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The SRK2 Saloon Thread

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On 4/12/2019 at 12:32 PM, DangerousJ said:

Star Wars ep. 9 trailer - 

The Rise of Skywalker



Man, when I saw this I was gonna write up a nasty gram that more than likely would've gotten one or two accounts killed off once I posted it, but I had to step out.  Of course, I calmed down since then.  Nevertheless..............Can barely believe all that counts as one word....................I found someone else saying pretty much a lot of what I think.  Have a listen.

On top of that, Jeremy brings up another point that I hadn't thought of.  Knowing the current direction things have been going, I can't deny his opinion has merit.

Seriously.  I'm not watching this.  I haven't seen reason one to even contemplate it yet.

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LMFAO!!   Ran into this one after seeing the other ones. 



That song is old as hell, but appropriate.  this will be the day the jedi Die................along with the rest of everything else.

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1 minute ago, DangerousJ said:

Starhammer (and everyone else),


I do that follow Star Wars that closely  so I was curious what we're the top 3 worst things about The Last Jedi to you.



The top 3 worst things huh?  Since you asked................


For the record, I'm gonna leave the Rose Tico hate on the shelf this time.  In fact, I'm not gonna go any further than the top of my head.


First of all:  The people in charge of the shit sandwich that became TFA and TLJ:  They obviously did NOT care for nor respect the franchise they were given.  They were more interested in pushing their agenda onto the movie which as history has shown does NOT put butts in seats.  Kathleen Kennedy even went so far as to make up,"The force is female" T shirts.  If that didn't give you the proverbial, "bad feeling" about this, I don't know what would.


Second:  These fuckers trying to kill off the past.  These fuckers tried to get rid of everything that brought us here and replace it with watered down versions that I just simply couldn't get behind.  How do you think the story of Luke, Leia, Han, The sith, the jedi, etc. got started?   That shit didn't even work when they made Robin the new Batman, and people even like Robin.  This Mary Sue comes out of nowhere...........which is the same problem we have with the New Empire...............Just, DAMN.  It's like they were trying NOT to write a story........and they succeeded.

  The third strike for me is:  The level of disrespect flung at the fans.  "This isn't for you!" "You're just man-babies!" ...........Something that completely slaps every female fan of the Force, including the actresses as if THEY couldn't possibly have liked the original.............."THE FORCE IS FEMALE!" and so many other shitty tweets, all backed up and echoed throughout the media.  I don't know about the REST of the planet, but if your buddy here is selling sandwiches, then I want people to buy sandwiches!  I don't care if you have an eating disorder or if touching bread makes your skin melt, I just want you to buy the damn things and I will promote these sandwiches as if I have the Lord Jesus Christ in the kitchen making them!  These fuck ups somehow managed to turn a BILLION dollar franchise into SHIT.  PURE SHIT!!  They even promised George Lucas that they would do right by his creations..............only to do.............THIS to it.  I mean, what levels of INSANITY does one have to reach to do what Disney did with Star Wars?  The rat is eating its own ass right now with the shitty sales of anything and everything attached to the Star Wars name.  In short, they fucked it up so bad that a Fan fiction would've been better..........in fact, if I remember correctly, some shitbags at Disney tried to steal a guy's fan fic vid that he completely wrote, directed, and FUNDED all by himself.  You see, *THIS IS WHY STARHAMMER HAS TO WEAR AN INHIBITOR COLLAR!!  THE DRUGS DON'T WORK NO MORE!!* 


As a matter of fact, I do not doubt that we could' write a better start to the force awakens in the next three pages.  Here, I'll even start it.

The story opens with a group of people Wielding some sword shaped objects in what appears to be a temple like setting.  There's only about a dozen or so, but they train very hard and are intent on pleasing the master, who watches their training.  Of course, he commands them to stop their training for today and to go eat and handle their studies because we need to get this shit moving.  The master himself retires to an enclosed room with a lock that he opens............with a wave of his hand.  He enters the room, takes his seat, and he proceeds to speak to what appears to be a hologram, the person turns around to reveal............LUKE SKYWALKER!?!?!?  Yeah, fuck that bullshit they pulled.  Starhammer's driving the hype train now, and I leave the station at Mach 1. 

*Luke:* "Good morning, Master Ren.  How goes the Training?"

Note:  In my version, Kylo Ren Trains the current padawans.  He was a Padawan under a previous member of the jedi counsel whom we won't name yet, but finished his training with the aid of none other than our boy Luke.  Because of this, He didn't turn to the darkside.  However, another serious problem happened later that caused Luke to kinda go into seclusion.  Ain't no way I'm letting Han and Leia's kid be a fuckin' sith lord!! FUCK THAT!!


*Kylo:* "It goes well.  These younglings learn quickly.  They are few, but the Force is strong within them."

*Luke:* "Good, good.  Keep it up.  "

*Kylo:* "And you?  Any new findings?"

*Luke:* "Nothing. Wherever he decided to go, he has hidden his tracks well.  Even the Queen's own sources have turned up nothing.  I swear she hasn't slept since this all started. "


*Kylo:* "Indeed.  I can feel it from here.  And Father?"

*Luke:* "Heh.  Ever since he became co-commander of the fleet, Han has been bumping heads with Admiral Holdo on a near daily basis.  I think Leia only did it to get him out of HER hair, but he has really taken the role of leader to heart.  He's definitely come a long way from being a smuggler running jobs for Jabba." 


*Kylo:*  "One day you'll have to tell me about it.  Still, I wish I were there. I want to find him more than any of you......."

*Luke:* "I know.  We WILL find him.  It's only a matter of time."

*Kylo:* "I know master, but it is that very thing that worries me.  I KNOW the man.  The longer he roams free the more danger this universe is in.  I have already felt a disturbance in the Force and I am sure he is the cause..............yet, there is................something else..........."

*Luke:* "Patience.  We know he won't stay hidden for long and when he shows his hand, we must be ready.  I'll continue my search for now.  Please keep me informed of the progress of the padawans.

*Kylo:* "I will.  May the force be with you."

*Luke:* "And with you."  *Transmission ends.*

I really did Jump ahead storywise as the part above should be later on into the movie, but like I said, I'm spitting this off the top of my head.  There ya go, hope it helps.


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Man they are actually showing The Promised Neverland on Toonami lol......


Sad day when even toonami's slow ass is faster than shitty Netflix.  


They might even get Dororo, Shield Hero, and Demon Slayer Yaiba at this rate.


Speaking of which these people on facebook legit pissed me off with their Tanjiro slander.   Almost hit they ass with some spoilers.



edit:  Apoc said it best in that they flipped the roles with the new star wars for jedi and sith......the jedi had to train even with having natural talent meanwhile the Sith took the easy route.....but that lame ass mc seems to be more sith than anything the way she is just perfect at everything she does.  Also can't forgive that movie for having iko in it and making him a nameless cronie

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Posted (edited)

hahaha, the amusing thing to me is that he was actually being too nice in this review.  Memphis is awful to the point of being hilarious, at least to me.  Every negative stereotype you can think of concerning black people... M-town is overflowing with that.


It sounds quite "snooty" but yes I always thought of it as a compliment when fellow Memphians would tell me I sound (and act) like I am from somewhere else.  Heh, I've lost count of how many times I've heard the "you're not originally from here, are ya?", ever since I was in grade school.


these guys with the jams, man... I always love just about anything they put out:


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On 4/13/2019 at 4:35 PM, Daemos said:

Greetings everyone :)

Hello! =D


42 minutes ago, Darc_Requiem said:

So anyone watch Game of Thrones tonight 🤔

Wait between episodes will kill me.  Gonna wait and then binge.

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