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The DC Movie & TV Thread

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ohhhh the memories, man... Flash is on right now with the "Elseworlds" story, part 1... and they just went to Earth 38....where Kara, Clark and Lois are on the farm... that Smallville intro song "Somebody Save Me" played.....hell yeah, man.


whoahhhh.... some badass robot just showed up...and it appears he's.... AMAZO?!?!  Hell fuckin YEAH. 😮  AMAZO is one of the most gloriously overpowered things of all time.  In a world 


*edit--my baby Caitlin looks lovely as usual....so far no Felicity though, unfortunately.


whoahhhhh and there's a commercial/trailer for the new Roswell just now.  It appears "Jackson" (Nathan parsons) from The Originals is the alien on this new one.

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