thinking he would be at Gears 5 multiplayer... a lot of it seemed to be lucky kills against newbies though...he kept getting away with shit that would absolutely never work against even moderately experienced players in any Gears game.

The latest I'm watching from Tevin... 



OH it was probably a lie anyway, the whole "eh we ate at Sonic" line because he followed up with "..because we really can't afford anything..." (*says the guy in a large house, in a gated community, which is his 2nd home btw...) < - the not-so-subtle manipulation of his die-hard fans there to keep those donations coming.🤣   


Oh and of course he's not even sure if he's streaming Borderlands 3 or not...something that's one of the biggest, most popular games of the month and arguably this year....and he's not sure he will bother playing/streaming that; c'mon, bruh what are you doing 😆

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