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The SRK2 Saloon Thread

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On 11/4/2018 at 9:17 PM, Darc_Requiem said:

@JHDKSerious name until suggestion until Bee-Chan gives us a theme.


Probably want to keep it fighting game related since i am toying with the idea of making a simple site to go with the forums.


On 11/4/2018 at 7:38 PM, DangerousJ said:

Are we rebranding for legal reasons or just to set us apart from og srk?

Since this place didn't catch on as the replacement for that place as intended, might as well develop a separate identity now.


Thanks for the name suggestions guys.  I'll think about it and see what I come up with.  Gotta do catch-up for work since I've been gone for a while, but once that's out of the way expect the branding change to come relatively soon!

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I finished Castlevania  Netflix Season 2 yesterday.




Great art/animation

The Ep 7 fight. BALLING!

Probably one of the more complex portrayals of Dracula Ive ever seen.  Vicious, but still sympathetic. 

The characters of Hector/Isaac/Carmilla/Godbrand



The first four episodes are a bit slow.

It felt like the heroes at the Belmont house was mostly killing time. The "villains" were so intteresting that the heroes felt like the secondary focus.


Overall 8/10


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Well, I'm sure the ultimate political fanboy that is my Dad will ask if I voted...so naturally I'll just have to lie again.  Truth of the matter is that I simply don't care as much as he or most people do about this shit.


Castlevania season 2-- I'm almost finished with it... just 2 more episodes to go.  BRUHHHHHH .... Carmila could turn me anytime, any damn place, woo lawd yes 😳

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Remember folks ,The "D" in Delta stands for Dookie.


How disgusting. I normally am not someone to jump to legal action but you don't know what pathogens are present, whether it's a human or dog etc.

And they didn't even give a refund!


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You've come a long way in 35 years, Optimus Prime!


2018  SIEGE vs 1984 G1



2006 Classics vs 2018 SIEGE




2016 G2 Laser vs 2018 SIEGE




2017 POTP vs 2018 SIEGE




All these and Masterpiece Optimus Version 2 (far left)...








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@DangerousJ What do you feel about this?




The shopkeeper is branded an Indian stereotype in a documentary about the cartoon character.

Campaigners are upset about his cliched “immigrant” job, “thank you, come again” catchphrase and nearly unpronounceable surname of Nahasapeemapetilon.



Its funny because unlike many other "white" Simpsons characters, he's largely had positive connotations surrounding his character. A ladies man, hardworking, and loyal to his friends. But apparently an immigrant who owns his own business and speaks in an accent is so unheard of and discriminatory...







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Well, Benadryl saved me from what was sure to be at least 2 hours of Dad's political rambling/monologue, sparked by the recent election... but I know that only delays the inevitable to tonight... I'll call him back in a minute to get this out of the way... anyway, that medicine is so great, man...it was like "missing time" phenomena... I took just the 1 pill, was listening to some live stream on youtube then suddenly it's 3-something am and I'm waking up...then suddenly it's 6 am.


One of the most gorgeous women in the building had on a super tight dress yesterday... holy shit, man she is off the charts...middle-eastern look, like she's Arab or perhaps from Egypt..somewhere over there...definitely one of the good ones...... it's absolutely rigoddamndiculous how hot this girl is.  On her "worst" day she probably only drops down to an 8.5 or 9 on the hotness scale for me.  It's insane.  The great tragedy is that she just happens to work for the HR department. 😩

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@White Shadow


I'm torn.


While I can understand Indians disliking the character especially if they were being bullied, part of me was happy that in the 90s , there was an Indian character in a western TV show. Apu and Dhalsim were the main 2 Indian characters that were in mainstream in 1990s. As a kid, I got a few cracks about "thank you , come again" and "chutney squishies", but it was mild. I actually think Temple of Doom was worse than Apu bc people in a pre internet area thought Indians eat creepy crawlers, and did Kano esque heart removals. I asked my dad and while there was a Thuggee cult . They mostly were robbers and strangled people and worshiped Kali in a non bizarre way)


Nowadays, there are quite a bit of Indian actors  in prominent shows and on TV, (Davos from Iron Fist, and Ray Nadeem on DD, etc) so I guess Apu comes off a lot worse. I guess the best thing would be to maybe move him from Kwik E mart into some other  job. However, since hes been around for almost 30 years, I dont see if it would make a big impact now.


I would keep him on the show regardless and keep him as a generally good, loyal guy. Simpsons has a lot of stereotypical characters, Willie the Scot, Fat Tony, Quimby the JFK analog , Bumblebee man.  IF they remove one, then theyd have to remove all of them in time. Honestly, I think that Raj  guy from Big Bang is worse than Apu from what I've seen.



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You know you’re Indian when…



you refer to any older unrelated male as “Uncle” or older unrelated female as “Aunty”


Tea/coffee without milk/cream is the Devil’s work


You have more hair on your chest than your head(guys)


You are dissuaded from pursuing a career in entertainment or athletics


Your goodbye to your parents at an airport is 10x longer than any white folks


You always pour water into a dishwashing soap or handsoap bottle when its finished in order to prolong the soap.


You always show up to an event 2 hours later than the indicated time (Not me lol)


You wear longsleeve dress shirts everyday even in a casual workplace/school


You have to hide your lover from your parents if he/she is black

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ha, that last one was hilarious to me... 


*always showing up late I thought was just an "american black person" stereotype... some folks (usually older generations) referred to it as "colored-people-time" which always made me laugh 🤣  Fortunately for me I've always been a rebel to that particular stereotype; like for work I'm almost always there early (in the past several years it can be counted on 1 hand the # of times I've been late)....it's so easier and less stressful to simply give yourself plenty of extra time to get there...and it has the advantage of getting a good parking spot.


...y'know, part of that issue of punctuality for me was taught by being in the marching band... especially at college level... when the director said we were to meet at a certain time, it was always understood that he really means 15 minutes before that so we can start *precisely* at the state time---so "meet back at the band room at 6 pm" really meant 5:45....if you showed up at 5:51 you were "late".

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I liked the action and extemely pointless gore in Castlvania but everything else was hot delta dookie stains.   I usually like Warren Ellis but this show was all over the place.   We had a good thing going with Dracula but the didn't really build on it like they should.   Like nigga they give us flashback time with him and instead of showing us with Alucard and Lisa we get pointless seen with more killing.   Still not as pointless as old girl Carmilla beating the snot out of hector.   Damb they made hector a whole bitch XD

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holy shit man... watching True Blood and just got to the season 4 finale... so much awesome shit just happened in the last 2 seasons....Eric ripped 4 or 5 dudes heads off in less than 1 second while Bill staked someone and just like that the immediate threat was eliminated....then another major character that's a werewolf got their brains splat on the kitchen stove by a shotgun....there's so much here.  This show speaks to me. 👍

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