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The SRK2 Saloon Thread

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1 hour ago, po_pimpus said:

The biggest issue I have with the current t revision is the apparent loss of being taken to the last unread post in a thread you've previously posted in.


Not a big deal, but little QoL stuff like that goes a long way.

@po_pimpus, @Darc_Requiem From the feedback thread:


4 hours ago, misterBee said:

If you have posted in a thread before, it will have a star icon on the left.  The star icon will be brighter if there are unread posts.  Click the star to see the first unread post.


If you haven't posted in a thread before and there are unread posts, you will see a circle icon next to it instead.  Clicking  it will bring you to the first unread post.


If you want to see the VERY LATEST post (not just the first unread one), go to the part of the thread listing where they show the latest poster.  There should be a time stamp.  Click it to go to the latest post.

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12 hours ago, Darc_Requiem said:



I used to be a big Collider viewer but honestly they've pissed me off lately. I actually unsubscribed recently. Rocha is annoying as hell.  Emma Fyffe is more annoying than Rocha. You are right though. They really had some nice looking women. 

Nah, Emma is quite adorable to me, despite her having quite the motor-mouth... she has sooo much energy to talk and talk and talk forever... but that nerdy-girl appeal is strong in that one.


annnnd yeah I forgot to mention Rocha; he definitely has become an annoying factor of the channel, because he seems to inject race and gender politics into at least 90% of his commentary.  Diversity this, female empowerment that... y'know, when it comes to movies and tv, I only care that the end product is GOOD.  I'd bet most people in the country are probably on the same page.  Did a GOOD director work behind that scenes?  Did they get the truly best people cast in the parts?  That should take priority over fulfilling any kind of checklist or quota.  


I also miss the older structure of Movie Talk, where they had the sidebar up on the screen so you know the general layout of what's going to be discussed on each episode.

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@MillionX Honestly, Emma does the same thing as  Rocha. The video of her bitching about Jon Favreau being hired by Lucasfilm to was the last straw for me. She was so pissed about a "straight white male" being hired. It didn't matter if he was qualified or not. Dude had huge part in successfully launching the MCU. She didn't even bring up that the person that hired him was Kathleen Kennedy. 

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ohhh and I almost forgot-- I did see Ashley Mova on either StreamTv or Afterbuzz...whichever of those had an after-show for Pretty Little Liars.  I forgot she was a regular over there along with Sinead.


One of those 2 channels also had the best after-show for The Flash... but sadly they dumped the original on-air talent, and it was never as good anymore...to the point where I gave up on watching that.


Other stuff I forgot earlier:

Geekdom 101... I only recently started checking out this dude's channel for his commentary on Dragonball Super.

John Campea - a former Collider Channel guy with his own movie/tv talk channel.


SethTheProgrammer -- 'cause those dudes take the power-scaling discussions to the extreme...they go deep into the theoretical "this character beats that character's ass.." battles over there, with funny commentary.  They occasionally do vids on the Deathbattle stuff too....usually when they think the results were bullshit or at least questionable.


Maude Garrett's Geekbomb--I think that's the name of it... yep, you guessed it... I mostly watch this because I think she's quite adorable.  I'd pounce without question. (another irresistible accent)

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Hmmm lets see from my List


for movie stuff: Midnight's Edge and Double Toasted (I like the informative and the fun laid back views of both)


for TCG (mostly Magic:The gathering) - Tolarian Community College and The Mana Source


for tech like cell phones: MrMobile (he's great for short to the point stuff on smartphones and random smart tech)


for reliving the older CoD games (and for a man who makes great video game vids in general) Ahoy (formerly Xbox Ahoy) and DigitalFoundry for more technical aspects.



for political: Tim Pool, Sargon of Akkad and Sefan Molyneux (Sefan is very lengthy and will rant but within it has insightful stuff) His social vids are interesting especially when he takes calls and records them. This recent one made me shake my head 


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I also check on Anne Munition's youtube channel occasionally, though she is more of a Twitch streamer.

*also--GameXplain and occasionally AngryJoeShow.


There is some channel about mythological creatures and characters... ah I remember-- Overly Sarcastic Productions.... there's vids on some other things but I just like their quick summations or explanations of random mythology/folklore-related things.


Almighty Tevin's latest DSP report/commentary (*damn that thumbnail though....he looks like a homeless guy in that pic :lol: ) :



*edit again--- Double Toasted going in on the Super Mario Bros. movie!


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ohhhhh looks like I found another online gaming personality to laugh at and keep tabs on... I just found this vid about a dude going by the name Wings of Redemption...  oh the level of toxicity in this one is strong. :lol: 

...and there's another vid... oh yeah I've got another fascinating train wreck to keep tabs on. 

Funny thing is...this is yet another one that reminds me of a certain old friend... toxic all damn day like it's going out of style...then probably wondered why an extremely small # of people ever played anything with him.

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Holy crap Wings of Redemption? I haven't heard of that name in a long ass time. Used to watch a few of his vids 9 years back in the MW2 era. From him is what brought me to the o other better CoD YouTube players. I have thought late as I am to the game, I would consider making vids again. 

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7 minutes ago, Weeaboo said:

Try to go back to TestYourMight & happened to look at my last status update on my profile and lol


There's no point in going back. . .

Well of course there's no need to go back!  You've got SRK2! :smiley:

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